[IC poster]Lakeshire Militia

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[IC poster]Lakeshire Militia

Post by Jemerick on Fri Sep 02, 2011 10:13 am

Small leaflets are pinned around in Redridge and the nearby regions with the following text:

Citizens of the Alliance!

Redridge has been torn apart by the orcs and threatened by outlaws.
The town became unsafe and poorly habited.
To bring a change, we must provied the basic needs of our people.


Lend your sword, axe, pitchfork or even magic,
and help making the region of Redridge safe once more.

Join the Lakeshire Militia today!

For further information contact Magistrate Kregstone.

"The Lakeshire Militia will be a non-guilded organization run under the supervision of myself (Magistrate Kregstone) to create both roleplay for Lakeshire and the Kingdom of Stormwind. The Militia will have noble goals and destinations, hopefully in direct co-ordination with the Stormwind Regiment and the Chapter of Holy Anethion, the militia will be trained and taught on what to do and where to do it.

Roles of the Lakeshire Militia: secure the area of cultists, keep daily and routinely patrols with Stormwind aswell as Redridge and the borders, follow the orders of the magistrate." - not written by me.

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