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Post by Baròth / Olian on Sat Jun 11, 2011 2:37 am

This text was written by a very talented friend of mine, Mimijan is her own character and belongs to her and so does this story, including any eventual cudos. Olian belongs to me and Eowale belongs to, well... himself. Enjoy!

The will of the Forsaken was simple in the fact that they had no will of their own. Acts and beings of human they may be, but the Forsaken will forever more be serving the Dark Lady until her third and final death; though none may know when the Dark Lady will expire; they do know that her will is stronger than all theirs combined.

Breaking free from the Lich King's grasp was no small feat; however, Mimijan was less than impressed with the Forsaken; let alone the Horde, however; none knew that, and none have heard her speak a word at all to them save for short responses when given a task or asked a question. No Forsaken have ever heard the huntress say a word to them, and none bothered asking.

Save for two Forsaken; a rogue by the name of Olian, and a Death Knight by the name of Eowale. How they met her was simple and also by accident. As all knew, Mimijan was a huntress- a blind huntress at that, and she hunted whoever that her pet found a threat and once that person was hunted; that person would be dead. No one dared to go against her, which is why Olian and Eowale had to take her to the Cult of Shadows; a huntress with her expertise could be useful. Walking along the narrow pathway of the forest, they stopped when they found themselves before a plaguehound, said hound looking at them with a dark glint in its hollowed in eyes, and for a minute- they thought he was an enemy so they tensed up; ready to kill him until the creature began barking loudly.

It was only by Olian's cunning that they were both able to dodge the onslaught of burning arrows that seemed to be fired towards them in rapid succession; the barrage of arrows not ceasing one bit even as they hid from the plaguehound that was still barking; signifying that he still had their scent. The kept to hiding as the arrows just kept raining down upon them from what seemed to be every direction- signifying that the hunter was following their moves along just fine.

The two Forsaken looked to one another, and it was Olian who screamed out towards the hunter, "We surrender! We surrender! We just came to negotiate! We're not a threat!" there were a few minutes of silence; complete and utter silence- the two Forsaken coming out to peer at what was going on and before the could blink, a figure fell down in front of them; and for a while the figure was hunched over until she stood upright.

The figure before them looked like the other Dark Rangers, save for her her rotten and peeled off skin, wearing what seemed to be leather armour, two blindfolds over her eyes that looked like actual chains, her bow was at her waist, a dagger underneath it matched with another dagger at the opposing hilt; the daggers looking twisted and curved, a glowing quiver upon her back and they figured that it was enchanted to make sure she had enough arrows, however; the thing they really had to worry for was the fact that she seemed to be gripping a rifle in her claws and that it was aimed towards them. "Speak." She said, her voice a hollow echo as she waited for a reply, and Eowale came up to the fray. "We are here on behalf of the Cult of Shadows hoping to recruit you in due to your expertise."

The huntress stayed quiet for a long time, the rifle still pointing at them, and for a split second; they saw her lower the rifle. They relaxed, however- they tensed up once more as they dodged two bullets embedding themselves into the tree behind them, the smell of gunpowder imminent from the rifle and the tree as the undead called the plaguehound back. "No. You have yet to impress me with the Horde; what makes you think that I will be impressed by your cult? Leave, before I kill you."

And just like that, the Huntress left them with that single warning hanging in the air.

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Re: Forsaken.

Post by Odgan / Keag on Sat Jun 25, 2011 4:19 am

A nice read and a awesome story!
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