Proceedings of the First forum on magic in Kalimdor

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Proceedings of the First forum on magic in Kalimdor

Post by Melnerag on Sat Jul 02, 2011 3:08 am

The proceedings of the first forum has finally been published, and are now available to the Draenei and Kaldorei magi. Limited copies have found their way to other cities of the Alliance, and even Dalaran.

Welcome to the Exodar, and thank those of you who are here for attending. It is a great shame that not many others could attend, I had truly hoped for Moon Priesthood and the Cenarions being present. But I suggest we begin with the letter sent by the Winterblades lieutenant-general Arodeesa, she sadly could not make it here in person. At the end of it you can ask me to reread any parts of it again, but I of course won't be able to answer any real questions. After that I think miss Isastra should speak.

Lt-Gen Arodeesa’s Letter:

Magic. It's an ailment and a plague upon this world, and nothing less. We kaldorei have known it for ten thousand years. The dragons have known it, and they will tell you if you're willing to Malygos the Spellweaver knew it, and it was the main cause of the Nexus war. Malygos recognized the threat of the abuse of arcane magic, and though his means were wrong, his cause was just.

Recently, the Shen'dralar have emerged from their hiding in Feralas. The demon power drawing quel'dorei now act openly as trainers end "educators" of kaldorei mages, having gained so much acceptance that they're about to become a part of Kaldorei society. Other Sentinel regiments, as well as the Order of Nature's Grasp seem to be emracing this new trend openly. The Winterblades do not, and will not do so. Nor do we approve of other Kaldorei organizations utilizing arcane magic as a means to reach their ends. While there is nothing we can do to stop them directly, I still want to appeal to their sense of honour and purpose, to their love and repsect for Elune and Nature the Ancients, Kalimdor and all of our beloved world, which we so devotedly have fought to protect since the War of the Ancients.

Yes, we are at war, and our enemies are many and powerful. Our world is ridden with parasites, such as the Horde. But when you have a parasite, do you get rid of it by infecting it with a plague? This is what one does when one fights our enemies with arcane magic. The parasite might die, but at the same time, one infects the host - our world, with a plague that is about to throw the world so much off balance that it might be torn apart. Would you kill a parasite by killing the host? Should we get rid of the Horde by letting Azeroth suffer Outland's fate? If so, arcane magic is the way. If not, you should do as the Winterblades, and firmly deny all use of arcane magic. When the ban on arcane magic was first put in action, many spell casters - most prominently the Moon Guard, turned instead to druidism, channeling the world's powers through natural, non-corrupting ways. I implore all arcane magic wielders today to follow trheir example, be it in becoming a druid if you're kaldorei, or becoming a shaman or a follower of the Light if you're a draenei or other Alliance member.

Magic is powerful, but it corrupts body, mind and soul. It corrupts the land and the world. Magic is an addiction; if you have tried it, you know it's true. There is only one solution; only one truth in this. [CENSORED]The Winterblades see, and we denounce the arcane plague. Look into your hearts, pray to the Mother Moon for guidance, seek the truth. What do you see? What will you do?

Zanadaar: Perhaps you could elaborate on parts of it; I wish to know more of us what was meant with 'demon power drawing quel'dorei'.
Exaythe: I believe the Kaldorei have banned all use of arcane following the Legion's first invasion, and general Arodeesa is a staunch advocate of that order of things, willing for the ban to remain in place today….
Rhenya: We used an imprisoned demon as a source of power in Eldre'thalas.

Miss Isastra’s Speech:

Honourable wizards and mages, distinguished clergy of the faiths, ladies and gentlemen. My name is Mailin Isastra Azuresong, director of the Dalaran Directive and representative of the Kirin Tor to this forum. Before I begin I would like to thank Exaythe of the draenei people for hosting this event. A forum such as this is a great step towards a more unified and understanding magical community. I look forward to this sharing of minds tonight and it is my wish that we shall all leave this gathering wiser and with a greater understanding.

We have seen a lot of changes in our world during the recent years and not the least where magic is concerned. The re-emergence of the Burning Legion, the tragic fall of the quel’dorei, the madness of Malygos the Spellweaver. However, where there is darkness there is also light. We have seen some truly wondrous things as well. The arrival of the draenei, our gracious hosts, a race with experience and an innate understanding for the workings of magic. The discovery of the Naaru. The rebirth of the Sunwell. The return of Dalaran and the Kirin Tor And the revelations of the Titans, our creators, themselves. We live in a wondrous and magical world. Magic is in the very bones of it and it is part of our society and who we are. It is a single constant in a world that is all too often prone to chaos.

Malygos, the Dragon Aspect, judged us reckless and unfit to bear the gift of the Titans. He sought to hunt us down and extinguish all magic. While his defeat was a tragedy it was a necessity. Magic –is- dangerous as we have proven to ourselves over millennia. And magic continues to attract the attention of demons and will do so as long as a spark of mystery and power remains on Azeroth. Is that reason to abandon it all and ban it from our society though? I do not believe so. It is part of who we are and it is our responsibility to learn how to master ourselves and by that extension, magic. And it is possible. The draenei are living proof of that.We are all children in the beginning and we must learn and experience the world and all it has to offer to grow. Therefore it is my hope that tonight will bring us all closer together so that we may develop, as a community, and reach for our magical destiny. Thank you.

