Cerrania's propaganda

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Cerrania's propaganda

Post by Antistia on Thu Apr 21, 2011 5:20 am

I've been wanting to make a thread like this for a while. Essentially it is a collection of the propaganda I made as Cerrania. I didn't consider it subforum worthy, so here it is. Note that these things are in no particular order and ripped out of the RP context within which they were put:

Eternal Quel'Thalas

My countrymen,

For time in memoriam, we have lived in these lands. For time in memoriam, these lands have collectively been known as the kingdom of Quel’Thalas.

Many wars have been fought, many times have we seen the shadow of defeat appear upon the horizon yet each time, each time the phoenix’ fire became brighter and chased the shadow away, illuminating our nation unto a new and more glorious path.

The Trolls, those savage beasts from the forests, once believed they could evict us from our rightful place in the world, they came, the shadow loomed over the horizon yet there, our ancestors stood unwilling to falter.
Through their perseverance, through their unwillingness to see their country fall, our kingdom survived and the phoenix that it is burned brighter than ever before, chasing out the shadow of the savage Trolls who would bring upon these lands a dark age through their macabre rituals.

The Scourge brought us to the brink, our people were ravaged, our country was on its knees, but never did it truly fall. Never did it surrender. We fought on our borders, we fought in our forests, we fought at the river crossings, we fought at the gates of Silvermoon and we fought near the Sunwell. Yet, never did we surrender, not once, did we give up. We fought to the bitter end.

Yet, that end, was not the end. It was not the beginning of the end, no it was the end of the beginning. From the ruins of our civilization, from the last vestiges of all that is good and pure in the world, the phoenix hatched from its egg, burning bright it illuminated our path, yet this was no normal phoenix.

After the betrayal of our fallen prince, its flames did not go duller, no, they went brighter, they went brighter knowing that the proud sin’dorei would never falter, would never break, would never truly be defeated.

And now, my countrymen, our path is once more illuminated, and what an aid it has been, it illuminated the dark corners of the world. In the rampant forests of Ashenvale it revealed to us a dark plan in the making, a plan to rival those of the Scourge and the Legion, a plan of utter destruction.

Thus proud sin’dorei rose up, the fury of their people, the fury of the perished, created a mighty inferno burning the dark plans of the kaldorei, yet as the plans burned their intentions, their blind hatred, only entrenched themselves deeper in their primitive minds.

Yet, my countrymen, for all their intentions, for all their hatred, for all their plans, they cannot see that our is eternal, that in our nation, we are free whereas they would see preferably see us dead and if they cannot attain that, they would see us enslaved to them and their norms.

Yet, my countrymen, our eternal nation, our freedom, has a price.

The price of our eternal nation, of our freedom, is eternal vigilance.


For autumn now descends upon the kaldorei people, you are like a tree and with each day you lose leaves, they fall off for they are weak, or are blown off by the wind.
At the coast the waves crash ashore, washing away the sand and anything made of it, as if it was never there.

We are the wind, we are the waves, we are the sin’dorei.

You civilization can be compared to the seasons of the years, it has been spring, it has been summer, now it is autumn. In autumn much of nature seems to die, this too is the fate of kaldorei resistance, and perhaps civilization.
In the winter, much is dead, if not all. Our arrival in your lands heralded in the true beginning of autumn for your resistance, and perhaps your civilization.

By the end of this month the first signs of winter shall appear as your defenses falter, as your troops retreat, as your leaders turn desperate.

But know, this is need not be an eternal winter for your people, live may yet return to your lands for we have no intent of extermination, unlike your leadership. We shall merely defang the predator that threatens our lands, by any means necessary.
There is no doubt as to the outcome of this war, it has been revealed to us already, for we are a young phoenix and you are a nation in autumn.

We have opened up negotiations with your leaders as to resolve this war without further bloodshed, they have constantly refused. We stopped our offensive operations, yet your leaders did not.

