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A little side project I did today for Clay. This is a tiny story of present day. I'm quite proud over it and hope people will enjoy it.
Also want to thank Ovelia for allowing his character to be a part of my story. Helped alot!



Clay takes a sip from his mug of Bourbon, vaguely he hears chatter,
singing, the piano playing, screaming and the whatnot.

The tavern is busy tonight, but Clay is just there to have a drink.
Sometimes, that can be just enough to seal of the day.

"Clay? Here alone are we?"

Clay turns to the voice obviously coming from the woman standing next to him.
A rather gorgeous woman, given that.

"Oh, Hey Snow. Yeah, just taking a drink ya'know."

Snow looks at him and takes a seat next to him by the bar.
Ordering for a glass of Moonberry Juice.

"So, have you seen Saihna lately?"

Clay takes another sip and turns to look at Snow.

"No, not since Redridge. For some reason she's been hard to find.
But, ach, why would it matter."

Snow tilts her head and peers at him.

"How do you mean?"

Clay sighs.

"Nah, it's rather obvious she aint interested no more.
I guess good enough is that."

Clay turns around, looking over the tavern.
He can see a rather young woman walk past his sight. She glances at him, and giggles.
Her curveous body wiggling as she does.

Clay smirks slightly at her and takes another sip from his mug.
Turning to face Snow who obviously had been talking but Clay had not noticed.

"Hmmpff. Were you even listening?"

Clay turns to lean on the bar again. Shaking his head.

"It doesn't matter. I was wrong to hope there'd come a spark.
Though I honestly never thought of her age as anything bad."

He says and lets out a short and soft chuckle.
Snow sighs and takes a sip from her glass, the two assuming silence as they sit there.

About twenty minutes later the two are chatting and giggling about irrelevant things,
just a friendly conversation. Suddenly a blonde girl comes and grabs Clay's arm.
Cuddling it tightly.

Clay can see its the youthful girl from before.

"Wouldn't you want to come with me to my place, sir?"

Clay looks at her and snickers.
"Why, sure lass."
He's about to turn to walk with her as Snow speaks up.

"Clay... who are you? A man who run off with every little girl you find?
Or is that just who you want people to think you are?"

She looks rather bothered, in a concerned way.
Clay shrugs and chugs down the last of his new mug of bourbon.

"What would I know? I guess a little bit of both."

Clay tilts his head abit after saying it and then puts the empty mug on the bar and walks away.

Once they arrive at the girls home they swiftly make their way to the bedroom.
The girls giggles and pulls off piece after piece of Clay's clothing.

Clay smiles warmly at her and kisses her lips tenderly.
As he pulls her shirt over the head and off her youthful body.

Bouncing into the bed they slowly leans together.

The night is late, since long past midnight.
And hours since Clay and the blonde went into bed. He's now standing on her balcony,
looking over Stormwind, a bottle of port in his hand.

"Sweetie?... Why're you up? Come back to bed."

Clay turns to look at the blonde who just woke up.
He shakes his head and his face expression is a rather downish one.

"No.. sorry. I.. I can't stay Lincy.."

He walks over to a chair to get his clothes,
pulling on the shirt and pants, grabbing his boots.

"Hmppff... Well that's love in first sight.."
The girl mutters.

Clay turns to look at her before stepping outside.

"I don't believe in love.."

And with that he leaves her house, closing the door after himself.
Walking down the empty streets of Stormwind in the cold night breeze.


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Re: 'Love?'

Post by Mazguul Sharpeye on Sat Mar 06, 2010 12:13 pm

A nice little story!

But a rather miserable one, to be so young and not believe in love at all. It is a wonder as to why that is...

Still, keep writing, I do so love a good story =D

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