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Post by Guest on Mon Mar 01, 2010 1:48 pm

Promises were spoken
It wasn't just in my head
Your word has been broken
Now part of me's dead

Now I don't know where I stand
And each day feels bleak
I haven't said a word to you
In over a week

Will it be like this forever?
I'm not sure I can say
My conscience keeps saying
That you led us this way

I want to stay on my side
And walk it on my own
If you reach for me you'll realize
That you turned me to stone

I need to stay cold
I wish you could see
The pain on the inside
That you've given to me

But I must turn away
I need to stay gone
I do what I must
So that I can go on

Something sort-of written for one of my characters, stuff she's been going through and a potential scenario coming up that would reflect this. Also a bit of RL experience mixed in, but leaning heavily toward fiction.


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