As a sign of our continued goodwill towards the kaldorei people, we have concluded that Moonglade shall remain a territory safe from our forces for as long as it is not used against us. We ask you, the citizens, to go there so that we need not spill blood unnecessarily for our soldiers may see you as a threat.

Few wars can be justified, yet ours can. We fight for our continued survival, we fight not to exterminate you, we fight to defend our nation.

We have not let our passion get the better of us like your leadership has, we have always let reason be our guide.

We have brought forth many arguments for your leaders to end this war.

Now they shall know the final argument of the sin’dorei!

Glorious Quel'thalas

Glorious, that is exactly what Quel’thalas still is. Yet it is a shadow of the former glory we had, the former power we had, before the Scourge came and took much of it away.
Is our former glory not something which we wish to return to? It is I tell you, we would do no justice to those that died defending our beloved Quel’thalas if we did not wish to return to our former glory, nor if we did not try.
The perished died so that we might live, yet why do so few of you seek to repay this debt?
Is it ingratitude? Let us hope it is not for those who are not grateful are not worthy of being known as Sin’dorei, to say the least.

So is it not troubling that in these dark times some seem to have taken to decadence?
Fighting fellow Sin’dorei, caring for nothing but themselves just to name two things. These shameful things bring dishonor to the perished, and your own ancestors.
Out of all times, these are not suited to that behavior. When confronted with a pack of hungry wolves you and your companions do not start fighting amongst each other or have a lavish feast, you prepare to defend yourself.
Hungry wolves surround our beloved Quel’thalas, yet it seems some only fight amongst each other and only have lavish feasts, they are leeches on society, their behavior will bring ruin to our beloved land for they kill and harm what few of our race still remain, or are blind to the perils we face.

Noble lineages too, in these times count for little, as proven by the most notable of our race.
People must polish their own name with deeds for the good of Quel’thalas like they polish a shield, the names of old will look dull too, lest they act for the good of Quel’thalas instead of their own, for only acting for themselves will merely let them become arrogant leeches of society who dwell on the past.

But my fellow countrymen, all is not lost, far from even.
The Kaldorei come to our lands to sabotage our recovery, and this has a reason: They are scared.
Indeed, they are scared of the immense powers we had and even now, they are scared of the powers we have while we are a shadow of our former selves.
This, my fellow Sin’dorei, is an omen. If we stay focused on returning to the immense glory and powers we once had then our beloved Quel’thalas will once more be the envy of the entire world and none would dare challenge our country.
Returning to our former glory or, better yet, surpassing it would be the greatest tribute we could give to the perished, to those who gave their lives so that we might live.

Honor them by making Quel’thalas even greater than it once was.

Magistrix Cerrania Sunsworn.

Leeches (was directed at the Sixty Thieves back in the day)


Tirelessly we work towards the surpassing of our former glory, tirelessly we work to increase our might, tirelessly we seek to keep Quel’thalas safe.

These are the things we all work to, the smith who makes weapons, the tradesman who sells the weapons, might and prosperity are that which make a nation glorious, and ours is glorious indeed, yet we shall increase its glory even more.

The soldiers, the tradesmen, the smiths and the citizens, together we work to increase our prosperity, our might, and from the ashes of the past the phoenix that we are rises up into the sky, yet there are those who would hold us back, there are those who would care only for themselves at the expense of their nation, and the expense of their people.

These leeches on society would deprive you of your hard earned coin, they would take them by force. You work for your coin as an earnest citizen, and yet there they are, hiding in the shadows, waiting for you. Plotting to rob you.

These Thieves, these leeches, are enemies of us all. They would hinder our prosperity for their own base pleasures, they would sell you out to the kaldorei for a simple copper coin.

Who are they to take your money from you? Who are they to exert force upon you in our beloved Quel’thalas?
They are those who have proven too incompetent to be a true member of society, they are those who would rather leech of the hard work of earnest citizens, they are unworthy of even the most base luxuries you can afford.

