Ildranor Strongbrew part II

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Ildranor Strongbrew part II

Post by Odgan / Keag on Fri Aug 26, 2011 8:43 am

[[Was bored and came up with the idea to write a story about Ildranor. I'll ask you to ignore any grammar mistakes! And aswell I excuse for my bad writing skills.]]

Ildranor stared across the room "I don't want that.. That thing! And I dislike ye aswell!" he muttered, glaring at the Dwarf female sitting on a chair at the other side of the room. "Then why did ye ask me ta marry ye then!?" the female Dwarf responded. "Ye got no prove! Ye just made it up! That thing ye shitted out ain't mine either." Ildranor said.
"It got yer ugly nose! But only it looks cute on him." the female Dwarf responded with raised voice while pointing at a Beardling laying on the bed next to Ildranor. "Ye will take it today! Or there won't be any food fer ye! And ye won't get *this* either." the female Dwarf said, gesturing at her own body while blushing. "Well. A limpless Trogg looks and cooks better then ye ever will--" Ildranor turned his head to his left, peering at the Beardling who started to cry. "See! He agrees with me! He is even laughing at ye." Ildranor said before chuckling himself. He was still focused on the Beardling laying on bed till a loud *PLATS!* followed by a "Ow!" silenced both the baby Dwarf and the chuckling Ildranor.

Ildranor rubbed his with red fingerprint covered forehead while carrying the baby Dwarf in his arms. He moved upto the stairs towards the door. He slowly openend the door, revealing the main road of a small village, Kharanos. The horizon was covered with snow covered mountain peaks. Ildranor looked at the peaks on the horizon. The peaks he climbed so many times, the peaks he had so many adventures. These peaks he would defend with his live. And with his afterlife! If there was any. Ildranor tied the baby Dwarf to his back. "There ye go Ildranor junior.. Or well. Yer mommy doesn't want us ta name ye that.. But since when do we listen to her eh?" Ildranor grinned, turning towards a Dwarf running down the main road in Kharanos. "Sah, sah!" he yelled before arriving at Ildranor. The Dwarf lowered his head, panting heavily. "Got kicked out by yer fiancee aswell eh?" Ildranor said while grinning. "I-.. I don't h- have a fiancee.. Sah.." the Dwarf in a green Mountaineer uniform responded. Ildranor turned his head, now looking to the face of the Beardling he had tied to his back earlier. "One of the many important lessons I gonna learn ye Ildranor Jr. Never-ever take a wife. Ye simply make a child with it and leave it.. That was yer pappy his plan aswell.. But as ye have discovered already, it failed."
Ildranor turned back to the Dwarf in a green mountaineer uniform "So if it isn't yer fiancee. What is yer whole problem then Kagrim?" Ildranor said. "These Dark Iron rebels again! Their sharpshooters killed several miners around Gol'bal Quarry again sah." Kagrim responded.

Fifteen minutes later Ildranor walked into his hovel again, now in his Mountaineer uniform aswell. He again carried the Beardling in his arms, turning towards his fiancee. "I thought that I could finally spend a midday with ta thing! But ye know.. Duty first eh?" Ildranor said while pushing the Beardling into the females arm. "Oi Ildranor Jr, when back I expect ye that ye did drive her insane.. Even more insane. Oh well. I think killing her works aswell. Understood!?" Ildranor said while walking into the direction of the door. "Come back here! Ye coward!" the female yelled to Ildranor. "Shut 'et! Ye sound like a Leper Gnome! Oh wait.. Ye look like one aswell!" Ildranor yelled before fast closing the door behind him. He heard footsteps coming upto the stairs behind the door he just closed. Ildranor paniced slightly, he simply started to run towards the other Mountaineers waiting on the other side of the village. The group turned towards Ildranor, saluting him. "Well met!" "Sah!" several Dwarves in the group said. "Sah the last reports say that the Dark Iron rebels are still active around Gol'bal at this moment." Kagrim said while looking at Ildranor. "I want ye ta get three rifleman.. In like one minute." Ildranor said while looking at Kagrim, Kagrim gasped before running towards the huts outside of the village. To return a few minutes later with three rifleman in blue uniform. Ildranor saluted while nodding in approvement at Kagrim. "We head out!" Ildranor yelled.

