Introduction: The Orcslayer

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Introduction: The Orcslayer

Post by Guest on Sat Mar 13, 2010 1:55 pm

This is an introduction I made when I started the Alliance on another account but then got dragged in RAF and made Vargosh.
The character, as you will perhaps recall. Is the father of my coming characters.

Introduction: The Orcslayer

The sky was calm, the sun shined upon the landscape. The mountains of Alterac just precisely touched the clouds.
All was calm, the forests of Hillsbrad were as untouched as ever. The flowers smelled of the warm summer.

And then there it was, an human army.

Guyan looked at the man glad in golden mithril plate-armour that was leading them. He was wearing the tabard of Gilneas.
His face didn’t show any expression and his eye was only focused straight ahead of them.

Guyan walked next to the man’s horse, which the Gilnean was riding. Behind them was a group of hundred men. All glad in light armour and heavily armed.
All Footmen or Paladins that had signed up for this raid.
They were going to raid an Orcish campsite. Lord Garithos had ordered these men to round up any orc they would encounter and bring them back to Durnholde. Were they would be held captive with the rest of their barbarous race.
Garithos had also said. "Do as you will with the women."

Do as you will with the women was a well-known phrase among the Lordaeronians.

The Captain saw two men running in the opposite direction towards them, they were scouts.

"Captain Greydane, the camp is not far from here, it's badly guarded and the orcs are unaware of our march."

The rider adjusted his eye patch and grunted to the scouts.

"Good. We'll strike them swiftly, kill those who show resistance, capture everyone else."

Thenoden didn't like the orcs at all. And knew very well that King Greymane didn't approve of the internment camps. But his hatred for the orcs kept him from returning home just yet.

They could see the smoke from a fire climbing its way up in the sky, from the due-east.

"I am no man of speeches, but here it goes.

Kill those who don't co-operate, damage and capture the rest! And remember, do as you will with the women."

The men cheered and agreed to the speech, in a very fierce way.

The other Gilnean, a normal infantry, Guyan, couldn't see what was so cheer able of that speech, a man who found that 'empowering' wasn’t very sophisticated.

The army charged at the camp, the orcs were clearly taken by shock and the ones closest to the army died swiftly. Few guards tried to counter the attackers by launching themselves against their enemies. But with little luck.

Thenoden stepped off his horse and instantly entered combat with an orcish Grunt.
The paladin swiftly waved his large Claymore in the air, crushing the orcs axe and slicing its body open. Thenoden grinned and sheathed his sword again, and then entered the building that seemed to be the main building. He saw wolf-heads hanging on the walls and a bear-pelt decorating the entrance. There were many children and women in there, suddenly he could hear how a blade is unsheathed, he stepped backwards just to see an orc fall on the ground in front of him, the orc hadn't counted on its opponent to step back and had fallen over.

Thenoden quickly beheaded the orc-male.
He spoke with a harsh, rough, voice.

"Anyone else who wants to play a hero?"

Even though they didn't understand him they seemed to know what he meant.

"Please.. No.. no hurt.. we.. no .. harm.. pink-skin.."

An orc female around her thirties spoke, in low common.
Thenoden walked over to her, looking down at her. She was wearing a tribal-looking dress.

"I know you haven’t done anything, I know it's your brethren.. but you know what? I don't.. care."

He grabbed her by her neck and forced her into a nearby room.

Guyan came out of a hut after having searched it for any loot. Without luck so far.
He could see the captain walking out from the main building, he was adjusting his belt.
Guyan understood what the man had done. But didn't dare to speak his mind.

"Corporal, there are plenty of women and children in the main building, go and chain them up. I believe we are done here."
Thenoden said as he pointed at one of the men by the camp fire. And then mounted his war-steed again.

"So that is the great Orcslayer. He who defeated a Blademaster. The Lordaeron Council sure put effort into these raids."
A soldier said to another.

Thenoden Greydane, The Orcslayer


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Re: Introduction: The Orcslayer

Post by Elízabéth Moren on Sat Mar 13, 2010 8:36 pm

Very nice Clay! Very interesting aswell! Good job!
Elízabéth Moren

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Re: Introduction: The Orcslayer

Post by Aadaria-Ioanna on Sun Mar 14, 2010 9:09 pm

You have improved a lot:) And it is lovely to read it:) Both of them^_^

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Re: Introduction: The Orcslayer

Post by Guest on Mon Mar 15, 2010 6:18 am

Thanks Ren'. But as I've said. This one is old. =o
My writing goes up and down. ^_^


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Re: Introduction: The Orcslayer

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