[IC] Ioanna's last theorem

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[IC] Ioanna's last theorem

Post by Melnerag on Mon Apr 04, 2011 6:27 am

OOC: I've found this small text half-finished in my Chapter-map, and decided to after all finish it.

This essay has been published posthumously by sympathetic Chapter Lectors, and is now circulating among theologians and philosophers alike

It is conceivable that any teaching about the Holy Light, whether it is deduced by reason or obtained through revelation, is incomplete. There is however one great axiom which no logician could ever doubt, and upon which we can fearlessly build the doctrine of our holy Faith.

No matter the intentions of the spellcaster performing a holy spell upon an undead or a demon, no matter the exact nature of the holy spell, the subject demon or undead will always experience great pain. Even the undead, which are incapable of feeling any form of physical and emotional pain, are brought to their knees in soul-chilling screech after being targeted by the Holy Light. Even the most misguided of priests harboring heretical sympathy to the undead, and trying to mend their fleshly wounds with Light’s most powerful restorative spell, will still put the cursed creatures through holy pain. It can therefore be established without any doubt, that the Holy Light loathes the undead and the demons.

The Holy Light will revoke all spells of fel or shadow origin upon interaction. Once again, this effect does not depend on the nature of the spell or personal beliefs of the spellcaster, and it is therefore the Holy Light Itself that loathes dark magic.

The Demons and the Undead do not exist freely in our world. The demons can only enter when their entry if facilitated by a willing mortal summoning them into our world, to which the events of the three comings of the Burning Legion readily testify. The undead are raised by mortal necromancers, or spawn from honourless slaughter.

As any well-thinking being would establish, the Holy Light loathes Demons, Undead and Dark Magic. And it is therefore prime duty of every true believer to combat this unholy trinity wherever it is found, no matter the circumstances for the will of the Holy Light gains precedence over mortal laws, and the will of the Holy Light is absolute, transcending any circumstance.

Any well-thinking being would also recognize that because Demons, Undead and Dark Magic are loathsome to the Light, and for these three travesties to come to pass there must always be a mortal agent, that these agents are likewise loathsome; it is inconceivable that any entity with claim to justice, of which the Holy Light is doubtlessly the greatest, would hate the guaranteed result of an action, the action but not the perpetrator of that action. What is to be done to these mortal agents is open for debate, but it can be said without a single shadow of a doubt that it is the duty of every believer to prevent them from doing their unholy deeds, no matter the means.

I firmly believe to have at last proven these two propositions, and this proof cannot be refuted without denying hard fact and the just and absolute nature of the Holy Light

1) The Holy Light loathes undead, demons and Dark Magic.
2) The Holy Light loathes those who act as vehicles by which the undead, the demons and dark magic proliferate.

May he who denies these two truths be exposed as feeble-minded and ignorant, and if he is neither, then he is secretly in league with the forces of destruction and does not deserve to be within Light’s holy sight, in this world or the next!

Faith Shall Overcome

Abbess Ioanna,
Vicar of Anethion

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Re: [IC] Ioanna's last theorem

Post by Osmand on Mon Apr 04, 2011 10:53 am

Aaaand you lasted less than a month :3

Awesome btw.

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Re: [IC] Ioanna's last theorem

Post by Jehorius on Mon Apr 04, 2011 11:06 am

Jehorius reads the documents with obvious interest, he frowns slightly as he places the parchment down again and gazes aimlessly into the air. He loweres his head with a silent 'Hmpf..' and murmurs 'Was it wrong of me?' to himself and makes his way out of the library in the Abbey.

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Re: [IC] Ioanna's last theorem

Post by Zhakiri on Mon Apr 04, 2011 11:22 am

Orthur reads the documents with critical eye, reading between the lines with his own ancestral interpretation of the Light and the Shadow. With a smile, he nods agreeing with the text in part. He frowns at some parts however, remembering...



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Re: [IC] Ioanna's last theorem

Post by Guest on Tue Apr 05, 2011 5:44 pm

Isabis read the document.

An inner discussion follows:

And so water loathes fire, death chases after life, plus and minus, tears make up for laughter and yes, light doesn’t go well with shadow.

Therefore it must be vanquished. While we’re at it, let’s all destroy every unborn child, just to ward them from the risk of becoming a mortal pulling a demon from the Nether – come to think of it, let’s design a spell able to rid the planet of all life – leaving only nature in its place.

Realise it or not, the force we wield and call the light is set to rules, which makes one wonder if it is all-powerful. Perhaps there is a difference between light, and THE LIGHT.

But, thank the light – ironic as it is, for people clinging to reducing sentient forces, beings and people from this world, leaving an ever growing monster of vengeance, confusion, hatred, pain and grief. Intentions concluded from wielding the light, leaving shadowy consequences in its wake.

Be you of shadow, or of light – you choose a side and you will try to vanquish your opposite force. Hence, life and her drama.

How about one who tries to walk in between? Now that’s a funny thought …


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Re: [IC] Ioanna's last theorem

Post by Mordazan on Wed Apr 06, 2011 3:15 am

Hmm, an interresting style, but it lacks... substance.

Reading intellegence and choice into the facts of magical potentials is methodologically wrong. We might aswell conclude that fire detest the man it burns and that the chills of a cold win is done out of spite for the heat.

While I do not doubt it is comforting to think that the facts of nature are constructed by the grand design of an omnipotent power, it is not so.

The Light is a power just as much as fire, arcane or shadow. It has different effects, as is all powers, but is alike in the fact that it does not think, does not choose, it simply exists.

The ones who would have you think otherwise are mortal men, like you and me, pulling the strings to manipulate and decieve you. They call truths lies and lies truths to veil your eyes, and it would seem that you allow yourself to dance happily at their tune.

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Re: [IC] Ioanna's last theorem

Post by Jayse on Wed Apr 06, 2011 4:14 am

*Jayse sits at his desk and rifles through parchments stacked up, stopping at this theorem and notices the name inked at the bottom. Set before him as a cup of coffee is handed to him*


*He barely gets past the first paragraph before accidentally knocking the coffee all over his desk standing up with a start and ruining the theorem with smudged ink. Wiping himself down with a sigh*

"...Bloody Fel.."

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Re: [IC] Ioanna's last theorem

Post by Braiden on Wed Apr 06, 2011 6:49 am

The Baron reads the text, chuckling as he goes trough every word of it.

"Hah... fanatics. Always manages to amuse me with their little beliefs. I hope she enjoys the afterlife..."

He throws the parchment into the fireplace and takes a sip of his wine.


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Re: [IC] Ioanna's last theorem

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