Time of Silence [Blood elf]

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Time of Silence [Blood elf]

Post by Nessra Sunwhisper on Thu Apr 28, 2011 11:07 am

It was an ordinary spring day among the ordinary sunny days and ordinary warm nights. She was dressed in red garments like many of her race preferred, a cloak and cowl with golden rims matching her attire. She had eaten honey bread and wine before leaving the house, before kissing her husband and wishing him a good day.

Somewhere along the way the ordinary day turned into something she couldn’t quite grasp, perhaps because it was meant to be someone else’s day, not hers.

The sun curled around the building and warmed the room inside which she sat. Light begun to play on the floor, leaving window shaped patterns on the tiles and slowly racing to her feet. Instead of letting it catch her, she shrank back into the shadows and turned to face the small boy resting in her arms.

For a passing moment her heart begun to beat faster and the hair on the back of her neck rose up. Somewhere in the distance a man was calling her name, her son’s name. She closed her eyes and kept them shut until the cries and footsteps were nothing more but a distant echo. They were looking for her, for them. She knew.

How long had she been there? for hours? days? The serpent engraved pocket watch lay still on the floor, mangled and broken to pieces; its indicators stuck to six and two. She dared not to breathe, dared not to move, dared not to think. If she wished hard enough, time would fly backwards and the very least she could choose not to wake up at all.

It was autumn and the boy was standing on the beach, pointing his tiny finger at seashells and bugs that crawled in the sand. His golden hair with a hint of copper was neatly combed and shimmering in the sun. “Do you think he can eat a whole cupcake on his own?” the man sitting next to her inquired. She took her eyes briefly off her son and smiled at him “That’s way too much sugar. We’re going to be in trouble”. She had tied a thin rope around his ankle, the other end attached to her own. “Don’t wander off too far, Ardan” she often declared after feeling the rope tighten. He was completely safe under her watchful eye as he was still too young to untie knots made by his mother. Life was simply wonderful.

A bumblebee flew into the building, making an unbearable buzzing noise as it landed on the floor and rested in the sun. Then it was silent again. Hours passed, shadows grew and overwhelmed the room.

She held on to the little boy and pressed his pale form against her chest in a desperate attempt to keep him warm. The pain was becoming unbearable and it was everywhere. It was inside her head, in her throat, in her heart, in her arms, in the silence. She fought valiantly until the point in which she broke and admitted defeat; admitted to herself that she was no longer a mother, nothing more than meat and bones and blood and rage. The light in her son's eyes was gone.
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Re: Time of Silence [Blood elf]

Post by Saevir on Thu Apr 28, 2011 1:30 pm


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Re: Time of Silence [Blood elf]

Post by Valerias on Thu Apr 28, 2011 5:06 pm

Seriously :'( And it leaves me wondering what on earth happened.

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Re: Time of Silence [Blood elf]

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