Legion of Acherus recruitment;

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Legion of Acherus recruitment;

Post by Ephitos on Tue Feb 15, 2011 8:04 am

The real recruitment message for the guild that is to be created.
The legion of acherus will be a guild based in Acherus (duh), however we aim to extend our RP throughout Azeroth by creating initial conflict with several states / factions. We will take on a neutral role as should be for knights of the ebon blade and swear loyalty to Mograine, however non-death knights will be accepted too if they wish to become a part of this neutral force. The only initial enemy we will begin with will be the Scarlet crusade, i.e the Crimson Flame who I hope will provide us with fun skirmishes around New Avalon and power-struggles throughout the plaguelands.

The main ranks and aim of this guild are death-knight orientated. The aim is to again attempt to create a society of death-knights committed to role-playing. The applications to become a candidate for junior officer (Dread lieutenants) will be accepted at http://dk-brotherhood.forumotion.net/.
The ranking system goes as follows;

Legion Overseer / Not decided - The highest authority within the order .
Dread Commander - A senior officer aimed at keeping order and fulfilling the wishes of the Overseer in his absence.
Dread Lieutenant - A junior officer who is a trusted member of the Legion carrying out the orders given to him.
Quartermaster- A respected and well known character in charge of keeping all the arms and facilitating the Legion with weapons and steeds. (Junior IC officer)
Ebon Champion - A warrior of violence , power, loyalty and skill, serving his superior officer anytime. Executioner - The ones in charge of putting traitors and captured prisoners to rest.
Death Knight - The normal rank for most members within the Legion, if living just Knight.
Brethren - You are fully accepted into the Legion and given full equipment and training, your next step is to become initiated as a fully fledged Legion Knight / Death Knight.
Apprentice - A newly accepted Death Knight into the Brotherhood that is undergoing training and practice
Initiate - A member on probation of whether to be fully brought in or discarded.

There will also be a small idea, namely a form of committee for Horde death-knights looking for RP to come together with Alliance death knights, a bi-monthly thing that can bring joint ventures of the Ebon Hold into contested zones.

Thanks for reading the "official" message.

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