Rhenya: I am curious to hear why do you consider the rebirth of the Sunwell a good thing, when it's our enemies it aids.
Gilraen: Not only. It also aids the High elves.
Rhenya: As it is now, there's barely a handful of those left.
Mailin: We are all people of the same world. We all share it. Remember once they were our allies. Who knows what the future will bring. But regardless, it is still a miracle after what was done to it, no matter who earns from it.
Zanadaar: Did her kind also consort with demons, or were it only the elves who thought that to be wise?
Mailin: There are humans who use dark magic. It is known.
Zanadaar: Individuals or larger groups, such as the elves mentioned in the letter?
Mailin: The Twilight's Hammer and the Dark Sphere are known groups that employ these dark arts. Cultists as they are called.
Zanadaar: But are they groups the rest of you are on good terms with? Do you allow this practise to happen, do you make those who sought power in such a reckless fashion, pay for their mistakes?
Zanadaar : What I am asking you, do you, human, consider it acceptable behavior, or not?
Mailin: The Kirin Tor do not approve of the misuse of magic and we're constantly working to bring those that do under our control.
Zanadaar: And does your definition of 'misuse', extend to having dealings with demons?
Mailin: The regulations that state what constitutes illegal use of magic are expansive and it would take too long for me to recite them here.

Exaythe's Speech:

Magic attracts the Legion. It is a lesson every magic-wielding race is doomed to learn, but most do not survive long enough to put this new knowledge into practice. The Draenei and the people of Azeroth are fortunate when it comes to that, because like so many others before us throughout the vastness of space, we have learned the hard lesson. But unlike million other races, we have lived through it. We have a rare, priveledged position to put that knowledge into practice and build a responsible, conscious magical community.

Magic attracts the Burning Legion, but the Burning Legion already knows we are here, and it wants us dead with hatred we cannot begin to imagine. Magic can also provide us with great boons, and broaden our understanding of the very fabric of reality. And now we are in a better position than any other race to practice it responsibly. I believe that corruption and madness are in no way inherent to the practice of the arcane, and that those mages who practice magic irresponsively even today, despite the many lessons, do so for a different, but no less fundamental reason.

Most mages train in their closed circles, and study magic first and foremost. I believe that they should live, study and work amongst the people, and they should first and foremost focus on learning the world and people around them. They should focus on building social contacts, making friends, loving and being loved. Only when mages are as rooted in our society as is everybody else, can they truly understand the need for responsibility, because they have so much to lose if they are negligent. In light of this, any isolation of mages only drives them one step closer to embracing and trying out forbidden, dark magic. Best way to ensure safe conduct of magic is integration of mages, not segregation.

To conclude, if I have any say in this, I believe that education of every mage should begin with fascination and understanding of the world and society around them, not magical theories. History, not spellcraft. Social interraction, not runeweaving. Thank you for listening.

Gilraen: How exactly does one teach social integration?
Exaythe: By never taking the future mages out of every-day society. Draenei mages remain parts of their communes throughout the training, for instance. Leave them with their families and their communities, and it is a leap in the right direction. Not to mention that people who have strong social ties, also learn to value those ties. Just leave them in the society, with support of their family and their friends, and 'nature' will take its course.

Mailin: What about safety, if we leave mages with their families while they are still in training, do we not risk them unintentionally hurting innocents?
Exaythe: That would depend on the way you train them. I admit that what I suggest will make education much slower. But it will be safe, as students are more aware of the dangers magic poses and will handle it with greater responsibility. Such as no trying it out at home.

Theraluin’s speech:

Very well, though it is a subject we all know well, so I will keep it short and then encourage to debate it afterwards. What I wish to debate is; Magic and responsibility, both magic in general and magic that have otherwise been stamped as dark or forbidden. My belief is that all magic, no matter it's origins, is useful to study, be it necromancy, fel or other dark schools, it is however how this knowledge is put to use, which must be considered.

Should it be taugth; which would lure those who- let are tempted take a darker, shorter path to power, or should we use the knowledge of these arts for other ends? For example teach the theory about the darker arts to our mages, so that it can be used to make counter-measures and wards to protect against it? No matter if we label them forbidden or not, there will always be those who seek them out, either on purpose or stumble across them by accident. With teaching, those who'd otherwise stumble upon it might be spared an ill fate and perhaps, with warnings of the corruptive powers of some of them, amongst these being for-mentioned necromancy and fel, those who'd seek it out for their own gains might think twice? This would ofcourse still not eliminate all of those who'd seek out to obtain power, no matter the cost.

Exaythe: The very act of practicing fel corrupts the practitioner, how can you study it without corrupting yourself?
Theraluin: You can study the theory behind the spells and summonings, to gain a greater advantage against those who'd relie upon those very arts.

Gilraen : Apprentices and trainies are already in great danger of dabbling with such arts. To expose em willingly is even greater folly. Counter spells can be created by high masters which can in turn be tought to younger ones.
Theraluin: The theory of these dark arts should only be taugth to masters, who then teach the simpler counter-measures to the apprentices.

Gilraen: Still Magus Theraluin is proposing something that needs discussing. How do we shield apprentices from fel and dark arts? Simply labing them forbidden does not work. We have too many examples.
Mailin: By restricting access.
Gilraen: And yet half of Dalaran followed Kel Thuzad in his betrayal.
Mailin: Which shows that all mages are susceptible.
Mailin: That we must all be on constant guard.
Gilraen: I may disagree with Magus Theralion's approach, but I agree that the problem he presents exists and needs to be looked upon.
Mailin: Agreed.

Theraluin: There might have been a miscommunication somewhere in my speech, I have never meant to encourage the use or direct practise of fel, but rather the theory behind it to increase the understanding in terms of warning against it's corruption, and in ways to battle it's minions and it's casters.

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