But, my countrymen, not only would they rob you, they would attack those who protect you, those who protect your children and elders, those who protect your nation.
For this offence they are no longer mere leeches, for this offence they are branded traitors to the kingdom.
They would weaken your protectors, they know your protectors hold back the kaldorei plans of genocide and yet they would knowingly try to weaken them, they would knowingly aid the kaldorei!

My countrymen, the perished fell to defend our kingdom, they cried out for vengeance when the kaldorei concocted their dark plans and now they cry out for justice!

Their cries have been heard my countrymen, their cries shall be acted upon.

The Thieves shall not find safe haven in Quel’thalas, these traitors shall be apprehended, they shall undergo a punishment worth thousand fold their crimes, they shall be punished, they shall be unable to escape, they shall be executed one by one if need be but no longer will their treason be tolerated in our lands.

Rewards will be handed out to those who hand them in and to those who aid them, you stand by traitors, know this.

The Thieves shall be apprehended, they shall be tried, and they shall be punished.
This is the will of the perished, this shall be done.

Forsaken, orcs, tauren and trolls,

For long there have been leeches in our lands, for long they would take the hard earned coin from the citizens of the Horde.

The Thieves, these leeches, are no good for the Horde, they do not hold its best interests at heart, they do not care for its survival, they do not care for its people or its leaders, they care only for themselves and would sell us out to the humans for a single copper coin.

Indeed, they would even knowingly aid the Alliance, they would attack the defenders of Quel’thalas, they would attack those who hold back the kaldorei plans of genocide upon the sin’dorei, they would indirectly, yet knowingly, aid the kaldorei!

So, not only would they leech of off society, they would betray that society to its enemies, and for what?
For coin and base pleasures, for the thrill of violence, they care merely for themselves and the rest of the Horde be damned, can we tolerate this?
In Quel’thalas, treason will not be tolerated, not by the Sin Belore.

Will you tolerate treason?


A plot to invade our beloved Quel’thalas had been uncovered not too long ago! The primitive Kaldorei, blinded by hatred that they are, intended to invade us by sea and exact genocide upon the unsuspecting innocents of our land. Upon our elders, our children, no Elf would have been spared if they had had their way.
Yet, my countrymen, they did not get their way. The day they were to board their ships, the day which would see their blind hatred escape the confines of their dark forests, was the day they felt the immense might of the Sin’dorei!
A small expedition had been sent out to delay the invasion, yet they achieved such splendor, such supremacy, that they were able to push the scheming Kaldorei back to Ashenvale. They had heard the angry screams of the perished, calling out for vengeance; vengeance for the threats, vengeance for the sabotaging of what the perished had died to protect, they did as the perished asked of them and reigned supreme!
The battle was hard fought, my countrymen, the Kaldorei fought with such savage and blinded hatred and not only that, but they outnumbered the brave few set to bring ruin to their dark plans. Our men knew shortly after first sighting the Kaldorei savages that for each one of ours, they had three. For each arrow of ours, they had three.
Yet they stood, not for personal glory, wealth, or power, but for you. For Quel’thalas. For your family. They stood for all that is good and pure in our lands, they stood there, against all odds and never once, did they give ground. Not once, did they retreat. Not once, did they rout.

They pushed on for they knew what was at stake; many wars are about power, glory, wealth or land. They knew this was not such a war, this war is a war of survival. They knew that if the Kaldorei could do as they pleased, they would try to kill all of our kin, to the last man, woman and child!

Yet they could not do as they pleased for these few snatched victory from their savage fists and darkened minds, these few, brought safety to wondrous Quel’thalas!

No longer can the Kaldorei use Azshara for their ruined plans of invasion, no longer can they think about attacking our homeland. No, they must now think about their own defenses, they are now coming to the realization that their threats, their aggression has brought nothing but ruin to their people. They wake up to reality now, and see that they have brought an enemy to their lands whom they themselves brought forth, not one who came searching for power, no this enemy has come seeking vengeance and justice!

