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Mountaineer-Sergeant Ildranor Strongbrew

Post by Odgan / Keag on Fri Jun 24, 2011 6:14 pm

[[ Please do not mind any grammar mistakes! ]]

It's dawn and it just started snowing again in Dun Morogh as a small group of Mountaineers runs through the blizzard, through the snow. They run in a nice line while a stout looking Dwarf in front of the line keeps yelling. "Fill tae gap ye Trogghead!" - "Even a limpless Gnome runs faster then ye bunch!" - "Good Kulin! Keep that belly dancing lad!"
After several minutes of running the line of Mountaineers stops in front of a rather small hill. "Rite lads! We start small otherwise ye pansies gonna whine again!" Ildranor grins at the panting Mountaineer-Apprentice last in line, it seems the other Mountaineers dropped all the stuff they deemed unessicary at him. "Rite lads! Git to tae rope!" One of the Mountaineer climbs up the hill, dropping down a rope to ease the other Dwarfs their climb as he self takes the chance to take a sip from his flask. "Oi! No drinking on duty laddy!" Ildranor yells when climbing up myself. "Ten push ups!" Ildranor smirks, revealing his iron teeth as he grabs his own closed of lucky mug from his belt, first he dismantles the mouse trap attached to it with a special trick, taking some sips when looking at the pushing up Mountaineer. "That ain't fair sah!" mutters one of the Mountaineers "Well yer mommy wasn't fair either when she invited yer sissy aswell tae our lovemaking!" Ildranor replies followed by chuckles of the other Dwarves.

After a hours of climbing and ale breaks they are almost near the peak of the Mountain itself, the blizzard only increased as the Dwarves climb up, The sounds of picks crashing into the ice followed by the sound of panting and muttering Dwarfs. Ildranor stands atop on the peak, yelling down at the line of Dwarfs who seems to struggle to climb up in mid of a blizzard and the slippery ice. "Having a hard time laddies? Ha! Maybe you'll work away that fat o' yers then! And no don't come with that ye don't have any fat at all!"
The first Dwarfs climb over the edge, Mountaineers 1st Class. Expierenced Mountaineers from the same metal as Ildranor and his Cap'n Stormpike. Followed by the normal Mountaineers and at last the packed Mountaineer-Apprentice, when climbing over the edge he pants before laying down in the snow. Two seconds later he jumps up after being smacked by Ildranor twice "NO SLACKING ON TEH JOB LADDY! OR YE CAN GO SLACK AFTER I PUSHED YE OFF THIS CLIFF!" the Mountaineer-Apprentice cowers, hearing the stories of the other Mountaineers who served under Ildranor, where he said he would shoot on two of his recruits if they wouldn't shut up. It ended up in the recruits needing to be send to the field hospital, covered in gunpowder. "Are ye going tae cower aswell when there stands a Orc in front o' ye trooper!?" Ildranor yells into his face. "N- no sah! I.. NO SAH!" the Mountaineer-Apprentice replies.
They climb futher towards the peak of the Mountain, just a bit more through a hard part. Specially due the snow storm raging, covering the sight of the Mountaineers to just the one in front of them. They are roped to each other, following the sound of Ildranor picking his way up the mountain. "Heh.. Just follow his smell." one of the Mountaineers 1st class says. Suddenly the sounds of picking stops and some footsteps can be heard followed by a "OW! H- he hit me on teh nose!" It stays silently for a few seconds till the Mountaineers climb they way up. Finally at the peak of the Mountain itself. It is in that Mountain that the Dwarves lived so long it is here where in Ironforge lays. Upon reaching the top the Mountaineers let out a sign of relief and most of them fall to the ground, panting. "Plant down teh Mountaineer Regiment banner." Ildranor nods at the extra packed Mountaineer-Apprentice, the Mountaineer-Apprentice digs through his stuff and grabs out a small but fresh looking banner, planting it in the snow.

After a day long in the mountains the Mountaineers come down into Menethill, they don't care for the floading nor the Dark Irons in the Keep after a day long of climbing through a snow storm. They march through the water with all their heads pointed to the tavern. Upon arriving inside they cheer, as the maid readies their drinks already they sit down around the warm and cozy fire, sharing stories and loading themselfs with lots and lots of booze. As the evening continues others join their table, including females. Ildranor which is totally away from the world tries to hit on one of the Dwarven females, he hits on them as he does on everything female he sees where he in 99% of the cases gets stared down, shoo'ed away or gets chased with a hammer or rifle. "Oi lass! Nice roundings ye have! Want tae make wee Ildranors eh? Dont'cha worry! When done and ye poo'ed out teh babies I'll leave again, for ye tae continue yer sorry live." somehow it worked. And the next morning he awoke in bed with the farmers daughter. The female smiled at him when he awoke "Welcome to my bed and my house Ild! And to your future house!" Ildranor looks up confused "Erhm.. What? Me house? Heh.." the female nods, showing a wooden ring on her finger. "Ye asked me to marry ye last night my love! And ofcourse I did accept!" the female hugs Ildranor who doesn't resist as he keeps looking confused to the roof. "N- no! I like yer mountains but this must be a mistake! Ah don't want tae marry ye! I don't even know yer nam-.. Uch.. I mean I didn't even meet yer clan!" the females laughs in respond. "Well come outside then!" Ildranor fast grabs his dirty uniform and marches outside, to see a farm in mid of the Wetlands as the female her clanmembers seem busy doing the local farmer work "Och there he is!" one of the elderly females says and then points at Ildranor. "Moira's titties.." Ildranor mutters to himself, realising he is in the shit. He fast walks to one of the clan members of the female, asking for the highest person in the clan as he gets appointed to the Thane who seems busy butchering a boar. "Ehh.. I understand you where Thane--.. Stonekin right?" Ildranor says "Aye lad I am! And you are the lad who is going to make me daughter happy I heard eh?" the Dwarf smiles in respond. "Well ehh.. Ye know how it goes.. Ye get drunk and you meet a nice rounded lass and you get thi--" Ildranor stops as the Thane puts his butcher dagger to Ildranor his throat, meanwhile the other clan members gather around him. "Lad. If you somehow even harm her a bit, hurt her feelings or make her look sad. Then yer dead." the Thane mutters followed by the other clan members nodding in agreement. Five minutes later Ildranor waves goodbye to his fiancee and leaves, having told her that he would leave for duty. But yes, he has no gold for the wedding, to buy the clan out or what so ever. Only way to get is to beg friends or to quit drinking and work for years as Mountaineer to maybe get the gold together. The second option is crossed away at first. Leaving only the first one, he asked his own thane who declined as Ildranor even owes his own thane, his own grandpappy money. After begging some friends who all declined, and all gave him the advise to just hide he did so. Not wanting to start a clan fight between his at his fiancee his clan. He asks his nearest superior for permission to take furlough from duty from a wee while which was granted after telling the story and alot of head shaking.

Ildranor wurms himself through the busy Commons towards the Deeprun Tram. He leaves Khaz'Modan.
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