Rise Of The Defiler - Forsaken

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Rise Of The Defiler - Forsaken

Post by Visceril on Sat Feb 20, 2010 9:19 pm

Part 1. The Rotting and the Green

Undercity rats scuttled around abruptly hoping to catch the occasional lost cockroach, a rush of air graced
the humid atmosphere of the Apothecarium bringing with it whispers of tortured souls. Candles flickered,
moving the light around the room. Shelves held weathered tomes, bizarre skulls and many jars with
glowing liquid. The screams of captive humans resonated throughout as suspended cages swung gently,
occupied by distorted forms of past experiments.

The slick sound of well oiled gears whirred lightly, the somber audible ticking of gyrating gizmo’s grew
louder. Rhythmic drips of slime into the sewers from a overhead pipe battle with the awakening sounds
of bubbling elixirs and implants powering up.

“yesss...at last the Ocular and audible implantss are working well...”
Hissed Master Apothecary Faranell as he fixed a tube into the arm of the forsaken lying motionless
on the table.

“Ha ha..o’course they work Fara..we goblins a’ master’s at this kinda fing”
laughed Nixx Sprocketspring

“Ya know..Chief Engineer Bilgewhizzle will be pleased that his designs work well this time around..
shame that the other candidates didn’t take to the enhancements” Nixx spouted as he sat and opened
a metal box, pulled a murloc paste and hammed basilisk sandwich, and proceeded to bite down onto it.

Carefully placing the last tube into the goblin engineered pump situated inside the body of the lying
forsaken the Master Apothecarium stood back and hissed a smile as he watched the green liquid of elixir
cursed around the maze of tubes hidden throughout the body. A body that was riddled with wires and
tubes entering it from nearby jars and humming goblin engineered power generators.

“It iss done...all we do iss wait..”
said the anxious Faranell...

“wha...wait..bah I have got to be back by nightfall..’ow long will this take”
announced the Goblin spitting some of his chewed sandwich.

“not long..it sseems that this one ressponds well to the enhancementss”
replied Faranell as he set about mixing some steaming potions on a nearby table.

“Where did this one come from anyway...oh wait I imagine you lot to have many victi....volunteers”
laughed Nixx

Turning towards the lying forsaken Faranell spoke.
“He wass brought to uss by one of the guardss..he wass found wandering in the easstern plaguelandss,
the grassp of the Lich releassed him many yearss ago..we believed him to be a Sscarlet in hiss dayss
as a human due to his rags that he wore.”

Turning back to the table of bubbling potions Master Apothecary Faranell continued with his duties.

“Ganoossh, ssee to it that our Goblin friend hass adequate lodgingss for the night”
with a nod the leper gnome hurries up the stairs to tend to his masters request

Junior Apothecary Temperance Ellison monitored, maintained and wrote notes for the next 16 hours.
Master Faranell was still mixing his elixirs and the Goblin Nixx was snoring on a chair with his Gnoll lunchbox by his side.

“Master..Master the subject is moving”
Said Apothecary Ellison calmly

“What..he’s alive...HE’S ALIVE”
Shouted Nixx, as he woke whilst jumping up from his seat oblivious as to his lunch box
and contents sprawling across the filthy floor

With a smile and light cackle Master Apothecary Faranell stood by the lying forsaken and tended to the
hanging bags of elixir Intravenously fed into the moving left arm of the forsaken.

“Hiss nervouss ssysstem iss adjussting....sseems we have ssucceded Mr. Ssprocketsspring”
hissed Faranell

“I nether doubted it for one minute”
laughed the Goblin, knowing now that the deal between his Chief Engineer Bilgewhizzle and the
forsaken has finally succeeded and a hefty payment was on it’s way to Tanaris.

The constant whirr and whine emanated around the room, but the ticking had all but ceased..
the bubbling of the elixir continued as Faranell adjusted the rate at which the goblin engineered pump
within the body passed the elixir around the body.

“look..he iss awakening”
whispered Temperance as they watched the ocular lenses blink into life, emitting a faint glow

The lying forsaken turned his head toward Faranell and opened his stitched mouth, trying to speak but
nothing came from it. Instead he raised his arm slowly and resting it onto Faranells arm as if trying to
reach out for help.

Master Apothecary Faranell smiled as he tapped the resting arm of the lying forsaken
“You are not yet ready..ssoon you will be ssubmitted to our Queen ass we herald in a new age..
Soon you will be able to find ressourcess to finissh our new plague...and finally rid this world of the
fools who oppose us! Sscarletss, Sscourge and the puny Alliance”
Maniacally cackled Faranell as Nixx was jumping and hoping around...

