Application for Priesthood of Br. Jean-Pierre and Si. Irys

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Application for Priesthood of Br. Jean-Pierre and Si. Irys

Post by Jeanpierre on Mon Aug 08, 2011 9:33 am

To the Honorable Clerics of the Church of the Light.

It is with great humility and care that I would like to submit a report of the works of Sister Irys Grimrock and Brother Jean-Pierre d'Armagnac, in hopes that this may prove us worthy to stand before a committee and request the title of priest.

The path of apprenticeship that we have both walked has proven a challenge, that pushed us to question ourselves and our role on this path of the Light. I daresay, reflection was a lesson well learned on this path, a lesson we gladly learned but found encouraged by necessity.
While we doubt this is the end of spiritual enrichment, we do feel this path has been greatly rewarding in this respect. Not only in our understanding of the ways of the Light, but also in the merriment and joy to know we are working towards a world where Light's grace may shine on all.
This work proved hard to us, and may prove more than we may ever wish to accomplish. But it has also proven true, to both our heart and ambitions, and it is a work we will engage in for as long as the Church will permit us.

Throughout our work, we also focused on the development of our abilities. I could note I recieved most of my training from Priestess Shariah Longhill. But unlike tradition, we proved unable to follow the strict teaching of a single mentor. Time was not kind to the people that could offer us a path so. Perhaps such is the true tragedy of this strife-laden era, that teachers are needed to battle instead of sharing their wisdom. We resolved to take intiative in our training, and in pair, we taught eachother many of the Light blessed abilities. Our progress was, along the way, taxed and tested by more experienced Priests, most notably Priestess Shariah Longhill.

Over time, we have also begun devoting our efforts towards the community, as the community and the Church would permit us. So deprived of time have the clerics become, it seems, that we felt need to help even in our most sacred rituals of marriage and funerals. But our work, perhaps less easy to track, focused mostly on our medical assistance in the infirmary both in the Cathedral and the field of battle.

It is a path we seem to share with equal passion and devotion. So much, in fact, that we would like to share our knowledge and the teachings we once enjoyed. So much that, we have been asked to bear the responsibilities of a priest more often than not in times of need. It is for this reason, that we would like to submit our candidacy for Priesthood, so we could be granted these permissions to better serve our Light community.

As requested, we deliver our report in three parts: our devotion to the community, our development of abilities and our acts of faith. As Sister Irys and I shared so much work in the development of our abilities, we have joined that report and distinguished only where required.

I humbly submit these reports and pray they may prove satisfactory.

Brother Jean-Pierre d'Armagnac

The report of Brother Jean-Pierre d'Armagnac
Devotion to the community.

I have been requested, or offered my assistance for the following ceremonial partings,
- Lady Adabella Nightshade. Her funeral was written and perfomed by myself, witnessed and approved by Sir Aarian Northlight. I supplied a copy of my prepared ceremony.
- Lady Clelia Lucretia Vantier. The funeral of Lady Vantier was requested by his Lordship Braiden Mistmantle. It was written together with Sister Irys Grimrock. It was designed to be held by two priests, and so we performed it together. A copy of our work is supplied.
- Miss Odrade Heart. Her funeral contained work of both Sister Irys and myself. It was performed only by myself, however.

Such a sacred ritual was only performed by the explicit request and permission of the newly wed couple.

I wrote and lead the ceremonial wedding of Lady Alexandra Blackraven and Lord Arathorian Dawnbringer. It included:
- A baptism and declaration of their pure intents
- A remembrance of Lordaeron
- A speech on Light's blessing of marriage
- Light's blessing of their wedding rings
It is with regret, however, that I must acknowledge the wedding was not completed. At the last step, where they would have spoken their vows, Lady Alexandra Blackraven left the wedding abruptly.
I have included a copy of my prepared work.

I wrote and lead the wedding ceremony of Lady Eira Vanimedle and Lord Tarvik Dieudonne. It included:
- A speech on Light's blessing of marriage
- Light's blessing of their wedding rings
It is with great pleasure that I inform you this wedding was completed.

There is also the wedding of Sir Eodain Ashdown and Miss Xavien. But, as such was announced on short notice, I worked with notes and not a fully prewritten ceremony. No copy of my work is supplied.

