Chapter Fifteen - 'My love, did you let him win'

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Chapter Fifteen - 'My love, did you let him win'

Post by Jehorius on Wed May 04, 2011 2:44 pm

Chapter Fifteen - 'My love, did you let him win'

The elderly woman leaned towards Suxen and placed a hand on his bicep with a smile, he met her gaze and immediately noticed the concern swelling within her eyes. 'What is it, my love?' he asked with a heavy sigh following afterwards, he had theories of what was making her worried. 'The young one, dear. I have not seen him at the feast for days now, does he ever leave that balcony?' her voice showed obvious concern, as it always had done. 'I do not think so, Rochallion.' He sighed again, but quickly afterwards offered her a soft smile. 'You cannot hide it from me, I can see that you are concerned about him. He has loved ones here, why do you take such a personal interest in him, Suxen?' She withdrew her hands from around him and rested them in her lap. 'Hmpf, personal interest? I am merely worrying for one of my brothers.' He glanced out over the majestic halls, looking at the long line of arathorians sitting infront of him, by the table. Both men and women were seated by it, genders mattered little in these halls. Here everyone were equals, here everyone were happy. But not Vasgar. He looked down at Rochallion again 'I know what he feel like, my dearest.' He reached down and placed a hand to her cheek while leaning forth, kissing her tenderly. She blinked once at his reply then returned the kiss softly as their lips met. 'Are you speaking about..?' She tilted her head, and Suxen nodded. 'I am. It was a very hard time for me when we parted. Even though we could still speak, It was very difficult.' She followed his gaze and nodded. 'Don't make it too personal, my love. You shouldn't suffer because poor Vasgar is doing so.' They both fell silent and returned to the feast, Suxen chugged down mead and Rochallion started a conversation with a friend of old.

She sighed softly and emptied her flagon of mead, slamming it down on the table. She covered her mouth with a fist and burped, the woman to her left who resembled her in an older version chuckled heartily. 'Soon ye can compete with yer father, Sonda!' A man another spot away let out a loud belch which caused many of the surrounding men and women to chuckle loudly. Sonda just wrinkled her nose and stood up. 'I'm goin' fer a lil' walk, ma, pa. Need ter stretch me legs!' She smiled warmly and then turned to walk out of the giant hall. She passed many stairs, many hallways and many other rooms. She hummed silently while stumbling forth, just briefly intoxicated. Soon she could see a bright light shining brightly from the end of the corridor, she blinked a couple of times in order to adapt to It and continued forth. In the middle of the bright light, she could make out a towering silhuette. She let out a content sigh as a soft breeze caressed her entire person, skipping forth to Vasgars side. She glanced up at him, smiling softly. 'Why do ye always stand 'ere, Vassy?' she pouted once, before wrinkling her nose again. He glanced down at her with a grunt. 'Wha'd ye want, Sonda? I told ye ter stay away..' His upper lip twitched briefly, very much like a wolfs would when baring It's teeth. 'Check up on one o' me oldest friends, an' former partner? Is there harm in tha', Vassy?' She grinned teasingly, but then dropped that facade and took on a more serious one, not giving him enough time to answer. 'I kno' yer depressed an' feel like shit, ye can't hide tha' frem me. Do ye really love 'er tha' much?' She let out a dull grunt while staring up at him, folding her arms. 'I love 'er in a way ye'd love yer soulmate, Sonda. An' dun' get started again, t'is nae me.' He shook his head and stared aimlessly into the air again. 'If ye love 'er tha' much, Vassy... Why dun' ye challenge Suxen ter a duel? No one's done tha'... So t'is fekkin' risky frem yer side. Jes thought I'd give ye tha' idea..' She snorted and turned, walking away into the corridor again. 'Challenge Suxen.. ? Yer a genious.. Thank ye, Sonda.' He glanced over his shoulder, and smiled warmly, new hope was seen in his eye. 'Yer welcome, Vassy. Jes make sure ter win, or I'll be fekkin' disappointed in ye.' She grinned teasingly, yet encouraging then disappeared in the length of the corridor.

