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[A] The Chemist Emporium

Post by The Misty Beast on Tue Mar 22, 2011 11:49 am

Who are we?

The Chemist Emporium is a Role-playing Guild based on Defias Brotherhood-EU Alliance-side with a specific theme and aims. The Guild publicly is an Alchemist shop with actual merchandise, ranging from GHI items to In-game products of flasks, elixirs, potions, oils and even refreshing drinks which we are willing to sell, in a process we will detail below.

The Deep Caverns Society is the criminal gang that operates under this disguise. With the shop based in Ironforge, at Longberry’s Reagents in the Mystic Wards, the gang would consider the underground city as their home base as well. Dealing in illegal merchandise and orchestrating robberies, the Society would aim to become a force of renown and malice amongst the locals, providing criminal RP on the streets of Ironforge and closely interacting with anyone who wishes to take part in our shady endeavors.

These two concepts go hand-in-hand, so anyone who joins would both be the member of the gang and the Emporium’s staff. Should anyone be interested in the Emporium more, we would hire adventurers to gather us ingredients in return for, what else, gold.

How does the guild actually sell merchandise?

The process is quite simple. Members deposit Alchemist items into the Guild Vault, and even surplus herbs, fish and oils. This would become the Storage for when we open shop and begin taking orders. The procedure would be that we provide a desired item through order or on the spot, depending on whether the item is on storage. If it is, we’d sell the item on the spot for a lesser price than the Auction House one. If it’s not, we’d send it 2 days later in the worst case scenario in a CoD letter. If we fail to complete the order on time, we will send it without the price tag. Any profit we gain would be forwarded to the Guild Vault and made available amongst contributing members fairly.

GHI items would be free of charge and solely for RP purposes.

The Society would distribute GHI products. toxins, volatile concoctions and illegal substances, it’d spread its influence with what they can sell. All members would have a healthy stash of items to sell and would also act as enforcers in the gang’s territory. Should there be enough interest, we’d set up special events in an empty building and offer services of auctions and trades.

How does one join and what are the requirements?

Requirements are pretty easy to meet:
-All races and levels are welcome.
-Only Role-players. New or veterans, we are welcoming and will happily aid those who wish to start RP-ing and would want to know the basics and how they can contribute the best way possible. Also, try and fit into the dual-theme as much as possible.
-Herbalism and Alchemy are necessary for two ranks: Alchemists and the Figurehead. Rest would be bodyguards and sergeants of the guard, with a Captain as their officer. While it’s advised you are an Alchemist, it isn’t mandatory.
-Be fairly active if you wish to rise above the rank of apprentice. We will liberally demote and promote members based on activity, contribution and initiative.
To join, you need to apply at our forums ( http://chemistemp.freeforums.org/index.php ) using the application form provided. In-Character, this would mean you write a note (or have one written for you) on a notice board outside the shop. Our scribes would review it and have it forwarded afterwards. Should it be accepted, we will have an IC interview and you’ll start off as an apprentice.

Upon joining the Emporium, you would also join the Society as a Newcomer. Accepting missions and helping with distribution and protection will allow you to advance, regardless of your Alchemist skills. Your rank would be shown in the Officer note visible to everyone in the guild. IC-ly you’d be introduced to the Society and its function. Should a change of heart occur, no worries, we have elixirs that help you…Forget.

Additional info:
-We also enjoy what the game may offer on the PvP and PvE frontier. We’d aim to handle such content on a casual level.
- We have a VOIP Server. Specifics on the forums.
-Guild Chat is OOC. Officer Chat will be made IC once we make up a viable explanation for it.
-We don’t give a flying damn about your age, gender, sexual preferences, religion or whatever personal info. If you wish that to be known, go ahead., but we like to keep up a relatively mature atmosphere which also means you handle anything silly that may be mentioned or occur.

If you have any other questions, go ahead and ask. I would even encourage it! And if you wish to ask more that you wish to know privately and I haven’t addressed personally, feel free to contact me.

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