Murder and theft!

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Murder and theft!

Post by Gesh on Sun Jul 24, 2011 3:49 pm

Stormwind was always quiet at night, It's like a child: In the day it will scream, run, shout, demand and even torment. But come evening, past the time of drunks and the clatter of bins and footsteps: There is a silence. A silence that is rarely broken (Especially in the Cathedral's Graveyard.)Tonight was no different. She made sure of that.

I mean, how loud can a grave robber be?.
' Grave robbing.. ' That’s a rather common name for such doings.

No, no. What she was doing was far grander, She was a saviour after all! A -hero-. But sometimes-even heroes must do terrible things.

Thankfully, she had the stomach for it.

It was an hour or so before her troublesome digging finally offered results. She had removed both patrolmen beforehand of course, as any good professional would. Dead and hanging from the nearby tree by their ankles. Like bloodied toys awaiting some strange little children’s party.

And now it was time to open the coffin, Simple enough.
Her two loyal daggers: of sarnoite, made quick work of the flimsy wood.
And the next par-- My.. Isn’t she a sight to behold? A woman still blossoming in her youth, cold to the touch, lips pursed in her final breath, eyes shut in a somewhat soothing peace (That won't last long, but nevertheless adorable.) even her hair seemed ethereal, golden like sunlight polishing off her features with a modest collection of curls.

But, She had to work quickly. Even if the nearby guards had been removed Stormwind was still -full- of the pesky little alliance members, even at night, even with this silences you must expect the unexpected and with that she swiped up her prize, her victim to save!

Now was the difficult part. Sneaking around with a dead angel in her tad ' deadier ' arms without being discovered is obviously quite a problem. But they don't call her The Huntress for nothing.


The recently buried corpse of Odrade hearth has been stolen, her dug up and ripped open coffin was found like a gaping wound on the seventh morning of the week. The guards have yet to make a statement.

Contactable ingame via Geshel(Alliance)

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