Lakeisha: Mother Knows Best

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Lakeisha: Mother Knows Best

Post by Marion Valmere on Tue Jul 26, 2011 6:57 pm

It is never easy to bring your parents big news when you have so many doubts about how they will react to it. It is no different for Lakeisha as she has travelled back to Outlands to inform her mother about an important change in her life.


“It has been too long, child. My eyes see with joy.”
Lakeisha smiles and inclines her head a little in a humble greeting before stepping forth to accept the gesture of spread arms, pressing herself lightly against the chest of the one which holds most of her respect; her mother.
It was a few days travel to Shattrath, leaving from Stormwind City after a difficult good bye to then venture through the Dark Portal, a journey she had done several times before, always for different reasons. She then made her way to the ruins of the large temple within Terokkar forest, there where she was born and raised and had lived for so many years until the Burning Legion caused so much grief and the crash onto Azeroth occurred.
A letter wasn’t going to suffice with bringing important news Lakeisha wishes to share; she has to say and explain this directly to her mother, face to face. A shame Drazial couldn’t come with her, but the ship and her crew need their commander as the captain has been rather absent and occupied the time they have been docked in Stormwind City. It would have made things so much easier if Drazial was with her though…

“And my eyes see with joy too, mother. You look well,” Lakeisha says after setting a step away to break the light hug and she looks her mother quickly over, so much more taller and slender than her,” how have you been?”
“Just as I look; well. After I received your letter, I expected you to be here sooner. Duties kept you?” the female Draenei asks with the rolling language their kind speaks as she turns around and motions for Lakeisha to follow her with a light wave of her hand, her long robes dragging after her while her long hair lays slick back across her scalp till far down her back. She begins to ascend a walkway which crosses over the lower levels of the ruins which has become the most active place upon the shattered world of Draenor, to most known as the Outlands.
“I came as soon as I could after sending it, mother,” Lakeisha says as she follows after the quite elegant and wise looking Draenei, almost as pale in appearance as her, though a tint darker,” we have been busy with trying to interest people to join the navy.”
“The navy? Navy… Such a difference from the skyguards or the army. Sailing across water instead of the stardust...” her mother says softly with wandering thoughts while she leads further on into the city which remains in ruins,” no matter the difference, I am sure your father would have been so proud of you. Serving the people and up hold their safety… it is a very noble task. How is everyone?”
“Thank you, mother… You honor me with your words,” Lakeisha smiles and picks up the pace a little to walk a little closer to the other Draenei who turns her head a little to look towards her young daughter,” the crew is faring well. We haven’t experienced any trouble since the last letter I wrote. It wasn’t easy to leave them, even for such a short period of time.”
“Acting like the mother figure for all, hmm?” her mother asks, a warm smile playing over her pale lips as she looks down upon the embarrassed looking Draenei beside her,” that is so like you, taking everyone under your wings. Just be careful to not let it become too much. We Draenei have a lot of love and care to give and share, but those from Azeroth… they aren’t like us.”
“I know, mother. I have experienced their greed and their desires. I have adapted myself to their believes and customs.”
“I know you have. I can see it by the way you walk. You have indeed become a little like them… not that it is a bad thing, it is wise to learn from others. Just never forget who you are and where you come from, child…”
Lakeisha averts her glowing silver gaze a little to look at the surroundings of the city as her mother speaks of the young races of Azeroth like the humans, the dwarves, the elves and the gnomes. All so different, yet so much in common. Ever since she crashed there and her kin became part of the Alliance, she herself was determined to learn, to become acquainted with these new species. Her parents and their parents had visited so many worlds before they settled themselves onto Draenor to hide from the Burning Legion. It would only have been natural to follow into her ancestors’ hooves and try and make connections with the Azerothian races to continue on with their hospitality and learn new things. She devoted herself to learning the common language, to learn about their believes in the Light which the Naaru find such an interesting force in the universe, she fought in their wars, healed their wounds, soothed their grief. Some call her an alien, but she feels like she is one of them.
“And this spirit breaker, this…. Drreziel? How is he?”
Lakeisha blinks as her mother speaks of her lover, the cursed human she has recently gotten together with and who is one of the reasons why she has come to this other world beyond the Portal. She had written about him in her letters, but of course written words do not carry the actual emotions behind them, no matter how well you try to describe every thing.
“He is fine, mother. He is suffering from the pressure of the responsibilities that came with his promotion to commander, but he is pulling through so well. I am proud of him…”
A silence falls between the two, the only sounds coming from them the soft clopping of their hooves upon the pavement as they walk on.
“When you began writing about this human, I thought you had found a good friend, but then he shattered your spirit… I can not deny that it caused me grief to have felt your pain through those letters, when you turned down my offers to return home. I could do nothing for you… and it seems I didn’t had to. You are glowing, my child.”
The Draenei looks to her daughter with an inspecting gaze as she looks the short and curvy female beside her over as she enters a building which looks to be in a poor state, but behind the cracks of split and broken stones, it looks comfortable and homey with many pillows and curtains hanging before holes in the ceiling and down the walls, the smell of incense strong while lanterns stand spread around on low tables, lit and beckoning. Her mother’s home… it isn’t much but it is enough for one like her.
