Outbreak of the Underforge

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Outbreak of the Underforge

Post by Odgan / Keag on Tue Jun 28, 2011 6:23 pm

[http://www.defiasrp.com/t2801-a-tth-the-underforge - For info about the Underforge - Sorry for any grammar mistakes made!]

It has been sometimes already that the Branded called Bergo called out the Nation of Underforge and proclaimed himself High-Thane over a bunch of cultists, criminals and other outcasts who would be easily sold out. When he called out the Nation of Underforge he shut all the halls and gates leading to Ironforge, only secret passages remaining.

At first the Senate reacted paniced, angr-.. No furious about this outrage. How could he claim ground where Ironforge dumped all their Branded and what not in to not care for it again. Meanwhile the noble citizen of the Underforge gathered, giving the Senate the idea that they wouldn't do anything anymore. The Guards who where tasked with slamming back any possible outbreak being withdrawned to other places of importance, as nothing seemed to happen in the Underforge. Till today that self proclaimed High-Thane Bergo rallied his followers.

After armoring themselves with torches, dynamites and what ever they stole Bergo gave a speech to remind why they where there, to remind them why they where doing this.
They started marching to the entrance of the Forlorn Cavern, upon arriving the criminals put down explosives on the barricaded gates they put there themselves, on Bergo his signal they fall. The 'armies' of the Underforge streaming out at both of the two entrances out of the Cavern. The citizens walking these halls screamed and runned for their lives, through just a few made it. The criminals killed the local patrolling guards and then invaded the houses, merciless killing the citizens within and destroying the insides. Then, they did go for the Library in the Hall of Explorers. The Libarians tried to run but couldn't as the path was blocked. Some of the Libarians known with arcane arts used these arts to defend themselves, through they got overwhelmed. The criminals torched down the books and destroyed a part of the Library [In-game part got destroyed, which is just a part of the real stuff.] They ravaged a part of the museum [In-game part got destroyed, which is just a part of the real stuff.], destroying ancient and rare things where the Explorers spent maybe years on to uncover. After the killing of the citizens and some guards on the streets and some in the houses the 'armies' of the Underforge went to the Mystic Ward, the spiritual center of the Bronzebeard Dwarves.

Once arriving in the Mystic Ward some Branded killed the patrolling Guards already, at that moment fighting with the Temple Devotees who tried to defend the Holy Pond. Through when the bulk of the 'army' arrived the Temple Devotees who where defending the Holy Pond in front of the Temple got killed and tossed in the Holy Pond, followed by a group of Branded peeing into the Pond. Some of the houses in the Mystic Ward got raided through all the criminals gathered in front of the Temple. The heavy iron doors where shut as the Devotees fled inside to defend the Temple. But the gates didn't last for long as the right amount of explosives got placed there. The criminals swarmed in throught the Devotees put up a big fight, a group of Branded sneaked out of the fight to kill the wounded citizens and soldiers who earlier went to the Temple for healing, merciless hacking into the defendless on the ground. Through the Devotees increased in numbers each moment, killing alot of the invading criminals and pushing them out. The criminals retreated outside, the Devotees to busy with the newly made wounded and the onces already stationed there before the battle.

Then self proclaimed High-Thane Bergo marched towards the Mithrileye Clan Hall, he as a former Mithrileye had a score to settle with Thane Fugnir Mithrileye, he was betrayed by him and the rest of his clan. At the first place getting Branded while innocent. Bergo plus a amount of Branded invaded the clan hall killing and wounding some of the clanmembers, his former friends. Carving into the wall "Now owned by High-Thane Bergo".

Meanwhile, the Guards where getting rallied.

The criminals went to the Great Forge itself, raiding some stores and houses there before they saw the massive group of Guards stationed in front of the Throne Room, charging at them.
They went on the run as the Guards outnumbered them heavily and where better armored and trained. They tried to run back to the Cavern to there enter the Underforge. Through many criminals got captured or killed while they ran. Once arriving in the Cavern the bulk of the Guards stayed behind.. To send in the elite Guards, the Thief-Catchers. The criminals fled for their lives into the safehouse of the Underforge, a quartre of the first 'invading' army making it into the Underforge including Bergo.

Once the invaders where gone, corpses of mostly citizens, criminals and Guards could be seen. Through mostly criminals. As the Guards still runned around in panic with buckets water to extuinqish the fires in houses and what not.

[This was a event that took place at 28-6-2011 as a start of new series of Underforge plots after a break due some campaigns and some intern affairs, sorry for any grammer mistakes made!]
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Re: Outbreak of the Underforge

Post by Gogol on Wed Jun 29, 2011 4:05 am

Sounds like the dwarves are getting sloppy! Wink

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Re: Outbreak of the Underforge

Post by Whiston Farley on Wed Jun 29, 2011 8:12 am

Fugnir's beard just became more white after this night
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Re: Outbreak of the Underforge

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