The doors to the giant hall where the feast was taking place was pushed open, the doors slamming against the walls to their sides. The people around the tables all turned their attention to Vasgar as he marched with very firm steps towards Suxen. Sonda grinned widely to herself, not surprised at all that he was going to go on with the idea, at all. Suxens eyes fell upon Vasgar, he narrowed his eyes as he saw that look in his. He was determined, his chest heaving up and down in nervousity as he reached Suxens table. He stared down at him, and the people closest to the scene looked at the pair. 'Ah, Vasgar, my brother! I can see that you have returned to the feast, have you come to stay this time?' He smiled warmly, and leaned back in his seat. 'Suxen, I challenge ye ter a duel! On tha terms tha' If I win, ye will let me go back ter me beloved ones an' If ye win, I will stay 'ere in tha Hall an' wait patiently until they come ter me. Wha' say ye?!' He voice was loud and thundering, so that everyone would hear his words, so that everyone would witness this. Suxen narrowed his eyes at his proposal, sitting silent. 'Wha' are ye doin', BOY?! Are ye outta yer mind?!' Vasgars father stood up and stared at Vasgar in disbelief. 'Is he challengin' Suxen? Has he gone mad?' a woman whispered across her table. 'Hah! Ye've gone mad, Vasgar! Ye can't beat Suxen! Nae even in yer wildest imagination!' A man laughed loudly, hunching forth over the table as he hammered a fist down upon it. He didn't listen to the words spoken by his brethren, there was no going back now. The challenge was made, and he knew Suxen wouldn't back down. 'I accept your challenge, Vasgar, son of Dorm. We will fight with the Axe in the arena, Immediately.' He leaned forth and pushed his chair backwards, standing up. 'Hear me, brothers and sisters! Let us move to the arena, there is a duel I must honor!' and with these words said, everyone stood up and started moving out of the hall.

The arena was large and could fit in at least a hundred combatants at once. Several hundred lines of seats surrounded it in a circle. The first were obviously closest, in both length and height. The top lines of seat were where the youngest sat, and the first lines of seat the oldest. Several statues of both men and women dressed in their battle gear, clutching their weapons as if their lives depended on it could be seen around the arena. The roof of the arena was open at the top, so that the Light itself could illuminate all darkness and focus upon the combatants fighting in it. Vasgar was currently stood in an armory, his mother and father was there with him, aiding him in getting ready for the battle to come. 'Ye're outta yer mind, pup... But I can't blame ye... If I 'ad yer courage, I would 'ave done this fer yer mother if it ever was necessary as well.' He smiled, then laughed and stroked Vasgars cheek with his right palm. 'Mad, eh? Glad ter see ye 'ave faith in me, pa.' He smiled vaguely as he gazes at his father. 'Ye kno' I do 'ave faith in ye, pup. I'm jes sad ta see ye leave.' He blinks with his left eye and looked down at his wife. 'Midor! Fetch our son 'is helmet an' axe! He 'ave a battle ta see ta!' He stepped back and allowed her to walk up to Vasgar. 'Normally I'd ask you to be careful, my dear. But I know how important this is to you, and no matter the outcome of this battle. I am proud of you, you are truly a Plainswind. Go and make everyone out there proud.' She leaned forth and gave him a motherly hug, squeezing him tightly. She then placed a helmet that protected his face, with two crooked horns upon his head. She extended her arm and held out an axe towards him, double-bladed and large in size. With a firm grip he took hold of the axe and nodded, and walked up towards a gate. 'We love ye, son.' were the last words he heard before the heavy gate closed behind him. He moved out on the arena and saw Suxen in all his glory, he was wearing a similar helmet but with horns shooting up towards the sky. He held a similar axe in both of his hands, waiting patiently for Vasgar to make his way towards him. They met at the center of the arena, staring at one another. Vasgar moved his right foot backwards, and his left one forward. Suxen did the opposite, they both gripped their axes tightly and breathed deeply but steadily through their noses.

