Alliance attack plans, in the hands of a Goblin!

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Alliance attack plans, in the hands of a Goblin!

Post by Rhenchu on Wed Feb 23, 2011 1:51 am

''See what I see Gazzek?''
''Oi! Your damn right Razlow! These papers looks like attack plans! And you know what that means!''
'' Erhm no boss what does that mean?''
*Gazzek Faceplams*
''It means we're gonna be rich on this foolish mistake made by these Crimsons to let us in thinking us to be peaceful!''
''Ohh yea! Your so smart boss!''
''Yea that's why I'm the boss, Razlow''
''But boss... What about our business here in the keep... Or that trade post with the Broken Dagger or what ever they were called... Buttah wha' about 'em? It could give us the opportunity to do this... Again... Ye know... One plan is worth what? 5 heavy? Think about 20 attack plans boss!?!''
''Your right Razlow... Your right... We'll take these and bring them to some walking corpse or some intelligent Orc! And we'll try keep this trade post with the Broken Dirges or what ever you called them...''
*Both the Goblins Chuckles follow by a brofist*
OOC: A little scene from the Malicious Company visit on Fenris Isle. So who ever from the Horde would like these plans the Malicious Company have much of the plans for the so called campaign against the so called Forsaken Capital Undercity! Give us a shout! Wink
-The Company.

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