A hour later the group stationed their rams at Gol'bal Quarry, walking into the snowy landscape around it.
Ildranor gestured the group to stand down after arriving on a hill which overlooked Gol'bal Quarry and the land around it. "Arrite lads. The miners say that the Dark Iron marksman are stationed.. Around.. There!" Ildranor points to a hill at the other side of the Quarry, the other Dwarves followed Ildranor his hand, nodding. "I got a very simply plan, Kagrim ye and five lads are going ta stand there." Ildranor pointed to a open area next to the hill he had pointed at earlier. "Dark Irons are stupid and will shoot at everything." Kagrim his eyes widened. "B- but sah.. Ye w- want us ta act as.. Bait?" Kagrim responded, who started to get nervous. "Damn straight! The rifleman and the other Mountaineers who can handle their rifles go with me, we will spread out around that area and when the Dark Irons reveal themselves we'll send them back ta Ragnaros and his by fart-ignited minions!" Ildranor responded. "Arrite lets move out, Kagrim just run around like a paniced rabbit when they shoot at ye, okay?" Ildranor said while grinning at Kagrim, who nodded slowly in respond. The group splitted up into two smaller groups, one group following the Mountaineer named Kagrim and the others, including the rifleman followed Ildranor.

"Sah.. Ain't that idea of ye.. Not a tad crazy?" one of the rifleman said while the group walked through the snow. "Heh.. I am happy he didn't tie Kagrim full with dynamites and rolled him at teh Dark Irons!" one of the other Mountaineers responded while chuckling.
A few minutes later the group came to a stop, they had arrived on even higher ground overlooking the 'hostile' hill and the open place where Kagrim his group would place themselves as bait. "Arrite. Ye all are able ta handle that rifle in battle. But now we gotta handle it from a long distance and make sure we aren't seen before they start shooting at Kagrim and his boys. And above all. This ain't some kind of pansy bow but a rifle. If ye shoot, it indeed makes a lot of sound! Make sure ta hit yer first shot, otherwise ye take valuable time reloading. Now! Get yerself a hiding place!" Ildranor ordered while grabbing his own rifle from his back, he digged into his pouch. Pulling out a Gnomish Scope. He attached it to his rifle while looking at his fellow Dwarves, making sure they hide themself out of sight. Some simply hide themselves behind rocks, the expierenced rifleman covered themselves with snow, attaching scopes themselves if they hadn't already.

Ildranor crawled through the snow himself, heading to some vegatation which managed to grow through the snow, the plants where surrounded by rocks and large amounts of snow, overlooking the valley and the suspected 'hostile' hill. Ildranor crawled between the plants and the rocks. The end of his rifle slightly pointing out of the bushes, into the direction of the hill. Meanwhile he dug his legs into the snow, his upper body now hidden between the plants and the rocks and his legs hidden in the snow.
The chill breeze heading through the valley made Ildranor shiver, that was the last thing he needed. He needed to be steady, steady as a rock. Ildranor looked across the valley, seeing that Kagrim and his group started to gather on the open field. In result of the noisy Dwarves in the open field some movement could be seen on the 'hostile' hill. Out of sight for the Dwarves in the open field but not for the Dwarves hidden on the hill behind the 'hostile' hill, including Ildranor.