I have held several masses in our Cathedral, but if I were to choose the three most notable masses I would choose these:
- A preach on the blessings of the Light on a village of Virtuous citizens, in the Cathedral of the Light.
- A preach explaining how the Light and its Virtues serve everyone, and is not restricted to a religious caste, in the Cathedral of the Light.
- I assisted a mass to inspire the soldiers during the Barrens Campaign, year after the Shattering. The mass was lead by Sister Irys Grimrock.

My preaching would never be restricted to masses. Also in the streets and in writing I would express my faith. These writings were preserved, either in book or in publishing.

I supplied a copy of the following books:
- Introduction to the Light
- The Light is for everyone
- The Warriors of the Light, as it was pusblished in the Roaring Lion
- A farmer's Tale

Research on the Light
Throughout my work as cleric, I have conducted research in various subjects. Five of these, I have reported on by the means of books.

- Prayers. I have studied and written prayers, and blessings which I have been practising in battle.. or in rituals. I have delivered a copy of those written by my own hand.

- Confession, Penance and Absolution. This book details on my research of Confessors, a rather iconic profession in our clerical orders that deserved more attention and respect. I traced back two confessors in their work and detail on some of their practices as well as commonly used techniques of old. I added a copy with this application.

- The ritual of Silent Resolution. This book describes once more a demonstration of faith, or a training that a priest may choose to undergo. It is an ancient ritual that risked concealment by layers of dust or rubble.. that is now restored and described in detail once more. I have included a copy.

- Tests of Faith. Serving more as a collection than as instructions, this book gathers reports on tests of faith performed in the past. It offers a glance at the interpretation some orders may have given to the meaning of faith and how to demonstrate this to others. I added a copy with my application

- The ritual of Pain Suppression. Modern times may have placed the subject in the darkness of controversy, but I deemed it important to study the subject none the less. There is no glory to be had in this ritual, but there are perhaps truths and lessons to be learned from harsh and ancient traditions that modern time seems to neglect. It was researched out of interest, more than an effort to restore it as common practice.. though perhaps understanding of this ritual may lead to the other. I have included a copy for your reading.

Aside from these works, I have also been studying runes and ancient techniques of blessing as were used by the Paladins of old and the priests before them. Of these works, I have not yet completed any reports.

Medical work
Not only through the Light have I tried to aid my fellow citizens, but also through traditional means. Guided by the intentions of the Light, I found in traditional medicine a potent ally to cure ailments and treat injuries. Of course, such work would require a spiritually and ethically strong teacher. It was, and still is, an honor that I followed and will follow Doctor Sir Rentarn Finje as his apprentice in medicine.

Under his guidance, and during his absence, I have served as apprentice medic or apprentice surgeon in the infirmary of the Cathedral. His teachings have pushed me to acceptable levels of this skill by his standards. The extent of my work, both in the Cathedral and during the war efforts of the Allied armies have yielded me a promotion as Chief medical officer of the Stormwind army.

This medical training then was extended to alchemy, not so much as an attempt to concote magic, but rather as an extension of medical herbology. This has lead to an improvement in my treatments of mundane injuries. I conducted some research in the use of honey in wound treatment and daresay with some success.

Lastly, the extent of training and discussion with Doctor Sir Rentarn Finje has enabled me to teaching basic medicine and first aid to others. While I focused on spreading his teachings, rather than my own, it had helped a few people in their first steps of treating minor wounds.

Development of Abilities

This section is added at the end of this report, joined with that of Sister Irys Grimrock.

Acts of faith

Trapping the cursed disease of Raven Hill.
In august, the year before the shattering, I became infected with an artificial disease, manufactured by a cultist organisation named "The Hands of Nightmare". Guessing it to be contageous, lacking an immediate cure, and expecting the time till death being too short to discover a cure, I had accepted to isolate myself from the rest of the world.. so that this disease would die with me.

I would accept such fate, having faith that this would save our people, and thus I would serve the Light. I would not let such fate, however, deprive me from my spirit to fight. Till my last day I would try to research a cure.

I may stand before you today, as another choose to trade with my fate instead. Her name was Adabella Nightshade. In a sacred ritual, she sacrificed herself, to let all the force of her life and spirit save me from this curse. I acknowledge this is more a testimony of her faith than mine and I will not shy remembering it so. It is her memory that should be honored from this time, more than mine.

Voluntary incarceration
It must have been september, before the Shattering. Brother John Redmond was taken into custody, following an unfortunate accident, but no jail could offer healing to this radient follower of the Light.