“Drreziel mended the damage he caused, didn’t he?” she asks as she walks over to the small balcony, hidden behind semi-transparent curtains and she lowers herself down onto the cushion of a bench carved from the stone while pinning her eyes back on her daughter,” he has made you whole and more.”
“He has,” Lakeisha agrees with a soft voice and sits down beside her mother on the bench, smiling to her as she takes her hands in her own in a caring motion,” he is a good man...”
“But not a Draenei.”
Another silence falls in between the two horned females, one pair of eyes lowering down to the held hands while the other focuses on the face which shows a hint of doubt and even shame.
True words. Drazial is not one of her kin… He was born in the world of Azeroth, in the human kingdom of Gilneas where he received the feral curse which turns the bitten humans into a worg-like creature. He holds little believe in the Light, has very little knowledge of Draenei customs and lacks the forehead plates, tendrils, fangs, hooves and tail the males of the Draenei race have. He drinks a lot, has no self control and is quite a show off, wanting to be in control of things and foremost… he was a ladies’ man before he gave himself to her, a flirt of high degree.
He doesn’t come across as the perfect mate when you sum it all up, no, yet he has proven himself to her. He is devoted and affectionate, not to mention hungry for her presence. He makes her feel good, respected and loved. They went through some bad times together, had been parted but the connection remained until they sought each other out and admitted to the feeling which kept them both intrigued in each other.
“He is no Draenei, no… but he completes me in a way I have not felt before.”
“You are aware of his curse? His mortality? My poor child, how you will suffer when he has passed…”
Lakeisha gives her mother’s hands a tight squeeze as she is reminded of how short the human race lives. The Draenei are immortal for as long as the Naaru grants them their immortality or when fate decides to put an end to it by an unpredicted death, but the humans… yet they are remarkable, accomplishing so many things in such a short period of time.
“I will suffer, yes... but he promised me something, mother. He promised me something to sooth the suffering for when he is gone and he kept his promise.”
“What promise was that, child?”
Lakeisha takes a deep breath as she slowly releases her mother’s hands and rises from the bench they sit upon, seeming to seek for words before she lays her hands against her stomach, pressing the blue cloth of her robes tightly over the front of her lower body. A forming bulge can be seen under the stomach, small still but it is visible when one’s attention is drawn to it.
The elderly Draenei hardly moves as she watches her daughter, sitting like a marble statue with her silver glowing eyes upon the under blue fabrics covered stomach before slowly raising a hand. The hand lightly touches Lakeisha’s stomach, a gentle and examining touch which becomes warm as the fingers begin to emit a familiar golden glow; the Light, the same source of power she requests the mending aid from when ever she tends to the wounded. She can feel the warmth spread through her as if exploring that which she is trying to tell her mother about.
“He promised me a child, mother. Our child, his and mine.”
The mother remains silent as the Light she is channelling into Lakeisha makes her aware of the life her daughter is carrying, the words being said ringing true. She is indeed with child… she can feel the Light being drawn to this oh so young form of life which is still growing and developing.
“My dear child…” she says softly, almost whispering as she takes her hand away and the warmth of the Light ebbs away from Lakeisha’s stomach which is already showing the very early signs of pregnancy,” I am so happy for you and your mate. This truly is the most wonderful gift one can bestow upon you when the intentions are pure and the feelings are shared and met. Such a miracle…”
“It has brought us so much happiness. You should have seen Drazial when I told him. I hadn’t seen him smile like that for so long… it made it all worth it. He will be a great father, no matter that he is still doubting himself about it. He is so excited.”
“It will be quite a challenge, for the both of you. It isn’t uncommon for a Draenei to be able to conceive a child with a different race, but it remains a rare happening. It will be a child of two worlds and so it will and should be treated as such. I for one will be looking forward to hold this grandchild in my arms. I will be looking forward to welcome your child to the place their mother hails from. I will be looking forward to the blessing the Naaru will be stow upon your child. I will be looking forward to seeing your child grow and become a bridge between our people. I will be looking forward to see you and your mate grow as parents...”
The elderly female smiles softly as she strokes Lakeisha's cheek with the back of her hand, seeing her daughter stare at her with large glowing eyes as she rended her speechless. A soft stammer, the stare upon Lakeisha's pale face becoming humble and warm and she blinks quickly as she tries to hold back on many feelings which her mother's words stirred up within her.
“Oh mother...” Lakeisha smiles, letting out a faint chuckle as her eyes glace over with tears and she lowers herself down to her knees before her mother to wrap her arms around her neck and hug her tight, her mother leaning forth to embrace her tenderly,” thank you... thank you so much.”

The reason why she took this long journey upon herself to get to Shattrath, to speak to her mother face to face and tell her the news. Certain things have to be told rather than written and this was one of those certain things. She can feel the acceptance and joy beam off her mother as they hug; she wouldn’t have felt it through words written with ink.
No… this is right. Finally things are falling in place for her. She is happy and with child, accepted by the people she cares for. After hundreds of years, her life feels complete.

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Re: Lakeisha: Mother Knows Best

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