Minutes passed, the onlookers were as excited as both of the men on the arena were. Loud gasps could be heard as Suxen darted forward, raising his axe high up in the air, to his side. In a wide-arced slash Suxen reached Vasgar, a bellowing roar could be heard. He side-stepped backwards and swung his axe upwards from below, Suxen parried the blow by smacking his axehead against his. They both recoiled backwards, to create distance again. This time it was Vasgar that attacked, he charged forth and leaped up in the air while raising the axe. He landed with a heavy thud and slammed his axe into the ground. Suxen had side-stepped himself, and continued with swinging his axe in yet another wide circle. A loud roar could be heard as Suxens axe slashed over Vasgars arm, creating a brief cut on his left forearm. 'Suxen draws the first blood!' could be heard being shouted by a man with a deep voice, recognized as Ogardin. Their axes flashed in the light of the sky again, and before everyone knew it the two combatants had clashed together once more. This time it was Suxen who had recoiled with a cut crossing his right thigh. He grinned wolfishly and pressed forth again, his axe flashed in the light again as he aimed a slash toward Suxen's left arm. 'Don't get overconfident with yourself, Vasgar!' Suxen roared as he swung his axe against his, smacking it out of the way momentarily. He followed up with a punch to his face, the impact of the blow sent him to the ground with a heavy thud. He slashed down and lodged his axe into the ground as Vasgar rolled aside, gripping his axe again while darting up on his feet. He kept a low profile and ducked as another high slash came from Suxen. By digging his feet into the ground, he nearly leapt forward and slammed his left shoulder into Suxens stomach, making him bend forward, losing the grip of his axe in the process. While chipping after air, he gripped at Vasgars body and managed to get hold of his neck with his left arm. Vasgar struggled and in the end managed to get lose, losing his helm in the process. He stumbled backwards while blood dripped from the corner of his mouth, as his lower lip seem to have been cracked by the impact of the blow. Vasgar wiped his mouth as Suxen picked up his axe, the onlookers seemed extremely tense, leaning forth in their seats. As he exhaled rapidly he charged forward again, his axe slashed down from his top right and down towards Suxen's left shoulder. He raised the head of his axe and caught the blow, parrying it again. But the speed Vasgar seem to have gathered up just made him continue. They clashed together and pressed their weapons against each other, a test of strength. They gazed deep into each others eyes during this moment, and it was during this particular moment that Suxen realised how serious Vasgar was with this. If he let this go on, It was certain that he would watch as Vasgar lost his soul to the Void. 'If he is this determined to leave the Halls in order to be with those that he hold dear, what kind of loopholes will he try to find once that he is one with the Void?' he thought. It was obvious that the words he had said about the Halls being a prison was true. He had decided, he recoiled backwards once more and slashed with his axe. It buried itself deep in Vasgars shoulderpad, tasting his flesh. Vasgar growled loudly in pain and responded by slamming his axe into Suxen's side, digging deep into the area of his stomach, just below his ribcage on his left side. He let go of his axe and sent a fist upwards, in an uppercut and sent both Suxen flying backwards, along with his helmet. He landed with a heavy thud, his helm rolling backwards a couple of laps before stopping, wobbling back and forth slightly. The onlookers gasped loudly. 'By tha-.. Suxen's defeated?!' were only one of the things that were screamed at this very moment. Rochallion sat back in her seat and narrowed here eyes. 'I told you not to make this personal, my love...' she murmured silently to herself. Ogardin stood up and cleared his throat 'Vasgar, son of Dorm is victorious!' he roared, with his thundering voice.

Both Vasgar and Suxen were carried out of the arena, by their loved ones. Even though their wounds wasn't many, they were deep. While Suxen had the more fatal wounds, Vasgar had pushed his body beyond It's limits in this battle. They were quickly tended to and their wounds shut, after all, the dead cannot die a second time. Those were the rules of the Halls. Everyone returned to the feast with a new subject to talk about, todays duel was the subject to be discussed in the Halls for a long time forth. Everyone seemed to discuss the subject wildly. Some were simply amazed over the duel, others thought Suxen let Vasgar win. There were those that were upset with Suxen accepting the challenge at all, and a few that were jealous. Suxen sat down in his seat again, looking up at Vasgar with a sincere smile. 'I will honor the terms, Vasgar, as expected. Say farewell to your family and friends here, and return to those that will draw breath in the world of the Living.' Vasgar nodded deeply, a warm smile had curled up on his lips at the sound of Suxens words. 'Thank ye.. Suxen... I 'ave said me farewell already.' Suxen chuckled through his nose and nodded. 'There is a boat waiting for you at the bottom of the stairs, where you first arrived. Go now, Vasgar. They are waiting for you.' and with these words Vasgar turned to look over his shoulder once, before moving toward the far end of the hall where he walked down the long stair. Rochallion glanced up at Suxen, her face twisted into a deep frown as she sighed softly. 'My love, did you let him win?' She murmured while leaning her body against one of his arms. He turned and gazed into her eyes, the depth of his answering the question rather than his words. 'He would have become one with the Void.' he whispered back, before turning to the table to grip a flagon of mead.

As Suxen had said, a boat was waiting for him there with a pair of oars. He sat down inside of the boat and picked up the oars. He sighed deeply and then laughed loudly as he started rowing. The mist parted after hours of rowing, or so it felt. Or perhaps he simply was eager? The wind suddenly increased in strength, the sea roared as a giant wave came raging towards him. Vasgar let go of the oars and stared up at the giant wave and blinked. His heart started pounding as fear gripped him, and it was with a loud scream that he was swallowed by the ocean.

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Re: Chapter Fifteen - 'My love, did you let him win'

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I love you

I love how you describe Suxen and Rochallion! Awsome-story is awsome!

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