Barrens Campaign offline shenanigans

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Barrens Campaign offline shenanigans

Post by Killian on Tue May 17, 2011 1:47 am

I'm always curious as to what characters are doing when the players are offline, so please feel free to join in.
Quick run down of what my character Killian Roque is up to on the Barrens Campaign when I'm offline:

13th may to 15th Mayt, aboard 4732349-AA Model C v2.1 (Gnome Boat)
Made numerous checks on the three SI:7 supply crates and the three Attack Gyrocopters 'Black Sheeps', patrolled the cargo hold.

15th May, Northwatch Hold
Rested in makeshift tent next to SI:7 supply crates, patrolled from upper level down to landing beach

16th May, Northwatch Hold/Forward Command
Left SCYTHE Operator 'Six' at Horde lookout point 01 to transport the three SI:7 supply crates onward towards Forward Command
with the second wave of cargo caravans. Slept at Forward Command

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