[IC] Something wicked this way comes

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[IC] Something wicked this way comes

Post by Krogon Devilstep on Tue Jul 19, 2011 11:03 am

((just a quick story i thought necessary and relevent to things afoot with the forsaken, i posted this in paticular becuase i'd like to get in contact with any interested alliance players who would like to take part in, or become involved in the plot! feel free to message me, enjoy the read!))

Doctor Gregor didn’t like two things. Firstly was not understanding something. He loathed, hated and despised mysteries he couldn’t unravel. They taunted him like the biggest fish in the pond that knew exactly what the angler was up to.

Secondly, and more importantly, he didn’t like being rushed. Nothing made a new project more frustrating than a task master who nagged, whipped and forced him into making mistakes. Unfortunately for Doctor Gregor, Master Apothecary to the royal society in the Undercity, he had to contend with both problems, contributing to a throbbing skull-ache.

He paced the water’s edge of the small island he had been granted to conduct his ‘experiment’ on. Jet black robes muddied at the bottom rim as he waited. His project was confined to this place, a small island upon a tiny lake, in the upper dark forest above deathknell. It came complete with an ancient ruined tower, and nothing else. Nobody lived here, not even before the plague, and now most certainly no un-changed beasts did either. Even the contents of the pond were no more than fish skeletons, which seemed keen to keep swimming despite the grip of death.

Gregor sighed deeply, recalling his orders in his mind. He was to take the notes and equipment from new aggamand that belonged to the now extremely dead professor, and turn it all into some kind of complex combination weapon. It sounded simple enough, the Forsaken had come to specialise in this sort of thing, The Blight stood as a testament to the cruelty and ingenuity of the forsaken race, up until the Orc’s dammed its use that is. And yet, there was inevitably a complication.

The Wraith lord was pushing this one forward, and not at a snail’s pace either. From the start he had demanded daily reports, proof of progress, sent his knights to inspect the test sights and often enough summoned Him to Fenris keep to report in person. The Cult was hell bent it seemed, their potential new toy a great interest to the highest echelons of the shadow orders authority.

He shuddered, the thought of spending the night in the Wraith lords hospitality was quickly becoming a much feared prospect among many, forsaken or otherwise. Worse yet should the shadow pope be displeased and the Wraith may simply ‘punish’ you in fury on the spot. Staring out across the pond and the thin layer of mist hovering above, all he could do was wait, and worry, and panic. Gregor had only mentioned the ‘possibility’ of a working prototype in a report the day before, yet he got a reply demanding exactly that for the next day. He could see the light now, and the silhouette of a rowing boat moving through the mist like a spectre. He was here. Oh crap.

He knew the drill well enough, as the boat slid alongside the small jetty he instantly fell to one knee and kept his head bowed; staring only at the wooden boards that barely covered the many holes in the dilapidated maritime structure. The noise was all he needed to hear, the sound of three individuals disembarking, and those all too easily remembered foot-steps, the chime of heavy metal spurs on plate boots. He didn’t dare look up for fear, he wasn’t entirely sure of what; all he knew was that he should be afraid. The chiming stopped; Gregor stared down at a pair of heavy set plated boots decorated with metallic skulls and spikes. Two pairs of similar boots flanked them at either side a ways behind.

“Cosy place you have here, Doctor... Report” Came that deep, ghostly voice; it chimed within his helmet adding to the almost unnatural tone. Gregor slowly raised his eyes to meet those of the Wraith, only to find a helmets eye slots with nothing but Dark empty spaces behind them. The Wraith was indeed imposing, he could easily be mistaken for an animated set of Death knight armour if was it not for his voice. Gregor stared in silence for a few moments longer than he should of, as usual, only to realise his peril as the armoured lord folded his arms in annoyance.

“Yes! Yes of course my lord... we, we are ready to test, of course, but it hasn’t been easy!” Gregor spurted out hurriedly, cursing himself in his own mind for losing self control.

Sulthar, as he was more commonly known, raised a hand in a commanding gesture to the identically clad pair knights behind him. They turned and returned to the boat to collect something without a word.

“Nobody said it would be Easy good doctor...” Came that insidious cruel voice through the armoured mask. “But I trust this means you do not require further motivation?” he finished, tilting his head.

Gregor shuddered, replying slowly as he stood up, if a tad hunched. “You have asked me to bend the laws of physics my lord, the professor’s notes were sketchy at best, and there is no knowing what could happen if we test this devi—“ he was cut short mid plead by a raised armoured gauntlet, baying for silence.

“Show me, and pray you have results” Snapped a reply, the mood of Sulthar made clear. Results now or lots of pain soon to come. Gregor felt compliance was needed. Bowing his hooded head the Doctor led the Wraith up a small path toward the ruined tower, the clank and chime of spurs sounding with each foot step. Gregor inexplicably found he begin to explain as they walked, like a Teacher would to a pupil who is new to a subject.

“I have managed to build the device using the professors designs and the theory he noted down, I Believe ultimately this weapon will yield an explosion only just able to finish off this tower, though ultimately I believe also that is not the desired effect...”
He took a slow breath, waiting for a reply that did not come before continuing.

“Combining our new found understanding of Saronite, and the war head we have created... with the Blood Elf Mana bomb technology has created many problems, specially the method of proper detonation, we solved this using a double reflexive reactive explosion with the use of a small amount of lightforge—“

“I don’t care if it’s Lightforge or the Blood of khaz’goroth himself, show me it and be swift.” Boomed the impatient ghostly voice. Gregor bit his tongue, and pointed to the tower that was now only some hundred feet in front of them both, a waist height box sat at gregor’s feet, a switch perched atop it and a pair of inter-twined cables led from it and into the ruined towers main door.

