Osmand's retreat.

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Osmand's retreat.

Post by Osmand on Wed May 18, 2011 9:37 am

'What time is it?' thought Osmand as he sat in his darkened room, 'more paperwork is to be done'. The only source of Light eminating from the room is a solitary candle on the old weathered desk of the Abbot.
A large knock can be heard from outside the room.

'Brother Osmand?' sounded the familiar voice from outside the door.

'Enter Brother'.

The old door creaked loudly as it opened, standing into the Light the clear image of Brother Paragus Darkwater appeared.

'Hail Anethion, Abbot.'

'Hail Anethion brother Paragus, how may I assist you at this late hour?'

Paragus' head lifted slowly to reveal a face clearly absent of sleep in some time.

'I bring word of your daughter's kidnapping, I do believe it to be the Ravenholdt Sanctuary'

'Indeed, it appears so brother. Tell me is it possible to reach her now?'

With his head lowered once more Paragus responded in a solemn tone.

'I do not believe so brother, not at this time, her location is still unclear I will require more time to assertain the place of it.'

A grunt escaped Osmand's lips as he sank into his chair, his mind cast back to the past with his daughter...her birth and the joy it brought him. A child a gift from the Light, the chance to bring another follower of the Light into this world and to raise it as his own...the joy it brought her..his wife..images of Azume now flashed through his mind. That familiar cold feeling, emptyness creaped up his spine. No not feelings of a man of faith...if only I was there..if only..I could have..saved her...

'Brother Osmand?'

Snapping back into reality, Osmand looks up once more to Paragus, sadness etched on his face, speaking now in a tone without Osmand's usual purpose and resolve.

'Yes..yes brother, thank you for your information.'

Brother Paragus hesitates unsure how to react.

'I..will take my leave brother, Glory Under the Light.'

As Paragus turns to exit the room Osmand rises up and places both hands firmly on the old worn out table.

'Wait brother..I have one more matter to discuss..'

Paragus swiftly turns on his heals.

'Yes Brother?'

'I have decided to take a test of seclusion brother. I shall need you to inform the High Inquisitor and Brother Corleth.'

'Seclusion brother?'

'Yes, I will be going tonight into the deepest room that is free in the Catacombs..their I shall meditate and pray...I am not to be disturbed, I am sure you will see to this ?'

Paragus' hand rises up to his chin, he scratces it lightly in contemplation.

'Of course brother, I will obey.'

'Good. Inform Brother Corleth to take over my duties in my absence, he is more than capable and shall do quite well I imagine.'

Paragus nods slowly. 'How long shall you be gone for?'

'...As long as it takes. I am in the arms of the Light now.'

'That is all Brother. Do not doubt.'

'Glory Under the Light, Abbot.'

And with that Paragus was gone, once again Osmand was left in his room alone. Slumping down into his chair again Osmand slowly falls back into his thoughts.

'Doubt shall not have me, I will not fall..I will find my faith again...Mirian I am sorry, I should have protected you..just like your mother...that was my duty. I have failed both...I shall not fail the Light aswell....I hope...'

Osmand feels the familiar feeling, tears begin to well up in his eyes, however this time they are suppressed.

'No more, no more shall failure grasp me. The faithfull are never defeated..only the faithless, I shall overcome. Challenges of the Light shall be overcome.'

With that Osmand rises to his feet, grabbing the candle he makes his way to the door. Opening the door and stepping out, a Light can be seen from the room of the High Inquisitor.

Osmand smirks 'Typical...'

The Long walk begins to the bottom of the Catacombs...

'Faith Shall Overcome...'
It is said more to convince himself then as something he believes in now...

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Re: Osmand's retreat.

Post by Guest on Wed May 18, 2011 11:41 am

*is in a story*



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Re: Osmand's retreat.

Post by corleth on Wed May 18, 2011 12:34 pm

*is mentioned*


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Re: Osmand's retreat.

Post by Odgan / Keag on Sat Jun 25, 2011 4:40 pm

And all these times they said that Ossy was on a journey!
Odgan / Keag

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Re: Osmand's retreat.

Post by Guest on Sat Jun 25, 2011 8:16 pm

He's back bro!


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Re: Osmand's retreat.

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