A with snow covered Dark Iron Dwarf crawled to the top of the hill, looking down on the Mountaineers in the open field, he started to make some hand gestures to his still hidden comrades. Ildranor focused, peering through the scope, scouting out the hill in hope to spot more Dark Irons. He had to wait for the other Dark Irons to reveal themselves before he could open fire. He slowly moved his rifle across the valley, looking between trees and other possible hiding places. It would be strange for all the Dark Irons to be packed on one hill.. Right?
Some more movement could be seen on the 'hostile' hill, two more Dark Irons revealed themselves to the Bronzebeard Dwarves hiding on the hill behind him. Ildranor frowned, maybe they where all on the hill. He focused on the now confirmed hostile hill again. He spotted a strange glint in his eyecorner, from the trees at the other side of the open valley. Ildranor pointed his rifle in that direction, peering through the scope, he spotted a Dark Iron hiding in the bushes. The Dark Iron had his own seemlingly upgraded rifle pointed at the Dwarves in the open field.
Ildranor frowned once more, focusing on that Dark Iron, he knew that his fellow Dwarves would start shooting after he fired the first shot. But he knew aswell that he needed to have fired that shot before the Dark Irons did, he didn't want to get any of his fellow Dwarves killed.

Ildranor straightenend himself, the Dark Iron hiding in the bushes in the forest was scouting out the area himself, the end of his rifle slowly turning around. Stopping at the same hill where Ildranor was hiding. Ildranor frowned once more, the Dark Iron had spotted him or another Dwarf from his group. He pointed his rifle at the Dark Iron, staying in cover. He lowered his head and opened his mouth, stuffing it full with snow, the snow would prevent Ildranor his breath to betray his location. Ildranor mumbled lowly to himself, focusing. "I am a rock.. I am as steady as the Mountain itself, not moving.. But strong as the Mountain when She unleashes Her fury on the ones who wish to harm Her.. I am a rock.. Silent.. Not moving.. I will slowly move my finger to the trigger.. This rifle is a extend of my.. A son of the Mountain.. With this.. I will unleash Her fury!" Ildranor pulled the trigger, followed by a large "BANG!" echoeing through the valley. He did hit his target. The Dark Iron fell over. Suddenly more. "BANG! BANG!" his fellow Dwarves openend fire on the Dark Irons hiding on the confirmed hostile hill in front of them. The snow around the Dark Irons started to color red as they fall on it. Once the Dark Iron marksmen where taken out. Kagrim and his group charged forth towards the hill, on the same time Dark Irons fighter jumped out of the snow. Charging on Kagrim his group.
Ildranor fast reloaded his rifle, shooting at the Dark Irons who charged towards Kagrim his group. So did his fellow Dwarves.
The Dark Irons where flanked and easily defeated. There where no casaulties, only two slightly wounded on Kagrim his group.
The Dwarves where victorious!

Ildranor walked down the hill, shaking the snow out of his beard. "Good job Kagrim! Why didn't ye ran around as a paniced rabbit as I ordered ye!?" Ildranor said while grinning. "Och! Shut et ye! Good job with the shooting through." Kagrim responded while aiding one of the two wounded Dwarves with walking.
Ildranor walked futher towards the forest where he shot the Dark Iron marksman earlier, his rifle still in his hand. Ildranor halted in front of the bushes, looking down a Dark Iron laying on his belly, the snow around the Dark Iron had colored red of his blood. Ildranor looked across the trees, making sure there where not anymore Dark Iron before turning the Dark Iron to his back with his rifle. He eyed the Dark Iron, frowning slightly. The Dark Iron his beard was nicely trimmed and taken care off, his armor off expensive looking leather decorated with on some parts mail amor. Ildranor recognized the Dark Iron from local wanted posters, it was Dagrin Scorchbeard, a Twilight loyal Dark Iron responisble for raids on supply caravens across Khaz'Modan. Ildranor picked up the Dark Irons heavily upgraded rifle, grinning. "A nice trophy." he said to the other Dwarves who had gathered behind him. "Arrite lads! Rounds on.. Gah! We'll find someone who pays et. Lets move out!" the Dwarves moved back to Kharanos.

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Re: Ildranor Strongbrew part II

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Some dwarven awesomeness right there. Loved it!

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