Darlick Fizzlecrank - Chapter One - A New Partner

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Darlick Fizzlecrank - Chapter One - A New Partner

Post by Darlick/Kilock/Juniera on Sun Feb 21, 2010 6:21 am

This story was written before the server defeated the Lich King. The next couple of chapters in this plot will be from about 2 months ago, when the actual battles were about getting a foothold inside Icecrown Citadel.


A New Partner.

"Dis cold be chillin' me, mon! I miss Durotar!" a troll said. He was sitting on his raptor, holding tight to a blanket to keep himself warm.

"I know how you feel. We all want to go home, Manamon" Darlick said with a slight smile.

"Cursed be dat belasted war. When da Lich King be dead, it be partay time in Sen'jin Village, mon! I hope you an' da Conclave be joining us when dis be all ovar, mon." Manamon said.

"To honor this allegiance we have, it will be an honor to join you and your tribesmen". Darlick said.

A chill blew over the cold steppes of Icecrown. Manamon grabbed tighter onto his blanket. His face was clear blue with green and red war paint on his face. His tusks were long, with long ice taps on them, due to the intense low temperatures.
Manamon reached into his pockets to pick up a long stick with tobacco in. He lighted it with a fire on his finger and took a heavy heave from the stick and exhaled the black smoke out with a broad satisfying smile. He reached for a bottle of red liquor in a satchel that was attached to his green raptor.

"Best stuff from Stranglethorn!" Manamon said, before he took a big slurp from the bottle. He made a strange face. His face suddenly turned slightly purple, and the icetaps from his tusks broke off. He then let out a loud burp and laughed deeply at himself.

Truth be told, Darlick really enjoyed spending time with this troll. Recently, the horde division had been doing joint operation with the alliance division of the Conclave. Darlick thought that was wonderful, since they really needed to shake everyone together. Trust in your comrades, interracial communications and new friendships. These were great meanings and values for Darlick. And recently, he's seen them in every member of the Conclave. How all races treat each other with respect. How they aid each others, laugh with them... even a romance between an orc and a draenei has sprung up. The hard work that the Luminary had put into this, finally seemed to pay off. Darlick was sure that he knew.

"What you be smiling about, Da'lick?" the troll said, taking another pull on his stick.

"Oh, I was just thinking about this... about how people from the Alliance and people from the Horde work together like this. Symbolic... it's beautiful" Darlick said, looking at Manamon with his blue glowing eyes.

"Me mothar always be tellin' me. Don't be blaming peopal by da looks. Look at da inside. Even thou' ye be dead, you live like a normal creatar! Respect, mon!". Manamon said, while blinking at Darlick with a smile.

"Like your mother, you so are wise, Manamon" Darlick said.


Simutaneously, they both turned their heads towards a bright light coming from a distance away from them. They heard a howl echoing, and a squad of crusaders yelling while screaming for their lives.

“Fall back! Frostwyrm coming towards the front base!”, a crusader yelled with all the power his lungs and vocalchord could muster. Darlick and Manamon could see the frostwyrm readying a deep breath of frost. They both began riding towards the crusaders. With a deep rumbling in the air, several crusaders got caught in the frost breath, turning instantly to ice and shattered into small bits of crystals from the deep roar afterwards. Only two crusaders remained from the group.

“Hang on Crusaders! Stop running, the frostwyrm will have to brake down and turn around!” Darlick yelled, as he and Manamon got closer to the crusaders. Almost instantly, the two crusaders ducked down into the snow, getting covered by snow by the massive shockwave that the frostwyrm left when flying over them.

“Almost there Manamon! Can you hold back the Frostwyrm for me, while I pick the crusaders up?” Darlick yelled at Manamon.

“Wha!? Are ye serias!? I cannae do dis alone, mon!” Manamon screamed.

Luckily, Darlick was tied tightly to his horse. He focused dark magic into his hands and cast a death grip towards the two crusaders, which tied itself around them like a lasso. With ease, he pulled the two crusaders up in the air and they both landed behind him with a small bump, making the horse knee bend a little. As he quickly turned his horse, he saw Manamon throw a flame-like ball towards the frostwyrm, which with good accuracy hit the wyrm right on the spot, making it fall directly to the ground, cracking the ice on the ground.

“Amazing work, Manamon! I knew you could do it!”, Darlick said, as he rode his horse toward the exhausted troll.

“Ah… Oh mon, dat was a close one. Gut ding dat da crusadars be okay-dokay!” Manamon said, with shaking hands reaching down to his satchel for another tobacco-stick.

Darlick laughed at the troll, shaking his head slightly. “These attacks get more and more frequent. Maybe I should talk with both the Luminary and the Highlord about taking care of these frostwyrms. We cannot risk anymore to be slaughtered like those crusaders did.” Darlick said, pointing back towards the crusaders. One of them was still shaking by the pure fear he had just experienced. The other just sat like a mindless puppet staring out into the cold white yonder.

“Come on, Da’lick. Let be gettin’ dese crusaders back to da front camp, so dey can get some warm soup to clear der minds.”

Darlick took one last look at the defeated frostwyrm, before he turned his horse towards some small blinking lights in the distance.

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