4. Sharyssa "Skytalon": On broken wings

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4. Sharyssa "Skytalon": On broken wings

Post by Sharyssa/Adenah on Sat Jun 18, 2011 12:36 pm

Like a shattering of dreams the world crashed down upon her, the woman was running in the plains of Arathi mindlessly. There was no solace in it, no salvation from the thrill she usually experienced from the physicall strain upon her body. She felt empty and broken. Sharyssa's wings had been broken after having found her reason to land and stay. And she was lost once more, felt just as devastated as thirteen years ago. No, not the same this was far worse. This was not the loss of a young girls crush, it was the loss of a pure and most bonding love. One she hadn't deemed possible to find or wouldn't have if she'd not have returned home.
He had changed her, showed her ways different then her own and it had all felt just right. But at this moment she was running aimlessly, the tears staining her face once more felt as if they were burning her skin.
How would she be able to move on from this, opening herself entirelly against better judgement only to be proven that even the purest of love ended up in having her crushed underneath the devastating feeling of loss and betrayal.
History had repeated itself in a different way but with the exact same result, she tried to run. Yet unlike all those years ago the purpose was lost and too many things had become different. Years of running had kept her away from people, from everything but right now she had build up things she wanted to keep.
Only how would she survive her stay, only to see what has been lost each passing day without the grief and the instict to run. An instict that nearly had left her, molded into a perfect combination of two people completing eachother. The man had become her purpose and goal, the one most binding thing to stay where she had finally felt at home again.

It was over, everything had collided and ended up in the two lovers drifting apart. Her hurt was raw and felt like a stabbing in her heart each time she had seen his face after hearing of his betrayal. Her midor who had laid with another woman, breaking the bonds that had kept them together and strong as a pair beyond repair. How she had tried, to keep what she did not want to lose. To remain with the one man who completed her and was part of making her whole.
She was only half now, part of her had been lost and she didn't know how to get it back. How to go back to what they were.
Skytalon's inexperience in how to handle emotions, especially those raging within her ever since had clouded her mind and they began to drift apart further.

She had lost herself with it, ever since Eodan had come into her life it had been going better then she ever would have imagined. Accept who she was in the past and move on from what had kept her down in the past. Together with him she had overcome many difficulties and together they had struggled to find a way only to find it blocked at this point. Blocking them to pursue their happiness the way she had hoped it to be.
For once she had it all, for once she had seen a future where she would have given all of herself. A family at her side with the man who had nestled himself inside her soul. For him she was willing to go further, to have him by her side. As husband and wife even if she could not grant him the children she suddenly began to long for. -His- children, theirs.

Sharyssa came to a staggering halt somewhere in a far end corner of the Arathi Highlands, the beauty of her surroundings lost to her oblivious state of mind. Her vision clouded by the constant flow of tears before dropping down to her knees with a heartbroken sob escaping her. The sorrow of her loss and her pain leaving her lips in a devastated howl when crumbling down upon the grass.
The sharp pain stabbed through her chest at each ragged inhale. Gone was her attempt to stand and fight against it, gone was her will to run away.
There was no running from the loss of Eodan, her soulmate and lover. The pain went with her no matter where she went, for once her feet could not carry her away from what she wished to turn her back against.

The sobbing woman remained where she was, crying her heart out in the realisation on what she had lost. Minutes and maybe hours passed and there seemed to come no end to her tears. Her eyes swollen and bloodshot as the emotions kept flowing from her heart. The pain never subsiding no matter what. The strain exhausted her untill eventually she simply crawled up onto the damp grass from the highlands. Skytalon's body quivering at each shaky breath from the relentless tears and sobbing when her eyes slowly began to close. Giving in to the void of sleep after her body could not longer withstand the painfull emotions inside her.

In utter exhaustion the normally proud and confident woman remained floored, the sleep taking hold of her far from easing her mind and troubles. All burden she carried with her only granting her a restless moment of oblivion where she drifts back and forth in the depressing feeling of being broken. She didn't feel like Skytalon, she wasn't Sharyssa Leyson.
She was the Eagle that had been shot out of the sky and had fallen down, broken wings and a broken spirit.

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Re: 4. Sharyssa "Skytalon": On broken wings

Post by Ron Sexton on Sat Jun 18, 2011 1:19 pm

Now that for once I managed to muster enough time to read one of your stories, I can't say much more than.. amazingly written. Perhaps I'll read more, who knows. And I feel sorry for Sharyssa and Eodan. D:

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Re: 4. Sharyssa "Skytalon": On broken wings

Post by Drazial on Sun Jun 19, 2011 7:59 am

Poor Sharyssa. I'd love a piece from Eodan's perspective, so if you see this Jeremy! Grand work as

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Re: 4. Sharyssa "Skytalon": On broken wings

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