Now, the Thalassian Sun rises and it chases out Darnassian night!

This is an omen to us, my countrymen, our return to greatness is preordained and we walk its path in a satisfactory manner. Yet, as it is an omen to us, let it be a lesson to our enemies, for we wished peace, we wished no war. Yet they brought violence, and thus our hand was forced to bring ruin to their plans, in the end, my countrymen, our enemies must learn this outcome is inevitable.

Magistrix Sunsworn.

Sun's Grace


Yet again we have been confronted with the mindless hatred coming from the perverted forest of Ashenvale, not in Azshara but in the Ghostlands.
Indeed, after their humiliating defeat the Kaldorei have yet to give up their plans of genocide, they came to our lands, they came to spill our blood.

Their blind hatred guided them to our lands, their blind hatred had them defy logic once more. For it is simple logic that their expedition would be annihilated. Once more, this came to its logical conclusion, the expeditionary force, strong in numbers and arms, was annihilated by a much smaller Blood Elven force.

The battles that occurred were all short and decisive, the phoenix that is Quel’thalas burned the Kaldorei of whom now only charred corpses remain. The perished cried out for the living to defend what they had died for.
My countrymen, the living heard their call, they once more stood unwavering against a maniacal plan, once more they fought and once more they were victorious!

From our knowledge of the various Kaldorei organizations, my countrymen, this expedition consisted primarily of a regiment known as the ‘Winterblades’, yet their blades melted, their arrows, turned to ash, their bodies too, turned to ash, in the warmth brought forth by the eternal Sun. Like snow, the threat they posed melted away when confronted with fire, when confronted with the eternal Sun!

The Kaldorei are a stubborn people. They cannot accept, no, comprehend, that they cannot win a war against the Sin’dorei. These ‘Winterblades’ especially, seem unable to comprehend this. In their arrogance and in their blind hatred they came to our lands, oblivious to the fact that they could not win. This was a fatal mistake, my countrymen, as I have said before, charred corpses are all that remain of these foolish creatures.

Yet, my countrymen, in light of these events, we must pose ourselves a question: Can we ever live in peace while they are capable of waging war?
It is a question worth asking: are we safe while they still travel north of the Thandol Span?

Will they ever see reason and let us live in peace?

Magistrix Sunsworn.

The Eternal Kingdom

Noble citizens of Quel’Thalas, honored veterans of many a war which we have emerged from.

Do you, noble citizens and honored veterans, listen to the call of a Magistrix whom heard such a call when she was one of you.

Our nation, is one of old traditions, of old statutes and of old precedents. Our nation has seen the rise and fall of other nations and persevered the test of time like none other.
Our nation’s capital stands proudly in the far north of what is called the Eastern Kingdoms, it looks to the south, each and every single nation upon this continent have we touched, each and every single nation has admired us.

We are an old nation, a nation born in dark times of exile yet which has ever since stood as the shining beacon of civilization and knowledge in a dark world, humanity was living in tribes when established our grand nation, humanity stands only today for we made it so.

And so ungrateful are the humans, whom we elevated from the darkness of ignorance, so ungrateful that they stabbed us in the back in our own hour of need! Garithos, is the epitome of humanity, caring only for himself, and so is all humanity! It sees no friends! Only tools!
The only reason they can see tool is because we allowed them to rise from the marsh of ignorance, not into a golden age, for humanity is incapable of procuring one, but into a slightly less dark age!

Their inability to procure for themselves a true golden age leads them to a realization! If they cannot have a golden age, they seek to eliminate all nations and races that can! This inability was made even more obvious to them when Lordaeron fell to the Scourge! This was their most powerful nation and it crumbled!

