The Ravings of Ant

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The Ravings of Ant

Post by Demurral on Mon Mar 21, 2011 6:50 pm

Upon walking into the Pig n' Whistle, you notice a man in black armour sitting under the stairs, a small hand axe in his hand. As you draw closer, you notice that he appears to be well groomed to a point of obsession, yet the axe in his lap is covered with bloodstains. The man appears to be muttering to himself almost constantly, a near endless stream of nonsense as he comments on what he sees... yet, as you listen in to his babble, you begin to notice a few things, hidden meanings in his words, in his movements, that suggest he knows more than others have realised.

Any magic user with even the slightest bit of skill can sense a parasitic curse leeching on the man, and futher examination suggests that the curse is the cause of his inane ramblings and loss of senses, yet it appears to have granted him some amount of precoqnition, if you can decipher his ramblings.

So, this simple man, with hidden depths and meanings, layers upon layers hidden in his words, has given you a choice. Do you remove the curse, restoring his senses, yet lose the power he possesses, or do you leave him as he is, a wretched young man, and try to decipher his words, granting yourself wisdom and knowledge of others?

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