[H] Shattered Hand - Non Guild Clandestine RP

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[H] Shattered Hand - Non Guild Clandestine RP

Post by Visceril on Tue Mar 15, 2011 2:29 am

Out of character info
First off, this is not a guild, this is a organisation based on the in-game rogue only faction Shattered Hand.
We are one half of a cross faction and domestic role-play concept that is built on and representing the Horde’s very own
clandestine group of assassins, poison dealers, agents and scouts; Shattered Hand. The lore behind Shattered Hand’s
place in the New Horde is scattered at best, this leads us to build on this ourselves.

This is dominantly for Rogues, but non rogues may have a chance to join, we aim to establish a real New Horde feel
utilising each individual characters traits.

Utilising 2 chat channels (1 OOC, 1 IC) theres is no need to leave your current guild, guild RP will always be prioritised
over SH RP! With our direct nemesis being Si:7 we run regular small skirmish W-RP-PVP battles, IC BG premades (only 85's
for obvious reasons) and often quick on-the-fly ops (operations) utilising the game world, When not bashing Si:7 heads
we'll be rescuing trapped shaman within centaur lands, bringing down oppressive Goblin slave traders, retrieving
weaponry from Blackrock Mountain and trying to steal that damned bomb from The Skybreaker, etc.

Shattered Hand consists of characters whom take orders from The General, he or she sends op briefs to not one character,
but to different players. So, who is The General?....

You, the player acts as The General by creating, imagining events and scenarios. This way a variety of events
will be developed, plus not one player gets put upon all the time to create role play for all. It allows you to put YOUR
character as the protaganist of YOUR own story, hence why IC the General sends messages to different characters
and is never seen in-game. The use of the Defias Brotherhood sub forum will be used as OOC discussions regarding
SH role play and IC operational files that can be used before, during and after the ops.

SH role play utilise a very Horde look and feel, during ops there is no need to wear matching outfits, although some
of our operatives wear the Horde's Tol Barad tabard. You role play a clandestine agent of Shattered Hand so try and
gather gear that marries your characters style with the function of utility. There will be times when pvp gear will be
needed and will be stated in the ops OOC intel.

The use of animals will be used as a IC means of communication, whether you use a scorpion, hawk or gnome
is up to you. In game this will be used as a whisper to the receiver:
Kaigron whispers: *a small Durotar Scorpion emerges from the sand, a note on it’s tail reads
“Meet me at the loft now” signed KR*

Use your imagination with this, ground companions or flying companions..up to you. We have a OOC channel
and will be using a IC channel only when on missions (Including IC BG's, dungeons.) We will be using GHI items,
it’s not mandatory to use this but it adds another level to RP.

If you are interested in joining then please send a mail or whisper Kaigron, from there it will be handled IC'ly to
ascertain your character's traits and motives plus it gives an insight on how well you actually role play. Due to the
nature of the role play there will be a series of IC trials establishing your characters strengths, weakneses and loyalty.
Once completed and you're accepted IC, you'll be given a GHI inventory that will be used to represent the Op HQ armory.


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Re: [H] Shattered Hand - Non Guild Clandestine RP

Post by Visceril on Sat Apr 02, 2011 5:20 am

Pic from latest Op:

Complete Story from Op here

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