Trials of the Mother

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Trials of the Mother

Post by Morgeth on Wed Mar 09, 2011 10:07 am

"Mother bless me with hardship;
let your winds flay away my skin.
With it my body will be hardened;
Become an armour the envy of my kin."

Endless dunes of white sand spread towards and beyond the horizon, the outlines of them seemingly dancing in the intense heat of this vast desert, The sun remained high on the sky; a cruel father gazing down upon his scattered children. Each day a trial, a struggle for survival, and whilst far from everyone survive, those that do become stronger with each dawn. But for the life of some to continue, others must be forsaken.

For one creature in particular, life had now come to an end. The goat's agonised bleating carried a certain tang to it, one that spoke of inevitable death. The young woman approaching it had heard it before; she already knew what she would have to do. From her sleeve, she pulled a small knife, and approached the dying animal. Behind her the remaining herd of goats nervously paced, sharing their distress between each other with various cries. The woman knelt down next to the poor animal, briefly inspecting the state of it. It was a young animal, she had watched it been raised herself, and it had even made a brave run for it. Too bad it had been running into the wrong direction, away from the herd, and into the jaws of the hungry hyena chasing it.

The woman looked down to the creature by her hands, taking note of how its entrails were already half dragged from the soft flesh of its open stomach. Its life was surely spent. She thrust the sharp blade up into its throat, and further, letting it reach the creature's brain. Its body twitched in her grip, and a last sound of pained protest escaped the goat, right before it finally died. A cloth bag was pulled from her waist, used to clean the blade of the knife, before the woman lifted and dropped the dead animal into it as well. No resources were to be wasted; the hyena would not have his feast.

With the deed done, the woman got back to her feet, and regarded her surroundings in silence. To her people, the desert was a sometimes cruel, but just birthmother. She gave life to those strong enough to reach for it, but would mercilessly claim those that faltered. Folded into these vast landscapes of sands were the bones of those that had succumbed to the Mother's abuse, and it was this woman's intention to not join with them anytime soon.

She was proud Dharayid, and herder of goats. Her heritage, and family, were that which remained closest to her heart. But she was also Sartain, curious and reckless, and for whatever reason she could not get it out of her head that she had to leave this place. Not because of the danger, no – fear was a useless ally – but because spun into her dreams were promises of things to see, and experience. It called out to her, in a way she had never experienced before. Every day since that night, when the earth itself had writhed in torment and the sky had been set ablaze, had been a struggle. A struggle to remain faithful to the sands that had birthed her, hardened her and made her strong.

The worry of the goats were enough to snap her mind back from such thoughts, however, and as the woman called Sartain adjusted the elaborate piece of twisted cloth around her head – key to keeping her alive under the scorching sun – she let out a little yell to alert the small herd. They were leaving. Her knife was now gone, replaced with a large, wooden staff which served as support, as well as motivation for any goat being too tardy. The wind would eventually cover their tracks, and what few stains of blood and gore that remained would be lost forever in the sand.

OOC: A vague introduction to a character I had in mind. Huge thanks go to Aniane/Vale for helping me with the concept so much (she was very patient), and Exaythe for the useful information on the Tanarisi people.

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Re: Trials of the Mother

Post by Valerias on Wed Mar 09, 2011 10:16 am

Ah, there is no way I can be unbiased, but I love this. The details bring the scene to life - the dying goat, the smell of blood, the understanding of death, the scorching sands. I think you've really managed to paint Sartain and the Dharayid way of life in only a few paragraphs.

And - the rhyme at the beginning is my favourite part. Both introduction and explanation, it captures the whole desert people so well. Such good stuff here.

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