A small lesson in pain.

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A small lesson in pain.

Post by Guest on Sat Apr 09, 2011 5:35 am

Isabis walked up the stairs to the Cathedral, the square was at ease, the sun shined soothing, and the sounds coming from the city did not even hint to any conflict. Nodding at the people standing near the entrance, Isabis could not help shake the feeling of confusion. She made her way to the altar, looked around and found the Cathedral to be mostly empty. She kneeled as she always did, and bowed her head in prayer. During her routine, as always, questions arrived, playing and toying with her. She touched the cold floor, scratching her nails on the cold stones. The nail on her left index finger broke.
“Ouch”, Isabis snapped from her confusion and prayer quickly looking at the now bleeding wound. For a moment she seemed to be in thought, absorbed by the wound and the blood slowly coming from the torn nail. A few drops fell to the ground, and she followed them splashing into even more drops of blood.
“Maybe I’ll just, leave this as it is, for now”, she said with a sedative tone. She turned around, towards the exit her hand now next to her body, droplets of blood following her until the stairs.


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