Arson in Redridge

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Arson in Redridge

Post by Valdar/Melan on Sat Sep 03, 2011 3:43 pm

Standing a good distance away, Valdar watched the smoke pour out from under the door, rising into a dark plume above the building. A few moments later the glass of the windows shattered and flames began spewing out of the openings, licking the outer walls of the small, inconspicious house. The wooden beams quickly caught on fire and within moments the entire building stood ablaze.

At the same time, an alarm bell sounded from the Town Hall, and raised voices carried over the still night. The man began to retreat into the wilderness. His mind was set on the young woman, paralyzed and burnt alive inside. Fires wern't uncommon in the region and the charred, smoldering remains of a young woman would be seen as an unfortunate accident. He had left no traces, no clues to suggest the deed. The Section had lost a safe house, but it had been worth it. An agent had died because of the witch, and the price payed for Justice was well worth it.

As men and women of the town frantically began running with buckets to put out the fire, Valdar was already gone, and would be too late for the Witch of Duskwood. He did not enjoy killing, but the guilt and angst had faded long ago. If he did not do it, then who would? Protect the Realm, he told himself as he faded into the night.


This was a small plot designed by Avery and myself, and the reason for my posting here is to let the RPers of Lakeshire know that on the eve of the 3rd of September, a house burned down in the outskirts of the Town. Thank you for reading!

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Re: Arson in Redridge

Post by Jemerick on Sat Sep 03, 2011 3:52 pm

Oh no! My beautiful town! *clears throat* I mean -our-...

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