FAO: Any applicable Stormwind guardsmen. -Suspicious Person Report-

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FAO: Any applicable Stormwind guardsmen. -Suspicious Person Report-

Post by Drustai on Wed Aug 31, 2011 7:37 pm

The following report was handed in to officials at the SI:7 building, for the attention of any active guard orders in the city. It is in regards to suspicious activity by an individual.

Race: Human
Sex: Male
Age: 20's-30's
Height: Average
Weight: Average
Hair: Light brown or red
Eyes: Uncertain
Complexion: White
Shirt: Brown plaid
Trousers: Brown. Studded belt.
Shoes: Brown
Hair Style: Short, parted down center
Eyebrows: Bushy
Mustache or Beard: Short beard, sideburns
Cheeks: Seemed slightly sunken
Shape of Eyes: Oval, large

Reason for Report: Subject was following a group of three of us (all three of us were Knights of the Ebon Blade) from near the park ruins to the canals outside the Dwarven District and inside Old Town. Attempted to avoid eyesight when spotted, then came around again when we were not looking until we spotted him again. Was confronted once, told to stop following us, but was found to be following us again shortly later.

Eventually confronted him a second time at the canals outside Old Town. He was banging on a door yelling for someone named 'Jane', almost certainly to attempt to seem like he was not following us. Denied following, but seemingly over-acted, looking clearly like he was trying to hide the fact that he was.

Reason as to why he was following us is unclear, as he denied following us.


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