Darkmaster's Journal

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Darkmaster's Journal

Post by Shagrath on Tue Mar 22, 2011 3:32 pm

The following entries are written in a crisp handwriting:

The fourth day of June, Sunday

It is due my master’s suggestion I begin writing these events down, for he was concerned my insanity might effect my duties and was certain this would help me to see the first signs earlier. I returned to my kin today to set in motion the plans we have worked on so many endless nights in the tower. Great is my desire to return to stand yet once again beside my Master and mentor, but for now my duties are amongst my kin.

I summoned them all to the forsaken church in Karazhan, the acolytes and the shadowlords alike. I announced that my return was the first step in the preparations for accomplishing our Masters’ will. In the upcoming week a training period would follow. A training period which some of them would not survive. The time is drawing near and only those who have the potential to pass this training shall bathe in the favour of our Masters. Others… will be disposed of.

After telling the Acolytes to be ready to answer my call at all times I dismissed them. I called the Shadowlords and my Dark Myrmidon around me and told them about the plan in more detail. I shall not write any of this down since the risk of me being captured and this journal getting into wrong hands is an unnecessary one. When we were discussing the maps of all three capitals of the alliance, a dwarf entered the room. I did not pay any attention to his words but let shadowlady Thayill kill him with her bow.


The fifth day of June, Monday

Caer Darrow proved an excellent choice for training grounds. I began the training with simple things. Numb their minds to obeying. Root out the thinking phase. First the Acolytes responded to orders with slight delay, for they had grown accustom to thinking with their own minds. I enlightened them that like in a working piece of machinery, there is only one organ that gives out orders. Marching in line and following simple orders quickly gives them the certainty that this is what they're meant to do and they can’t change it. Soon they will follow any order ruthlessly. Tomorrow we shall see if they can retain the absolute obedience when bloodlust takes over.


The sixth day of June, Tuesday

I summoned them all to the entrance to Deadwind Pass from Duskwood. I shortly briefed them about today’s test. The Draenei are masters of portal magic. I revealed that certain portal runes, in possession of the Draenei, were to be used in our Masters’ plan. There was a village of devolved Draenei in the swamp of sorrows. Portal runes were to be acquired there and since the Acolytes were in need of combat training, the village was to be burned on the ground and the Draenei slain. The village was razed in a matter of minutes and with the acquirement of the runes, the plan was one step closer to its ending.


The seventh day of June, Wednesday

We gathered at Beggars Haunt. After a short speech about their progress, I called forth two Acolytes. They swore an oath binding themselves into the will of our Masters through bindings of flesh and soul. They became the Darksworn and their loyalty would be required in the near future.


The eighth day of June, Thursday
The entry is missing due to a torn off page.


The following entries are written in a shaky handwriting:

The day of pain, Friday

I felt it burning before the reports came. Like a blazing inferno on my chest. The Dark Sphere. The wrath of my master.


Something went terribly wrong. Our forces were encountered everywhere. They knew! Someone had warned them! Now most of the acolytes are either wounded, captured or dead. The pain keeps getting worse and it will continue doing so… until I’ve embraced my punishment… But I must endure… I must do what I can to break free those who I’ve failed. Those who were captured under my command… I can already hear the voices… the shadows are appearing in the corners of my view and when I try to look they disappear… yes it’s taking over again… now I must gather all my strength and focus to do what I can to help… after that I can return to my Master…

for my punishment

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