I choose to have myself incarcerated with him in his cell, as a sign of mourning for his actions, our failure to have prevented this, and as a sign that we would try to stand by him even in such times.

Uncertain for how long I would be forced to share his fate to which I had committed myself, I learned to accept a life of cold floors, hard bread, unclean water and shackles. In this prison, I found that there was more work for the Light than I had imagined. I was asked to bless both prisoner and guards, whom approached me with equal humility and left with equal gratitude.

My trial in these conditions ended after only one week. I emerged with a stronger faith that this had indeed been the right path of the Light. I dare not claim that my Brother's recovery is to be attributed to myself however. That was his path, not mine. The Light only tasked me to stand by his side, so I would be there when he should call me.

The report of Sister Irys Grimrock

Devotion to the Community

I have been requested, or offered my assistance for the following ceremonial partings,
- Lady Clelia Lucretia Vantier, written and performed in collaboration with Brother Jean-Pierre d'Armagnac. A copy of our work is supplied.
- Miss Ordrade Heart. While I took no active role in the ceremony, I assisted Brother Jean-Pierre d'Armagnac with some of my work.

My most notable mass was during the Barrens Campaign: as part of my work with the Disciples of Light, I held a public Mass at Forward Command in the Barrens to bless our soldiers, renew their spirits and remind them that the Light will never abandon them.

This mass included a prayer, a blessing, a preach. It was assisted by Brother Jean-Pierre d'Armagnac. The mass was then finished by an inspirational speech of General Geldar Angelos.

Few of my preachings were recorded. In this, I can offer only my book, "Views on the Virtues of the Light". It details on my personal views on the three Virtues we live by; Respect, Tenacity and Compassion.

Throughout my collaboration with Brother Jean-Pierre, we engaged in some research regarding the history of the Light and the Paladins of old.
- Ancient books and inscriptions. We found ourselves working on recollecting and reconstructing old works on the Light that have been lost throughout the wars. Through this we mean to support both the spirit of the new, as well as the wisdom of old. This research is ongoing.
- History of the Light. In particular we took interest in the history of the Light and the techniques used by more ancient and traditional orders. While we placed much work and faith in modern techniques, we sometimes feel the message of more traditional methods is lost. This has lead us to a study of ancient runes and artefacts, as well as their rituals.

Medical Work
My devotion to the Light encouraged me to take up medicine and focus on helping injured people. It is in the infirmary, both in the Cathedral and the field hospital, that a lot of my effort was placed during my training.
Though I assisted, or was assisted, by Brother Jean-Pierre, necessity and training enabled me treat many on my own.
Our time in the Barrens Campaign was mostly spent on treating injuries, mending wounds and tending to patients recovering from battle. Under the supervision of both Brother Jean-Pierre and Priestess Longhill, I worked tirelessly in and around the infirmaries at Northwatch Hold, Forward Command and Fort Triumph.
Even in the field of battle, the Light graced me with it's presence and I did all I could to protect those around me in combat across the eastern and western continents of Azeroth.

Other work
As a new Disciple, I was eager to prove myself to the others. I took it upon myself to travel from Stormwind to Darkshire in Duskwood, and from there on towards Ravenhill Cemetery. The men, women and children resting at this graveyard have long been ignored due to a shadowy presence. As I walked through the graveyard, I cleaned and prayed at every tombstone and grave to pay my respects to common men, women and children long gone.

More recently, I took responsibility to protect our city. I prevented a mysterious Highborne woman from using a tainted shard within our city walls, a shard which she had pulled through some sort of a rift on our holy grounds. Research on this shard is still ongoing, but it seems likely it might be stained.

Development of Abilities

This section is added at the end of this report, joined with that of Brother Jean-Pierre d'Armagnac.

Acts of Faith

The Cleansing of Andorhal
It were a tast and demonstration of Tenacity. Brother Jean-Pierre oversaw my attempts at cleansing the ruins of Andorhal from the undead presence. It is with regret we confess to fail in succeeding that goal. The undead kept appearing out of nowhere, seemingly restored by the very land we tried to cleanse.
But it is through this act, that I learned the virtue of Tenacity is an ever ongoing effort, one that can not be ignored nor given up on. It proved to be a test, employed by Brother Jean-Pierre in my training as a Disciple, but it is also an act of faith. It demanded to accept a task, a path, that might cost me my lifetime of devotion, without letting myself stray from the path.

