Assistance Sought; Historical Analysis

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Assistance Sought; Historical Analysis

Post by Sanara on Sun Jul 31, 2011 5:56 am

Notices distributed in many libraries, studies and other places of learning and introspection throughout Alliance settlements read;



For the collection, analysis and translation of historical data regarding the sapient species which inhabit Azeroth, native and otherwise, extant as well as extinct.

Any noteworthy historical records not already present in my library, or more complete than records already present in my library, are eligible for my purchase (price determined through personal inspection of record). Any historical record regardless of level of completion or relevance is welcome as a donation.

Artifacts of archaeological value will also be purchased for prices averaging above black market price, including cost of transport, preservation and hazard containtment when applicable.

Assistants and project researchers to be hired, applicants may present a simple letter of credentials, name, species, and residence. Applicants must fulfil below qualifications;

*Must have basic Archaeological training and education in Historical Analysis, and must be able to present a certificate for completing such an education.

*Must have deep understanding of at least 2 uncommon languages (Languages that are not inherent to the applicant's culture) such as Thalassian, Titan, Ancient Azotha, Orcish, Demonic, Troll or Taurahe and be able to translate written records of the languages of which they have an understanding.

*Must be well-versed in safety protocols involved in handling items of significant magical power. Please observe that many archaeological finds emit arcane radiation and exposure can be hazardous to your health if improperly handled, and I cannot take any responsibility for sickness, random mutation or death caused by improperly handled magic.

Members of any race will be considered fairly based on credentials. Acherus Death Knights are eligible if correct credentials are presented. Those with Fel taint to their souls, minds or bodies or found consorting with demons will be excuted on sight.

Applicants may forward their letters to the Ere Argus Commune Quarters, Exodar Trader's Tier.

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