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[H] Zaram Felo

Post by Xen-tau on Tue May 03, 2011 7:47 am

Zaram Felo, Blades of the Flame
Blood Elf only RP Guild.

IC information

Ever since the Shattering, people don’t appear who they claimed to be. Because of this, Silvermoon deemed it necessary to keep an eye out to all that is happening around itself. Especially after Ranger General Halduron Brightwing arranged a meeting with the Ranger-General of the Silver Covenant Vereesa Windrunner without the Regent-Lord’s consent, and the betrayal of one of Warchief Garrosh’ trusted advisors Sauranok the Mystic Silvermoon required an organization that would look both inside and outside of Quel’thalas for the weaknesses and threats to Silvermoon. Be it Alliance, Twilight Hammer or the Horde itself.
Around that same time, a young magistrix named Aishling Silversun was arrested for fraud. Her records did show what she did after she turned 75, but records do not show what she did before that. It quickly became clear that the name Silversun was made up during that time, and that her former name was Dawncaller. Aishling Dawncaller was however banished from Quel’thalas. Seeing the potential of this young woman to blend in society without getting noticed, one of the advisors of Quel’thalas made a bold move and suggested Lor’themar of Silvermoon City to make her head of the Quel’thalas Secret Service, or QTSS for short. This organization doesn’t have any jurisdiction or authority, but they are willing to operate outside of Quel’thalas’ own laws to ensure its safety.
Regent Lord Lor’themar Theron agreed and Aishling Silversun began looking for officers,trainers and agents she deemed good enough to help her ensure the safety of Quel’thalas.

OOC information:
This is a Lawful Evil Blood Elf only RP-guild. Every class is allowed to join us, even when they can’t do stealthy tricks. We want to be spies in the most realistic way(so no stealthing in the middle of the street to overhear conversations). Zaram Felo is an organization that is willing to go to any lengths to keep Quel’thalas safe. We’re trying to do frequent events so we can have a laugh as an RP-guild. We’re a young guild for now, so we don’t offer that much yet except for fun and events. Ofcourse, we hope the guild will grow in sizes we can do funraids and rated BG’s with, but we’ll see where we end. If you want to join you can whisper Aishling or use Guild Finder for now, guildwebsite is being created at the moment.

OOC information for guilds:
Feel free to ask Zaram Felo for your events. We hope we can come up with some fun RP as well. Ofcourse, we’ll host some events that we hope others can join as well.

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