When the Scourge set its sights on us, humanity turned its back and looked the other way! And why did they do so, you ask? For they hoped silently that the concept of a golden age would die with our nation, with your fathers, your mothers and your siblings!
This is the reason why the egocentric human nations did not come to our aid! They hoped to eliminate the concept of a golden age by letting our grand nation fall!

Yet humanity cannot comprehend the concept of eternity. Look at their pitiful lives, look at them, they walk this world for eighty years and then they consider themselves lucky!
They consider a hundred years for a nation to exist a long time, they cannot comprehend the length our nation has existed! They cannot comprehend our nation is eternal!

Look at their nations, we do not control the vast amounts of lands they control, we do not have the resources they do, and we do not have the economic contacts they do and yet their people suffer more than the average sin’dorei!

Some of these are grand problematic for us, we need more lands, more lands for our people to live in. To our direct south are the Ghostlands which are slowly brought back under our control! Yet beyond that lie the Eastern Plaguelands, I say these lands must be pacified and brought under, at least, nominal Thalassian control! For the longer they must march through our lands, the harder any invasion will be!

For do not be mistaken, noble citizens and honored veterans, they wish to extinguish the Phoenix that is our eternal nation, their attempt to end the concept of a golden age by ignoring any call for aid by those who lifted them from ignorance failed, Garithos’ attempt to end the concept of a golden age failed and with each passing day they become more aware of the fact that we are renewing our golden age and thus they prepare!

The kaldorei threats of genocide were tacitly supported by the Human nations! We managed to uncover plans for an invasion of their own should kaldorei troops march unto our eternal nation! It was by the power of our grand army, by the resolve of our magisters that the kaldorei threat was defanged!

I call upon you, noble citizens and honored veterans, to enlist! Our nation has need of your services so that we may expand, so that we may stand victorious as always, so that we may once more step into a golden age!

Your services are direly needed for can we truly trust our allies? The Forsaken, are those we can trust most for what have the orcs ever done for us? They did not aid us in the Ghostlands and they never will! They seek to dominate their allies, each and every sane person can see that no revolution could occur in the Undercity again yet they insist on placing the Kor’kron there! They are our allies, yes, but we should remain wary!

This is the situation in which our nation finds itself, will you rise up to defend our eternal nation and join the Sin Belore?

Glory to Quel’Thalas!
Glory to the sin’dorei!
And long live our Regent Lord!

Magistrix Sunsworn.

The Kaldorei (The first propaganda piece which led to an awesome storyline. It's also very deceitful)

*Not far from Astranaar the smoldering corpse of a Kaldorei is found, it is recognizable that this was a priestess. Just like the corpse, the grass around it smolders. A Darnassian banner is found not far from the corpse, the banner has been partly torn apart. A nearby tree holds the following poster, written in Darnassian, duplicates of which are found spread throughout Astranaar shortly after.*
Is it not sad that you seem to be unable to comprehend what we possess?
You fear that which you do not comprehend and thus immediately seek to end its existence, like primitives.
The priestess, was such a primitive, she could not comprehend, she was unable to. Luckily for us, we are capable of comprehending, and that is why this priestess lies here and not one of us.

You deem our comprehension of magic an evil, then tell me, why were the forests of Quel’thalas even more beautiful than the forests of Ashenvale before the Scourge came? All was well in our woods of old. It can be seen even in these times, yet here you are, attacking us because we are who we are, like savages consumed by hatred.

You see the powers we have at our disposal and you turn to fear, hatred, violence. You sabotage our rebirth, for you are scared beyond belief. You hate us, for we scare you. You turn to violence, for you hate us.
Yet this violence? Does it do you any good? I shall answer the question for you, because you are blinded by hatred, by fear, by your primitive prejudices and inability to comprehend our powers.

It does you no good, the dead priestess is the perfect example, she lies dead for she was consumed by fear, she turned this fear into hate and this hate into violence.
The violence she so quickly embraced proved to be far from enough, I resisted, I turned the tables on her. She defended herself, it was futile, by fire her existence was purged from this world.

