Executing the Ritual

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Executing the Ritual

Post by Jehorius on Sun Mar 13, 2011 10:29 am

Nightmares. Why did the thought never strike him before? If he had done this years ago Stormwind would have been reduced to pebbles and ashes! He glances down at the preparations and smiles wickedly for himself, the servants had started chaining the five young women to the floor with heavy chains made out of saronite. He narrowed his eyes behind his mask as someone entered the room behind him. 'The preparations are soon finished, my lord.' a calm voice said. 'I am aware of that, Karkath. Did Jahi arrive yet?' he spoke with a tone lacking any form of interest in reality. 'Yes, he is preparing the objects as you requested.' Karkath frowned briefly. 'Felfather, will this work?' Jezzek then turned with a silent sigh escaping his nose. 'I cannot answer that question, Karkath. It might work, It might not. Nonetheless, it is a risk worth taking... is it not?' He arched an eyebrow slowly while talking. The now gaunt face and the thick, black colored blood veins made him look more like a corpse than anything else. 'I certainly do hope so, though.. What exactly are the risks?' Karkath narrowed his eyes upon asking his question. 'Oh, but Karkath... You have nothing to fear. I... assure you.' Jezzek laughed loudly, then shook his head as he glanced down towards the preparations. Karkath didn't have any time to answer before he spoke again. 'Go and help Jahi, this ritual have been delayed for too long already.' Jezzek reached up with his boney fingers and stroked his beard in thoughts. 'Very well.' Karkath turned and muttered something under his breath as he left the room.

Shortly after Karkath had left the room Jezzek walked over to a chair and sat down in it, correcting his cloak and then leaned backwards. He closed his eyes and slowly, the whispers within his head slowly grew louder, and louder. In the end he could make out a sentence. 'You... will... be... rewarded...' He opened his eyes again and found himself looking at Karkath and Jahi staring at him. 'Felfather?' Karkath asked with a worried expression upon his face. 'Yes?' he coughed lightly and stood up again. 'You sat like that for nearly five minutes without answering us, are you well?' Karkath continued an eyebrow arched behind his blue mask. 'Don't blow your load, old man.' Jahi snickers lightly but stopped as Jezzek glared at him. 'You have done most that was needed of you, Raendiel. Do not forget that at this point he is far more important.' Jezzek glared once more. Jahi didn't pay much attention to it, and continued. 'The preparations are finished, are you ready so we can get this over with?' Jezzek gave him a nod. 'I will be downstairs in a minute, go ahead without me.' They both nodded and turned to leave the room once more. Jezzek walked over to a table and wiped his face with a hand, then picked up his helmet and equipped it. Instantly, his eyesockets flared up with a blue flames.

He entered the ritual room and gazed at the preparations, everything was perfect. The five virgins were sobbing silently, the heavy saronite chains binding them to the ground forcefully. The ground had been carved out in the shape of a pentagram and a thick red liquid filled the 'drains'. Karkath had placed out five palm sized purple gems, hoovering over each of the virgin females. 'P-please... have mercy.. I have a little sister.. I must-...' One of the women had obviously not given up hope just yet. 'Be silent, you're not making it easier for us.' Karkath looked down at her, then turned to look at Jezzek, while she stared up at him in disbelief. 'My lord, shall we begin the ritual?' Jezzek walked towards the center of the pentagram and nodded deeply.'Yes, let us begin. Remember, you have two gems each you have to activate. Then keep them activated, understood? This will require full focus.' His voice echoed within the room due to his enchanted helmet. The two of them walked over to their positions, between the two wings of the star on each side - as Jezzek had the top one. Everything turned completely silence, save for the sobbing women who only cried louder than before as they soon would be reunited with the Light, or so they thought.

The silence between the three was shattered by Jezzek as he crouched together slightly and started making evocations with his hands and arms. From his lips a prayer of old could be heard, but not a single word could be understood. Both Karkath and Jahi raised their arms and shot out their palms towards the gems hoovering in the air. From Jezzeks palms a thick, black fog started pouring out towards the ground - only to engulf his body. The fog crawled towards Karkath and Jahi aswell, slowly, like an incoming doom. 'STOP IT! PLEASE! I BEG O-..' the woman suddenly found that she couldn't talk anymore, no matter how hard she tried. Jahi's gem on the top shot out a beam towards Karkath's, which then shot a beam to Jahi's lower one, up to Jezzek's, down to Karkath's last one and then back to Jahi's first gem. As the pentagram was created a lingering presence could be felt within the room, a presence which made your stomach turn. Even though the women couldn't make any noises, all of them threw up onto the floor.

The purple beams connecting all the gems slowly started absorbing the shadowy energies resting above the ground like a thick fog. Both Jahi and Karkath pressed their eyes shut while focusing as if their lives depended on it. As the fog was completely absorbed, the beams had changed to a pitch black color, with purple lines swirling around in the middle of it all. Jezzek let out a deep sigh and then shot his arms up and with them, a large purple colored beam. 'Oh, Elder Beings - Beings of Chaos, you who have promised nightmares and insanity to be released upon this world! We, your humble servants will on this day - offer these souls to your glory! In return, we ask only that you fulfill our ritual and release it upon the city of Stormwind!' The lingering presence grew stronger, Karkath channeled his beam upwards to connect with Jezzeks and Jahi came only a couple of seconds after him. The pentagram started spinning in a slow pace, the blood in the drains started boiling in the matter of seconds and the women started shrieking loudly in agony as the gems connected with them. The women could do nothing as the ritual parted their souls from their bodies. The screams of this night would come to haunt their memories for eternity

As their bodies slumped down onto the ground, the ritual settled and the three looked at each other and then the pentagram which didn't seem to disappear. 'What is the meaning of this?!' Jahi shouted, no doubt he thought that he had been decieved. Jezzek started laughing loudly, his twisted voice turned into a cackle as he leaned his head backwards. A minute passed, and he abruptly stopped and looked at Jahi. 'It would seem that this is a seal, and as long as this seal remains... untouched, so will the curse remain. Do you know what this means?' Karkath grinned. 'That as long as no one finds this seal, they cannot lift the curse?' Jezzek gave him a nod. 'Correct, Karkath.' Jahi snorted silently. 'This amount of energies must have been felt through out the Kingdom, no doubt the Kirin'tor will hear of this and try to find the source of it.' Jezzek sighed again, his succubi ran up to him and wrapped her arms around his waist as he was close to falling over. 'Master, you must rest. You have drained yourself again, oh.. master...' The demon ran a hand down along his back. 'They might find the source, but they will never find and break this seal. We must see to that.' Jezzek then turned and started walking toward the room he came from earlier. 'I will head upstairs, if you need me...'

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Re: Executing the Ritual

Post by Aadaria-Ioanna on Fri Mar 18, 2011 2:09 am

((Oh I did indeed. More please))

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