[Letter] To all members of the community of the light.

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[Letter] To all members of the community of the light.

Post by Jeanpierre on Wed Mar 30, 2011 4:53 am

((The message is sent to all members of Fortesgue's Community of the Light, by a special messenger. While the letter is the same for all members, the following scene is simply added as an example, for flavor and because I was in a writing mood. Wink))

A large horse stopped abruptly before the settlement. Fumes from the horse's breath rose as it briskly neighed and lifted his head in protest against its latest effort. Gleams of sunlight reflected in its sweat. Silently the rider climbed down his tall horse. He wore long black rider boots of pristine quality. His deep blue trousers and matching tunic bore white and yellow lines across the rims. While they seemed tailored for practical reasons, the uniform look didn't miss its formal style. A small lionhead, embroidered on the upper left of the chest, added to the formal impression.

The rider opened a saddle's satched and took out a low, black hat which he quickly placed on his head, camouflaging his wind ridden and graying hair. He hung his rider gloves on the saddle and ran a finger over his mustache. When he deemed himself ready, he picked a thick, flax wrapped package from the satchel and turned.

The messenger walked in with a formal air. Only a mild stiffness in his walk and deep breathing revealed the extent of his exhaustion. He clicked his heels together and bowed to his recipient, declaring his purpose: "Special Message from the Cathedral."
He unwrapped the flax cover and revealed a folded skin, seemingly boiled leather, sewn together with a thick golden cord. The cord's ends were brought together in a broad wax seal. He drew a bright silver knife from his belt, with a thin, golden cross guard and offers it to his recipient. The grip is covered with blue and white cloth and adorned with a yellow, more elegant than functional, tassel.

Despite the thickness, the messenger's knife cuts through the wax with ease. With a curt nod he accepts the knife again and removes the cord. The boiled leather reluctantly gives way at the fold, revealing the letter inside the cover. The messenger stands straight, holding out the opened leather, waiting patiently for a new order.

To all Representatives of Orders of the Light,
To all independent voices that joined His Grace in the meetings,

Honorable confrators, our previous gathering revealed the difference in views regarding ranks in the clerical order. Unfortunately, one gathering proved insufficient for all to express their concerns on the matter. To remedy the lack of time a gathering can offer, and reduce the logistical demands of organising several, I have set up a communication system by mail. By returning courrier message, for which the service and payment have already been arranged, I invite all members of the community to send a written elucidation of their stance on ranks among the clerics, and our role as community in checking their progression. When all letters have been gathered at the Cathedral, they will be copied by our scribes and spread to all representatives of their respective orders, and to all independent members of our community.
With Light's blessing, may its harmony be apparent in our unity.

Sir Jean-Pierre d'Armagnac.

Regarding ranks. For all clarity (since there was confusion on this last meeting), our purpose is not to define how Light orders should arrange their ranks for priests. We simply want to offer an entirely independent career path for clerics, for people who wish to RP that carreer path, independently of a guild or independent of their guild's ranks. If someone just wants to roll a high priest, then by all means, who are we to stop them? But if someone wants to RP becoming a priest and recieve an acknowledgement in that evolution, then our ranks might offer a broadly accepted path of progression.

Regarding this communication: the idea is that everyone is allowed to return 1 IC letter. This topic represents the collection of letters that will be sent around. However, try not to reply to a previous IC letter/post as ICly these messages will only be spread once a great deal of them have been gathered.

Of course, for OOC matters, feel free to ask/reply! Smile

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Re: [Letter] To all members of the community of the light.

Post by Guest on Tue Apr 05, 2011 4:02 pm

Dear representatives and all who attend the meetings,

In all honesty, I feel little for ranks. It is my fear that one will stand above another, resulting in abuse of power. Yet, if these ranks simply define ones discipline and tasks I would not mind having them implemented.

Perhaps the word rank should be changed -- for I cannot shake the feeling it defines ones relative place in society. I’d like to suggest changing the definition into ‘title’. Forgive me if I’m making a big deal out of it, but I simply fear ranking systems.

A title in my opinion is a mark of respect, rather than a mark of standing. For the sake of my own opinion I’ll use the word title now instead of rank.

Different titles are to be designed, each defining a different set of tasks and behaviour according to that title. Then someone might apply for such a title, and it will be discussed with the circle, their teachers,
in other words – thrown out there to see if it ‘fits’ with the opinion of the group. If a certain title holds a lot of tasks that need certain responsibility or certain skills, it would of course make sense that the circle votes against an individual taking it, if they feel that one is not up to the task. Age, discipline, skill, knowledge might all play a part.

With a system like this though, it will become clear due time if someone is able to maintain the requirements of such a title, in the beginning it will be hard to judge if someone will be able to keep up, or not.

Titles should be kept to a minimum in my opinion. Here are a few examples:


A healer will mostly remain in or near a settlement, aiding all those in need. Healers focus their knowledge and skills mending wounds, aiding the sick and fulfil small counselling roles.


A councillor heals by words. They are able to root out emotional problems on an individual scale, They are able to quickly see if a person might be cursed or possessed. They are able to motivate groups, and are excellent advisors.


They seek knowledge of the past, present and future for the soul purpose of aiding the circle. Librarians are wise, patient and do not mind travelling. They are skilled riders and know how to get around. They are assertive speakers, and do not mind a discussion.


Priests are bound to the spiritual aspect of the circle and their own doctrines. They will use their own religion, skills and knowledge to inspire those around them always to the wellbeing of the community and the people. They are able to inspire people to let go of certain destructive patterns trough the light and rituals.


The observer is fully in touch with their senses and their ‘third-eye’, they are able to spot corruption, and behaviour dangerous to the well-being of the circle, or assigned city, person or building. They are able to swiftly and subtlety detain anyone who they feel are suspicious. Observers are diplomats, but also skilled at defence, be it by means of the light or weapons.

This is a small grasp from my inspiration for titles, mind you that I’m presenting a concept, nothing else.

Thank you for reading, and lights guidance,

Isabis D’nuoh.

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