But we know, not all of you are blinded by these prejudices and consumed by hatred.
We wish you no harm, as long as you let us be, we ask that you convince your brothers and sisters to unclench their misguided fist, if you are not capable of doing so, then leave them behind for they can no longer be saved from the fate that awaits them. You are the wise part of your people, we assume you will act as such.

And to those blinded by hatred, to those who will not relent:
You are like demons, you seek merely to destroy a civilization, hatred and violence are the only things you have and these are the same things demons have, you are no better yet we will still suggest you unclench your fist and abandon your hatred for we are not unreasonable and savage primitives like you.
If you do not, then consider the priestess an omen of what will happen to you, to your villages, and if need be to your entire forests.

We are like the phoenix as we rise from the ashes we will burn all that harm us and our lands.

*The following posters are spread throughout Silvermoon and Sin’dorei villages.*

Fellow Sin’dorei, countrymen,

In the last few days a Sin’dorei merchant was killed in Ashenvale, the merchant was unarmed and defenseless, it was the work of the Kaldorei.
It is a cowardly deed, is it not, killing an unarmed merchant? It is, I tell you.

The Kaldorei are consumed by hatred for our kind, they fear and envy our powers, they will stop at nothing to see us wiped from existence, they already tried to sabotage our return to greatness.

They fear our powers because they do not understand them. It is like showing fire to a primitive, the primitive will become scared and either flee or try to extinguish the fire.
The Kaldorei fear the powers we have and try to destroy us. They are blinded by hatred.

They say our use of magic is evil, and reckless, but I ask you then, why were our forests so beautiful before the Scourge came? Why was Silvermoon so grand? How can something evil bring forth something so good? Magic is far from evil, in our hands it is a force of good. We have used magic our entire existence and it made us the envy of the entire world. They are misguided in their beliefs, they let prejudices lead them into hatred, and hatred leads them into violence like savages.

Yet, as they call us and our magic evil, reckless and even selfish why do I hear that Teldrassil was created by them to regain their precious immortality? Seeing the way they act it seems that they care for none but themselves, and those who do not act as the Kaldorei believe they should, are not worthy of being alive. Are they not hypocrites this way? Is this not the narrow-minded view of a primitive savage?

This narrow-minded view of a primitive savage is what drives them into being consumed by hatred like a demon. The fact that they have allowed themselves to be consumed by hatred speaks volumes, and it brought them into unrelenting violence, and we are the victim of the violence brought forth by these with their narrow-minded ideas, much like we were the victims of the violence brought forth by the Amani.

Their mindless hatred and the violence that comes with it, forces our hand, we must defend ourselves and our beloved Quel’thalas.
It seems that the only way for them to learn to respect our existence is by force, a sad thing.
So I call upon you all, to do your duty as Sin’dorei! To honor the perished by defending what they died for! Quel’thalas will prevail!

Countrymen, we are like the phoenix that rises from the ashes, let us teach them that touching a phoenix with ill intent will burn you.

The notion of a revolt. (I think this was written after Strike was evicted from the bar and people were pissed off ICly)

The notion of a revolt, my people, is a ludicrous one.
Yet, the call for one is sounded by these posters spread throughout our beautiful city, and I ask you, is this proportionate?

A bartender, a Troll, is cast aside, and a revolt is called for, how is this proportionate? We all know it is not, no great wrong was inflicted by the Blood Knights and even had there been inflicted one, does it truly warrant a revolt against the state? Does it truly warrant attacking those who are sworn to defend you?

It does not, peaceful protesting may be more proportionate, yet this, this is not proportionate. This is a ludicrous and suicidal response. The state will not stand by and let a revolt defile the streets of our grand capital, the kingdom will respond.

Force shall be overcome by force, my people, beginning a revolt against the kingdom shall bring down upon you a grand cycle of violence, for you cannot revolt against but a single part, you revolt against the whole government or not at all.