“I have placed test subjects inside, a cow, sheep, murloc and the human paladin prisoner you sent. Also a small stock of holy artefacts from the scarlet monastery we captured...” Gregor nodded slowly as he explained, pointing toward the building. It must have been a mages tower at one point judging by the architecture. Despite the neglect, it even still had a roof.

Sulthar stood silent, staring at the tower, arms folded patiently. Gregor took the hint and flipped the switch with a smooth swipe of one robed arm. Electrical sparks momentarily flew, and a few moments passed.

Nothing happened.

Gregor swallowed dryly, he was as good as dead—as good as maggot food this time.

“You disappoint me...” came the flat, angered tone of the Wraith, however somewhat cut short as he jerked his armoured head to gaze back at the towers door, and the green light emanating deep from within.

Gregor narrowed his eyes; the light was most certainly getting brighter and more intense, a strange humming noise corresponding to it, getting progressively louder.

And with that, it didn’t so much explode, as pulse. A massive shockwave emanating outward caused the ground to shudder and the Light to turn to a blinding green flash, Gregor had to cover his face for fear of being blinded. The Towers upper level leaned, and then fell off the rest of the building at the midpoint, crashing on the far side in an architectural death rattle. What was left of the stone husk now had a pulsing, almost flame like green aura emanating skyward and sideways. It didn’t glow, but it didn’t shrink either.

Had he done it? Did the device actually work? The Physics said otherwise but something had happened. And with that a shape came stumbling out of the towers door, a figure on two legs. It repeatedly fell over, rolled, crawled and stumbled its way toward the pair. Its pitch black shape illuminated by a vibrant green glow. When it finally came with 20 feet it fell to its knees and fell flat on its chest.

Sulthar instantly approached, drawing his vicious sword while Gregor sheepishly followed out of horrified yet awe struck fascination. Using the blade, the Wraith rolled the body onto its back, Revealing the paladin, and yet not.

The human’s body was eating away at itself; flesh was becoming sooty ash, burning without a flame. After mere seconds all that was eventually left was a husk of Mail armour holding together a glowing green skeleton sat in a pile of dust. Equally, if not more interesting, was the tome in the skeletons hand. It had indeed been taken from the scarlet’s, and any forsaken who touched it with bare skin or bone would scream in pain for it was blessed and holy. But now? It too was disintegrating, its pages to bubbling and turning to dust, the golden cover cracking and fracturing like smashed glass.

It HAD worked. The weapon was a success, difficult to replicate and mind bogglingly dangerous to anyone and everything but it worked. Before Gregor could collect his thoughts properly he heard Sulthar speak in a cruel, but satisfied tone.

“I’ll take ten...”

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Re: [IC] Something wicked this way comes

Post by Magaskawee/Anaei on Tue Jul 19, 2011 11:09 am

Brrr! Creepy and deeply worrying.. I suddenly wanna move south.. T_T

Very nice Krog. Smile

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Re: [IC] Something wicked this way comes

Post by Sadok on Tue Jul 19, 2011 1:29 pm

Excellent read. The first half was moody and atmospheric and the second half... more than a little worrying. Please don't melt me. No


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Re: [IC] Something wicked this way comes

Post by Zarek Magnum on Tue Jul 19, 2011 2:17 pm

You know, I'm rather glad I serve as his evil minion rather than his enemy.

Zarek Magnum

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Re: [IC] Something wicked this way comes

Post by Baròth / Olian on Tue Jul 19, 2011 2:23 pm

Ah, now this is very Forsaken-ish, a very good read. It had a good structure and it really gives you a picture of the entire story. I could almost smell the blight.
Excellent work, Krogon!

Baròth / Olian

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Re: [IC] Something wicked this way comes

Post by Gesh on Tue Jul 19, 2011 3:00 pm

Awesome read! ...I wonder if Vectoria had any -eyes- watching.

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Re: [IC] Something wicked this way comes

Post by Drathun on Tue Jul 19, 2011 3:10 pm

Excellent read, and scary enough to almost give me the chills.
Glad I rolled Forsaken!


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Re: [IC] Something wicked this way comes

Post by Rasonal Dranger on Tue Jul 19, 2011 6:33 pm

Thought I have posted before, apperently not- Great read, well written, really enjoyed it!

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Re: [IC] Something wicked this way comes

Post by Valdar/Melan on Tue Jul 19, 2011 11:40 pm

SI:7 is reporting its interest to take part of this plot.


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Re: [IC] Something wicked this way comes

Post by Zhakiri on Wed Jul 20, 2011 3:30 am

Loved the read! Was extremely well written. Well done:)



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Re: [IC] Something wicked this way comes

Post by Morgeth on Wed Jul 20, 2011 3:42 am

The doctor was quite adorable! Seems like you put quite some work into this, and it shows. The storyline is clear, with good descriptions. I especially enjoyed the description of the good doctor waiting for Sulthar. It's hard to describe "evil" situations and characters, I feel, without it getting rather tedious and trying to repeat very EVIL words (I do it, a lot) but this felt fresh!

I also enjoy the plot detail of the book and how it was the objective, in a way.


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Re: [IC] Something wicked this way comes

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