Bringing a man of the Shadow to the Light
With the approval of High Chaplain Sir Drayke, I took it upon myself to take brother Albaricus Falmore under my wings. Brother Falmore's past has strayed him far from the Light. I chose it as my demonstration of Compassion and faith, to guide him back to the path of redemption.

The path of training, shared between Brother Jean-Pierre and Sister Irys

The training we followed together, was perhaps the most intense training we had ever experienced. It proved rewarding, Light be blessed. At first it seemed our passions to develop these methods would push to darker challenges, but over time the grace of the Light burned all the brighter in our hearts.

It is difficult to look back at these trainings and think of one as the teacher and the other as the student. It seemed both of us were students, teaching eachother. Often, I would approach Irys with a new ritual, or a new theory. She would pick up the challenge, surpass me, and then teach me how she had advanced. This mutual cooperation followed so naturally from our discussions, that I doubt there ever was a clear notion of teacher and student.

We took great care, however, to reflect on each new found ability. Each would be subject to thoughts and discussions on their use, where they would be right, and where the Light would require us to cease our call for help. To call the Light where it was not needed, so we deemed, should be avoided.

As such, our first courses handled the Virtues, and the nature of the Light. The development of our abilities with the Light started later.

The first ability we cultivated within ourselves was meditation. This traditional ritual to find peace in the mind, was now turned to find peace in the Light. We trained to remain in a state, where our mind would hover between conscious and surrender to the Light.
We would later return point of harmony, to call for the Light.

It could be said that we learned to let ourselves be ungulfed by the Light, or let the Light flow through us. At this point, neither of us mastered it, however. Such projection or plead for the Light to aid a purpose would come later.

Unbreakable Will
As the harmony within ourselves was where we called the Light, we taught ourselves to call this, free from the bounds of the physical realm.. Or outside disturbances.

A practical approach at first was simply to nudge one out of concentration. But in time, we learned to find this point within ourselves, in spite of any attempts from the outside, physical world to disturb our concentration. No push, no shout, no physical pain could disturb one.

As an annecdote... It taught us we should perhaps not forget to listen to the world around us. It proved difficult to tell the other when the exercise was over, as they seemed apt at blocking out even this message.

Perhaps we had delved into mental strength too soon, but we found the exercise of levitation to come with rather ease following the previous courses. In our search to block out the world from our minds entirely, we learned to let the Light lift us. Not so much that we could project it elsewhere than on our own, but enough to release us even from the touch of the ground beneath our feet, in our concentration.

Spiritual Guidance
We continued to increase our senses outwards, enriched with the sense of our minds, connected with the Light. Through prayer, or meditative state, we tried to sense the world around us with our heart and mind. At first, it proved easier to sense eachother: a mind calling and a mind trying to listen. This cooperation facilitated the excercise notably. I daresay Irys proved the most apt at the exercise, developing the ability to sense my presence long before I had spoken her, or knew of her presence.

What proved to be a lesson prepared for Irys, turned to become a training for Jean-Pierre. Yet it could be noted that, together, we learned to improve our understanding and access to this ability.

With a mind able to connect with the outer world once more, enriched with the blessing of the Light, we learned to project this blessing on others. It may be noted this was a difficult lesson to track our progress in. Was it divine intervention, or the mere uttering of our encouraging words that spurred people to walk into the Light's grace?

Perhaps we shall never know... nor is it perhaps relevant to know. For the results slowly became more distinctive, in particular in the infirmary, as we blessed all patients we treated.

Mental agility
Having learned to separate the mind from the body, and to let our hearts bask in the grace of the Light... And having learned to share the grace of the Light, we were required to learn to bring our minds back to the world around us. Not to step back, but to step forward, where one could reason without the limitations of the physical realm, but with the enrichment of what our senses allowed us to observe.

This course evolved to handling complex tasks with one's hands while remaining in a heightened state of concentration. Irys showed particular aptitude towards this exercise when she aided in healing a man, allowing the Light to bless him through her, while her hands assisted me in my traditional medical treatment of the man. It became our modus operandi for as long as the infirmary demanded our aid.

Perhaps, at first, it was a blessing rather than thorough healing. The skill to heal through the Light manifested itself after we had developed our spiritual guidance sufficiently, let our minds connect with another sentient being, and share the meditative call to the Light.

