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TTT - Public Advertising

Post by Sullee Swiftspeech on Wed Aug 24, 2011 5:12 am

On one of those dreary days in Stormwind, you noticed a small and rather fat gnome standing atop of a crate in front of the cathedral.

“Good day to you all!” He bellowed over the square with notable enthusiasm. “Might I have a mere second of your day, ladies and gentlemen? I promise you, you won’t regret it!”
The gnome was carrying a stack of pamphlets under his arm in a rather clumsy manner. With his free hand, he was making wild gestures to catch the attention of the average passer-by.

“You might have heard already, but nonetheless I am here to confirm this wonderful news! With joy and obvious excitement, I can tell you that they are in town. Yes! The, one and only, Travelling Thespians are -here-!”

Because of the gnomes sheer excitement, he was having a hard time to keep himself balanced on the rickety crate. He lost grip of some of the pamphlets and soon a part of them were picked up by the wind and were scattered over Cathedral’s Square.

“Oh dear…” The gnome muttered, but soon his good mood returned as he began laughing loudly, tapping his chubby belly with his free hand.

The occasional citizen of Stormwind stopped near the little man, enjoying his clumsiness with restrained laughs. The gnome seemed to feed upon their joy, growing more excited exponentially as more people joined the crowd.

“Yes, good people! I am proud to be able to say that I am a part of this prestigious band of entertainers…” The gnome plucked his moustache shortly, peering through the crowd with his lips curled up into a wide smile. “Perhaps you are in need of entertainment from time to time?” The gnome paused shortly as he focused his eyes on a grumpy looking dwarf. He leaned forward towards the dwarf for a moment and whispered softly, but still loud enough for the others to hear. “I know you are, good sir…”

The crowd, which now existed of more than thirty individuals, laughed unitedly at the gnome’s whisper.

“If you are, then don’t hold back to visit us some time! We are housed in the district of wizards. Here, we have our own very lovely tavern ‘The blue Recluse’!”

The gnome grabbed a good portion of his pamphlets and started handing them out to anyone who seemed interested. While spreading the flyers, he rambled on how great their plays, how touching their poems and how spectacular many of their other acts were.

When he ran out of pamphlets to share, and when he (finally) stopped talking, the crowd began to dissolve.

“Ooh! I almost forgot!” Yelled the gnome, his squeaky voice reverberating through the square. “If you are interested in becoming an entertainer yourself, simply visit us! We are more than willing to help you develop your act!”

With those last words, the gnome glanced around the square and hopped of his crate.
“Good work Sullee! You had them in the palm of your hand…” He mumbled to himself in a somewhat arrogant tone. As those last words were said, he tottered of toward the mage quarters with his hand stroking his belly. “Oh-ho… Speaking so loud makes me hungry…”

((I was bored and thought this would be an effective way to spill some time. Wink I don'r have the illusion that I am a best-selling writer, I do it for the funs. Very Happy ))

((The Flyers don't hold any information other than what he was yelling. ^^ ))
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Re: TTT - Public Advertising

Post by Drazial on Wed Aug 24, 2011 8:45 am

Yes, Fawn! Yes! You best be holding events for this guild so I can come by and be drunk and belligerent to the performers. Some good writing right there, would like to see a longer piece in similar style!

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Re: TTT - Public Advertising

Post by Jeanpierre on Thu Aug 25, 2011 8:11 am

"Hmm.. Prestigious entertainers... Well.. It did seem Irys.. enjoyed their peformance. I.. I .. Hmm.."
Pierre rubs his chin as a thought forms in his mind.
"I should have a word with them."

I have a service/job to request. I shall try to contact you in the game, but feel free to whisper me as well! Smile

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Re: TTT - Public Advertising

Post by Geneviève on Thu Aug 25, 2011 10:42 am

Already contacted you ingame to discuss some events. Can't wait to see the results! Very Happy

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Re: TTT - Public Advertising

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