[Horde] Coppergut Collector Co

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[Horde] Coppergut Collector Co

Post by The Misty Beast on Sat Jun 25, 2011 5:44 am

The Coppergut Collector Co

“Point me out a Goblin that had to work alone. Point out just one that didn’t need underlings, associates, partners, friends or enemies to keep close, and then prove to me that the loner was successful. None? Good. Here’s the thing. You join, you are enlisted as a guard, a bouncer, a merc’, an adventurer, a town crier, whatever we need. Just that if you’re a fellow Goblin, you’ll be starting out uh… Better. That’s the Goblin way after all. And others will like it, because there’s no-one bloody else who can handle money better than we do. And what is a company? An appropriate organization to utilize manpower and distribute wealth. Or obtain it. Well, both. Anyway, Frazl, you were promoted to be my person assistant. And the next thing I hear is that you’re gunning for my position. But who’s backing you up, huh? A lone Goblin won’t rise to power, and definitely won’t stay there. Now get the hell out of my office and focus on your job! You two, ‘escort’ him out. Hey, I told you to~”

-Dimyink Curbwrench, moments before he got beaten, shot and blown up by an accidental assault.

The Coppergut Collector Co is now recruiting! We are to be a business/criminal/mercenary/social/levelling Guild, but most importantly, a ROLE-PLAYING one.

Who are you?

The core members are long-time friends who decided to give a new Goblin-esque guild on DFB Horde-side. Some of us have been playing since Vanilla, others are fairly fresh, but the motivation is the same: Get some Horde RP, actual content and much fun available to any member that joins.

What’s the deal with the guild?

Since the Coppergut Collector Co is a company, much of the Role-Play will be defined by the general theme of Goblin influence and interests. However, this doesn’t mean it will be Goblin-exclusive in any shape or form. The goals of the Company is to be successful, and its Boss, Frazl Coppergut, obviously wants to get rich. Filthy rich. Rolling-on-heaps-of-gold-until-he-gets-tired-rolling rich. For this goal, his lot are willing to take in everyone who are available as mercenaries, associates, enforcers, even researchers who would delve into the Arcane, Elemental or even the Fel to further their own goals and make some profit along with it. From the lowliest street urchin to the most influential benefactor, everyone can have a position in the Company! The theme may sound too Maffioso or Business-like, but have no fear, we’ll try and be as varied as possible with brutal trainers, turncoat thieves, arcanists or warlocks who hunger for knowledge or even reluctant aides who help to stop any destructive acts the Company may do.

What can you offer?

As of now, our aims are to provide our members (and other guilds who we can hook up with to cooperate) with content and accessibility to the game in all forms. Some of us are by now veteran raiders who would definitely wish to set up a small, 10-man raiding team for the casual pace of 1-2 evenings of killing (and repeatedly wiping on) bosses, along with some solid PvP-ing. It will be up to our member roster what we can access and therefore offer. Also, we got a Mumble server (It’s like Ventrilo, TeamSpeak or Skype) that we frequently use for content and occasionally just random chatter.

What about RP?

Our main goal is obviously Role-Playing. Our targets for such would be two primary areas: Bilgewater Harbour and Orgrimmar. The former would be our secluded base of operations, conducting most of our Guild-only RP sessions of slave trading, casual poker nights or general meetings for the members.
Orgrimmar would be however our main focus of initiating Role-Play. Public events of various sorts will be planned and organized in the Valley of Honour to get some more people there. Besides these organised events we would also focus on establishing the Valley as an actual RP Hub (Any help is welcome obviously!) with our members loitering there carrying out menial tasks of advertisement, extortion, blackmailing, mugging, drug-trading, robbing, auctioneering, testing out new combat drugs or toxins and anything else the Company may be capable of. We’ll try our best to have our presence actually felt on those dust-concealed streets, and will be happy with any visitor or whole guilds showing up on occasion!

Alright. What are the rules if I wish to join this most charitable and jolly establishment?

We have a few basic rules for all members to understand and know prior to joining the Guild:

-Be a Role-Player. New or veteran, casual or hardcore, we don’t mind. Just don’t let old Frazl notice or hear of any activities that are against the policies of this server. We will also not sanction any harassers or corpse-campers. Our application procedure might be lenient, but you’ll have to be aware we leave no loopholes once you’re in!

-No gz! As you progress in the game, you get a few great and lot of stupid achievements. Blizzard decided to inform us of these. It's already annoying that the chat is spammed by [Explore Feralas], don't increase the trash by 10 lines of "gratz"!

