Awakened but Unconvinced

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Awakened but Unconvinced

Post by Andrek on Sat Jun 25, 2011 3:40 pm

An old story I rewrote, of how Andrek met Ataris.

While the last of the attendants started to leave, Andrek stood silently and bowed in the submissive manner that was expected of all the awakened. As he watched the last of his superiors disappear out the archway that led out of the secluded area that was called Beggar's Haunt, he straightened his posture.

He frowned, and that distinct feeling of disgust and pity came over him as it had done every single meeting with his new brethren and sisters. Even though he had fallen far from the Light's grace, he never expected things to be this savage and senseless on the other side of the fence. Surely, he had thought, the stories were exaggerated. Surely they must have had some kind of purpose and intent.

But no, he had been disappointed. The arrogant shadowladies merely goofed around, harassing the newer generation of acolytes, and the Darkmaster was never anywhere to be seen. Andrek snorted while coupling his hands within the sleeves of his robe. Shagrath and his ungrateful rabble did not at all appreciate his abilities, nor the great step he had taken to join their cause.

While he had indeed linked his soul to the Dark Sphere, the artifact that their cult was built upon, he never felt any unity with them - despite being able to hear their voices within his own head. He was not one of them, and he severily doubted that he ever would be.

At that very moment, he could hear one of the mistresses patronize one her apprentices within his mind. It was not an unusual thing at all, the entire cult could hear the specific thoughts that a mind chose to share and therefore it was a perfect way for public humiliation.

"This is pathetic." he said out loud to himself while watching the small pond by the Haunt.

"Displeased, awakened?" A curious voice said behind him. Andrek turned instantly, terrified. He instantly recognised the man standing before him, and was relieved to see that it was not one of his superiors.

The robed figure was dressed in a combination of grey and black, along with a hat of expensive look in the same colours. He had a well-trimmed dark beard and looked much like a nobleman, not just by his clothes. Andrek had come across him in Darkshore across the sea once, where he had eventually lost him.

Andrek stood silent for several seconds, enduring the man's inquisitive gaze while picking his words. He had no idea how much the stranger knew, but he knew his allegiance and rank. After a while the man spoke instead, his voice giving no hint of his intent.

"Allow me to guess. The Dark Sphere is not what you expected it to be."

Andrek hesitated. No matter who the man was, it appeared meaningless to lie at this point.

"It lacks.." He began.

"Purpose? Guidance?"

"Both." Andrek nodded.

The man nodded in turn and turned half-way to look up towards the statues that stood like stone guardians near the grave.

"It was not always that way." he said after a few moments.

"That's a poor comfort now, M'Lord.." Andrek said carefully, finding the title fitting the aura of authority that the man had about him. He continued. ".. and if this is how it's going to continue, they can keep their precious artifact to themselves. I want no part of it"

The man spun around to face Andrek, locking his gaze on him with a cold expression.

"The Dark Sphere is mine." He said firmly with a voice far calmer than the furious gaze that made Andrek flinch.

As the man returned to inspecting the statues thoughfully, Andrek forced himself to ask the question that bothered him. "Who are you?" he said quietly.

"Ataris the Soulblighter" came the instant reply, as Ataris turned to him again. "I am the first and true Darkmaster of the Sphere." He waited a moment, as if giving Andrek time to process the information before continuing. "I am offering you the opportunity to stand by me as I reclaim what is mine. Together we could make the Sphere into what it used to be, give it a purpose."

Andrek instantly considered the opportunities as Ataris watched him. He considered the consequences if they would fail, even though he was almost certain that the Soulblighter knew what he was doing.

"What must I do?" He asked.

"Swear your allegiance to me."

Andrek fell down on his knees, much like he had done in prayer as a Friar.

"I swear that I will serve you faithfully and obediently, Darkmaster."

Ataris the Soulblighter smiled, gesturing for him to stand. Appearently, there was nothing more to it.

"Come, apprentice. We have much work to do."

For the first time for weeks, Andrek felt enthusiastic. He grinned as he and his new master left Beggar's Haunt.


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Re: Awakened but Unconvinced

Post by James Longfield on Wed Jul 20, 2011 1:52 pm

It is always good to know how these things came about - Enjoyed getting an insight into this valuable piece of history.
James Longfield

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Re: Awakened but Unconvinced

Post by Nithel on Sun Jul 24, 2011 11:13 am

I never knew how Ataris met Andrek. It's surprising to see it having happened in such a 'mundane' way.

How did Ataris lose the Sphere (and I pressume Shagrath got to Darkmaster position)? It's always been the part of Sphere history that eluded me.


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Re: Awakened but Unconvinced

Post by Shagrath on Fri Sep 30, 2011 9:58 am

Just read this through and enjoyed it and the nostalgy generated greatly - thank you. Thought I had already come across all Sphere related stories, and was pleasantly surprised to find myself mistaken.

Nithel wrote:How did Ataris lose the Sphere (and I pressume Shagrath got to Darkmaster position)? It's always been the part of Sphere history that eluded me.

I'd be thrilled if I could provide this query the answer it deserves, but alas, I can't remember for the life of me. There were some epic battles fought over the control of the Sphere, but I do seem to recall them being between Ataris and Melnerag. The original transition from Ataris to Shagrath eludes me too, it's possible there wasn't much to it...

I could be mistaken again, however, it was a very long time ago, after all *smirks*

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Re: Awakened but Unconvinced

Post by Feydor on Sun Mar 17, 2013 8:00 am

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Re: Awakened but Unconvinced

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