Our ability progressed, slowly at first. While we would rely on traditional medicine to treat a patient, we allowed ourselves to let our call to the Light aid their recovery. This talent came with relative ease, but it was Irys who mastered it sufficiently to handle healing without traditional treatment.

Perhaps, there is a lesson of humility in this. The Light had already blessed Pierre's destiny with the teachings of Doctor Sir Rentarn Finje. To mend some injuries was a power already granted to Pierre. Perhaps that is why the Light choose to let Pierre only compliment other treatments with his blessings rather than directly intervening.

These few words do not do justice to the time we spent to access this ability. But it could be said time went fast for us, as we found ourselves overwhelmed with work in the infirmaries.

Renewing Hope
Parallel with the ability to heal, came our confidence in the Light and our ability to share this confidence with others. We began to preach, focusing on improving our blessings, but also to provide counsel and help where the Light guided us.

We did not particularly develop a new ability at this stage. Instead, it could be said we mastered what we learned through practice. By helping villagers, simple injuries or more complex ones, we learned to bring hope to people. While one man would require healing, his neighbour would find hope in our ability to aid his fellow man. We found that this ability to bring hope was often more powerful than any other ability.

Perhaps.. it was the helping of other people. Perhaps it was our growing ability in the Light. But it could be noted this work demonstrated Irys to be ready for other abilties that my other teachers taught me, once with great difficulty. While I taught Irys these ways, this time around I found in her a teacher as well. I guided her in the first steps as I was taught. She taught me the rest, as her aptitude had made her understand.

Inner Fire
Seeing the progress of Irys, we decided to deepen ourselves in our own passions to aid others. Brother Graylen had taught me Inner Fire, but through training with Irys did we both learn to master this gift of the Light.

Blessing of Fortitude
I was already trained in the matter by Priestess Shariah Longhill, but it could be noted that our previous acts lead us to the blessing of fortitude. In particular for our patients in the infirmary, this would help them bridge the time of recovery.

I had already mastered the shield and found it was time to share this ability. Irys proved adequate in this ability. In this matter, perhaps, it could be noted our ways separated lightly.
I felt more attracted to this path, and would train with all my heart to improve this ability. In battle, or at home, I would try to ward my fellow people more than anything else.

After developing these blessings, the constant confrontations and battles showed us we had to expand our view of the Light, from healing to defending... if needed, by force.
We could not delve deeply in this matter. Irys' first manifestation of the Light repelling another, being myself, ended up in a painful recovery of my consciousness.

We mastered shielding instead and would occasionally train this gesture without fully placing our abilities into it.

Holy Fire
Our duty brought us to the plaguelands where the battle continued to wage. It is there, from our heart's desire to purify the taint, that we learned to manifest holy fire. It is a dangerous power, we learned, and one that proved quite taxing on us as well.

We would not risk it further unless in dire need.

The concept of paralyzing undead with the power of the mind proved strange. Never before had we weaponized the mind. It was introduced to us by Priestess Shariah Longhill. Her aid set us on our way. Irys picked it up rather fast. I followed her aptitude as ever.

Barrier of Light
Priestess Shariah Longhill guide me, Jean-Pierre, in this step. Having noticed my progression, she learned to strengthen my ability to shield. It is with her aid that I mastered a more powerful barrier, able to shield many people at once.

Here, perhaps, both Sister Irys and I progressed, but each on our own.

Note from Irys Grimrock
As I continued to focus my mind onto the Light during one of my many meditations, I accidentally came across the ability to channel the Light into a barrier. With practice, I was able to hold an item in my hand without touching it. The barrier was able to contain the item, forcing it to float above my open hand.
Much later I was able to contain a person inside the barrier, effectively keeping him as a prisoner without allowing him to harm anyone around him. Items such as food were able to be transferred into the barrier, but not outwards.
As I am still refining this ability, I am currently not able to sustain it for prolonged periods of time nor can I create a barrier to protect a large structure such as a house.

Concluding thoughts
We would like to look back at this path of development and think it was a long road. The start of it, we can barely remember. Our training had become a daily routine such that our development faded into habbits. Some training sessions, I struggle to recall.. but I retain their lesson and their ability.
Time, perhaps, is a difficult concept to keep track of when one is busy. Or perhaps, it is the repitition of some exercises that made time fade, as we only retained the times we progressed.

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