-No hi/bye! Everyone can see if you are online or not. No need to spam the chat with 10 lines of hi/bye! Getting a "hi" in whisper means he is happy to see you, while gchat spam is impersonal and just spam. I'd like to emphasize that I won't kick anyone for occasional greetings. Just don't spam!

-No communist collective! You are not required to travel to the other end of the world just to craft something to a guildy. You are not required to craft for a guildy free, since leveling your profession had costs and opportunity cost of not having one more gatherer profession. You are not required to pass BoE items to a guildy. You are not required to remove your item from the AH and sell it to a guildy for a discount. Your guildy has no monopoly rights on any segment of the AH. You are absolutely not required to boost a guildy. Of course you can still do it. But discuss it in whisper. Asking for any of the above on /gchat is forbidden.

-Attend at least one RP Event a week! Obviously this won’t be a threshold, we will highly encourage to do more (random or organised), but this will be required of all members. Don’t worry, if you have a very busy week and a brutal boss, this can be excused, just tell us beforehand!

-Don’t dump unused alts in the Guild! General activity requirement is that you don’t disappear for a month without a word. Then you’ll be automatically kicked. The same goes for characters that are below level 20 and Death Knights below level 60, but for two weeks instead. You can re-apply, but we will draw a line if you continuously fail to tell us that you’ll be gone for longer periods of time. The exceptions from this are alts for guild members.

Additionally, what we ‘allow’ but may not be evident:

-We don’t force anyone to be of a certain background, race or class. We may be a bit icky if your character has a weird story behind it, but we would point the flaws out, reason why they might not fit the current lore of the game and help you correct them. If it’s minor, like a blue-eyed blood elf, we obviously let it pass.

-We don’t force anyone to have any ‘RP Addons’. It’s always a boon to have them and we also will use Gryphonheart Items for certain item types, but otherwise if you don’t feel the need to use add-ons that describe your character’s appearance or aid in your interaction with other Role-Players, all the power to you!

-The requirements for PvE and PvP content will be handled by the person who hosts and organises these. If you don’t meet their requirements, try and improve, the organiser would also aid in pointing you in the right direction. If the guild will cover raid or competitive content that will obviously mean you are to use the right spec, get appropriate gear, have knowledge about the fights etc etc. but these will be specified.

-We will highly encourage you to Role-Play in the Valley of Honour, but we won’t be limited to that place. If there are events outside the guild (a market, an RP-PvP campaign etc.) we will adjust and join those instead if we’re welcome.

-Guild Chat will be OOC, Officer Chat will be IC. We will make a random channel for those who have characters in other guilds and still want to join us in our random banter. This might lead to an unused Guild Chat, but oh well, I rather we satisfy all customers and members than just those who are online with our guild tag on them!

-Chat policies are fairly liberal. People can talk about politics, religion, weather, latest news, whatever they see fit, but if it devolves into a flamefest, Ol’ Frazl will dish out warnings. Use your brain and try not to troll the other guildies!

-If you have any issues inside or outside the guild and regarding any member, poke Frazl. He’ll be there to listen, punish or explain.

The violation of those rules will result in you receiving a warning point. Get 3 and you will be booted and will no longer be allowed to join the guild. Attend events and help running the guild and these warnings will be removed. Do note however that if you cause drama and think you can get away with it by depositing 200 Gold into the Guild Vault each time you receive a Warning, I’ll just take that 600 Gold as granted and then kick you. There’s no reason for you to act like an obnoxious arse.

Sounds cool. Where can I join?

We will not have a forum until it’s absolutely necessary, seeing as the developers have been kind enough to provide us with most of the tools we’d need. We will have a Looking for Guild profile up where you can apply, or just send a letter to Ol’ Frazl. He’ll add you on his friend list and bug you the moment you are online and then you can have an In-Character interview. Additionally, just poke him when he’s online.

Well, that would be all. We of the Coppergut Collector Co wish to grow strong, numerous and uh... Well, wealthy, and be a nice contribution to the realm’s community. Any questions, concerns and opinions, post them here!

