Regarding the Jewel of Dalaran

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Regarding the Jewel of Dalaran

Post by Valerias on Fri Sep 16, 2011 2:05 pm

The following letter is circulated to known and valued customers, each written in a familiar delicate yet careful hand and scented faintly of jasmine.

(A briefer yet similar notice hangs inobtrusively on a placard from the door of the Legerdemain Lounge in Dalaran.)

I and all those who belong to the Jewel of Dalaran are honoured by your continuing partonage. It is with my deepest apology that I wish to inform you of our sudden yet temporary cessation of service, as I have been recommended a sabbatical for the improvement of my health and my young ladies are most regrettably busy elsewhere at present.

I hope that you will not forget the time you have spent beneath my roof in these days before the Jewel welcomes you once again, and know that when I return my doors will be most especially open to you.

With warm regards,
Lady Vale

OOC: I post this rather late, but because I am (mostly) away from WoW for a time and the other ladies and gentlemen who help to run the Jewel are rather busy right now, too. But this is by no means an end, and I look forward to coming back when I have the chance.

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