To revolt against the Blood Knights, to attack them, will involve the Farstriders which in turn will involve the magisters, which in turn will involve all the government.
Do you see what you will unleash? Can you, the few who visit that bar and enjoy that bartender’s company, stand against the state?

The notion of this revolt is ludicrous and suicidal for you, abandon it, you cannot face the troops of the state in combat.

Do not let loose the terrors of a revolt, of civil strife, embrace instead the blessings of compromise.

Seek out the representatives of the government, negotiate with them, work out a solution and all will prosper, yet take to the streets in revolt, vandalize the buildings in mindless violence, create civil strife and you shall reap that which you have sown.

It is my hope, that you shall not take to the streets in revolt, you know you stand no chance, do you somehow believe that a revolt will grant your wish?

Seek out representatives, work out a compromise or suffer the consequences which an insurrection brings.
I am sure there will be no need for persecution if those who support this revolt before it has even begun abandon the notion that a revolt is needed and instead embrace an enlightened approach of discussion, reason and compromise.

I hold in my robes two scrolls, both tell a different story, one describes a compromise reached through fruitful discussion, the other describes an insurrection and the devices of the state turned upon it.

You may choose which one to accept from my hands as I now hold them out for you to take.

Magistrix Sunsworn.

The Rise

My people, citizens of Quel’Thalas, our nation has stood for thousands of years, we have seen nations ascend, fall, wither and die, yet we have been the one constant.
Our recent history is one of a fall, yet from the ashes we are arising, we are becoming a greater nation, a more powerful people, a stronger kingdom.

Many reasons are there for our fall! The outlanders, treacherous Elves and decadence are the prime reasons for our fall from such a height! Yet we rise, we rise not for we are a nation of the Horde, we rise for we are the sin’dorei!
Thus we say; True Thalassian bread for true Thalassian citizens! True Thalassian education, for true Thalassian citizens!

Why are we to let these Trolls, our ancestral enemies, leech off our wealth, why let a tribal people leech off the wealth of an eternal kingdom? These leeches weaken us, I say we give only lip service and no true things! They are not interested in the wellbeing of you, of your brothers and sisters, of your nation! They care merely for themselves! Out with these outlanders, Quel’thalas for Thalassian citizens!

Let those opportunists amongst the sin’dorei watch vigilantly, the eternal eye of Thalassian justice remains wary of them! Those who would help one from another race at the expense of a sin’dorei are not worthy of being hailed as our countrymen, I say we cast them aside as we stride ever closer to surpassing the glory of our eternal nation before the Scourge came!

Why are there still those who revel in decadence, countless times have they been denounced, countless times have they profited off of the hard earned coins of another, are we to tolerate this? Are we to tolerate these leeches who weaken the land, who weaken our nation and who slow down our rise?!
I say we take from their riches, let them work for their pleasures, let them not leech off the wealth and work of another, I say they must stand aside our comrades who will make us ever higher above the mire of be cast into the swamp of darkness that shrouds the world!

We are the shining beacon that enlightens the darkness of the world!
We have always been that beacon, humanity is still in a dark age, one from which they shall never emerge! Our cousins across the ocean have devolved into barbarism, bloodlust and only wish for war and genocide! The dwarves hide in the mountains, flooded by Gnomish refugees!

We are the light of the world!
In the Horde there is no leader without at least one sin’dorei adviser and this has a reason! We are their intellectual superiors in every way, our magical powers know no bounds! They are barbarians, they come here to leech off our wealth, and knowledge! We must keep them out like cattle! And like cattle they must feed the rise of our nation!

For we are one! We are Quel’thalas! We are the shining beacon of the world!

One People!
One Kingdom!
One Regent!

I also have a few responses to letters that are nice, but unfortunately I do not have the letters that were sent to Cerr and thus they are even more ripped out of context. And there are probably quite a lot missing.


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