Frazl ‘Fatso’ Coppergut
CEO of Coppergut Collector Co

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Re: [Horde] Coppergut Collector Co

Post by The Misty Beast on Sun Jul 24, 2011 5:49 am


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Re: [Horde] Coppergut Collector Co

Post by The Misty Beast on Wed Aug 03, 2011 12:28 pm

Righto, seeing that I'm getting a few quizzical looks and downright insults regarding the 'No Communist Collective', 'No GZ/Hi/Bye Spam' and 'No free stuff for guildies', which includes boosting, crafting or giving stuff and is within the Communist Collective bullet point, I'll have to clean some muck up. The reasons are the following:

-Gratz/Hi/Bye etc.: As the guild grows the online member roster will grow as well, resulting in more people (Duh!). When there are 8-9 people online and one guy gets an achievement, trivial or not, you can expect it'll be 3-4 of those people who will say Gratz. The rest however will follow suit because they think or know its a standard. This is however not personal anymore. It sheep logic. You just become a drone and think your clogging of the guildchat or emotionless spam will make people fuzzy inside. If you whisper it however, the fuzzyness will definitely be there and the player will know you actually meant that congratulating notion. The same goes for greetings and saying goodbye again.

I specifically but others as well don't want drones in the guild. On the long run the resulting 'Hi/gz/bye' spam will become a standard and it'll get really, really frustrating and there'll be actually no emotion behind it.

-The Communist Collective:

Gevlon, an intelligent and asocial Goblin acquintance has run down the issues of doing stuff for free between guildmembers, and let me show you why with my own words and an example:

Two members, Bob and Joe are good friends, but only on WoW and within the guild. They make stuff for eachother, boost alts of others, don't farm mats but rather just ask and they get their epics for free from other guildmembers.

Bob and Joe then have a one-sided scenario. Bob makes Joe the Elementium Deathblade for absolutely no materials, no fee or no cash. Bob loses money, mats, effort, time (farming the mats) for a nice gesture. Joe accepts it with a happy nod, you might think this is working out.

Joe then leaves the guild to raid because the CCC isn't cut out for him. The remaining member has just wasted the above mentioned resources to technically help gear up a player outside the Guild. What's the issue with that? Bob is probably unhappy that Joe left but they still talk, do some randoms or PuGs together.

The third point of the triangle is the Guild. In the big picture, Joe has lost 10k(~ish) Gold and hours of playtime to help Bob gear up. That gold and time could've been spent gathering materials for consumables, get actual cash to py the repairs, buy flasks, get RP stuff for the bank, train up a profession, buy a faster mount, anything that's remotely useful _and benefits the rest of the Guild in the long run_.

Bob learns from his mistake and will now start to demand fees (reasonable ones to stay in the market even with guildies), doesn't craft stuff for free, demands payment for mats and asks the guildmembers that want the new Molten Front 365 weapons to help him farm Chaos Orbs. Bob will remain wealthy, can contribute to the guild, he can also afford his own stuff, help in raids, buy gear, enchant/gem it without getting broke, and so on. He doesn't enter some vortex of no return and become a goldless sod.

Do you understand the morale of this story? Doing stuff for free is more selfish than actually expecting payment. In the former case you will only get what is basically a high-five that the Guild can't really do anything with whilst the latter case will benefit everyone including yourself. Even a boosting will be a waste of energy, time and effort if you don't expect some minimal wage for it. It's better to be safe than sorry.

As a guildleader, I stick to these principles becaue I also want the guild's betterment. We pay the Guildvault for enchanting / etc materials, nothing is for free. It's Goblin-thinking, it's Goblin in practice and view and suits the Guild's theme, along with being practical.

Some however don't like this kind of system:

If you don't like this then please don't join the guild. I'm begging you. You can save my guildmembers (and me) from potential drama and stupid remarks. It'll work better for both of us if you don't show signs of integrity and willingness to adapt and then a week later you wish to be the special snowflake or the Viva La REvolúcion member who wishes to stand up against my brutal tyranny of Goblinism.

(PS: Yes, quite a lot of this stuff are carbon copies of The PuG. However, I only picked rules and principles that make sense and work well in an RP-PvP environment and playerbase and are not affecting our Role-Playing scene and events. Thanks Gevlon!)

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Re: [Horde] Coppergut Collector Co

Post by Gesh on Wed Aug 03, 2011 1:27 pm

Lovely bunch of manipulative money-grabbers and brain-less muscle pawns.

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Re: [Horde] Coppergut Collector Co

Post by Kozgugore Feraleye on Wed Aug 03, 2011 1:34 pm

Great fun from what I've seen of them so far! Orcy thumbs up for these folks. *nodnod*

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Re: [Horde] Coppergut Collector Co

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