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Re: Rise Of The Defiler - Forsaken

Post by Visceril on Sat Feb 20, 2010 9:20 pm

Part 2. The Master and his Toy

Deep within the Undercity, The Royal Apothecary Society are busy tending
to their newest creation, or abomination some would say!

Laying on the table he sensed aprehension and anxiety from the watching Apothecarians.

“It’ll be fine, just relax..I’ll take care of you”
Whispered Apothecary Ellison

Visceril rolled his head to face her and smiled..he always felt easy with her presence during
these maintenance appointments.

“Sstand asside Ellisson...you sshall observe thiss only....I sshall be performing the upgrade tonight.”
Hissed Master Apothecarian Faranell as he smirked at Temperance. He stood still, focused and ready,
looking up at the gathering Apothecaries with a sneer he addressed them.

“Welcome..lying here before you is the latest in the Elixirated Goblinetec Enhanced Organism Module Unit project,
This night we will be performing the regular maintenance and upgradingss...thiss will be painful for the Module..
I expect it will sscream and writhe in agony..so we will need to ssedate it. Ellison..pass me the injectomitigator
with 30cc’s of trap inducer..”

“Yes sir”
Bowing her head as she turns to the shelving unit, quickly glancing up at the balcony
full of Apothecarians nodding and whispering. She knew what was about to happen to Visceril,
as head of research and development it was her duty to maintain and improve him...look after him,
nurtue him into a forsaken she can be proud about, that was the difference between her and the
Master Apothecarian. She referred Visceril to as him, not an It.

“30cc’s of trap inducer sir, but i fear that for it to be any use we will require more”
Said Ellison whilst handing the injectomitigator to Faranell.

“I know what I’m doing..now watch and learn”
Hissed Faranell in a dismissive tone

The Master Apothecarian connected the injectomitigator into the permenent cannulae
situated on Visceril’s inner arm and grinned as he squezzed the liquid into the vein.

Visceril twitched lightly, Ellison leaned over him to check all monitoring leads were attached securely.
she felt his gaze on her, within 1 minute a light ticking emanated from the lying forsaken as it
progressively got slower and quieter, even the glow from his ocular implants dimmed somewhat..

Faranell cackled as he motioned to his leper gnome assistant to bring the tray with the necessary
tools, vials and engineering parts to him

turning to the watching Apothecarians he boasted
“Fellow Apothecarianss, tonight you witnesss the first upgrade of many to Unit sseriess 051175 Module Visceril.
Tonight I shall enhance the central nervouss ssyssstem to be fully dependent on elixir..This will allow the subject
to react quicker, think ssmarter and adapt more efficiently.”

The observing Apothecarians stood and gave a round of applause, Faranell bowed proudly

“Let uss begin”
Hissed Faranell

Apothecary Temperance Ellison nodded lightly as she continued monitoring the implant vital signs.

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Re: Rise Of The Defiler - Forsaken

Post by Visceril on Sat Feb 20, 2010 9:21 pm

Part 3. The Rat and the Dead

Waiting, watching...
Time seemed to slow down within the basin of Arathi Highlands, but the need to keep the major farmlands
was greater than ever. The Alliance saw the land for what it was, rich in fertile soil able to grow large amounts
of crops in a short amount of time, enough to feed an army. Not a thought about the forsaken workers there,
trying to piece together what little un-life they have left.

He sat within a large expanse of reed, his cloaking systems activated, waiting, watching...
Scanning the horizon to the north brought news of nothing, Zooming his ocular implants to the west,
upon the hill leading to the lumber camps brought more news of the league not invading.

He rose to his feet, ready to move positions. He then stood motionless as he ran a search on how
long it had been since the last invasion.

Within his head the flat tone of the answer came through:
IMPLANT TONE: Time elapsed - 3 days, 14 hours, 18 minutes, 23 seconds

With a animated cackle he heads towards one of the many farm shacks that dotted this end of the basin.
The forsaken farmers greeting him with a nod and sneer, leaning against the shack he played with a fel iron
nut, flicking it into the air with a boney thumb. All whilst he observed the horizons for a possible invasion.

Another 2 hours passed, this time with the added excitement of torrential rain and a few new Defiler recruits,
one Sin’ Dorei Blood Knight, an arrogant sort, was boasting about his conquests with the opposite sex.
The Deathstalker just stood motionless, observing the Blood Knight’s armor and it’s lack of battle tarnished
dents and abrasions, with a sneery smile.

The new recruits avoided eye contact with the Deathstalker for obvious reasons, the light humming coming
from him seemed to warden of even the rats that plagued the farmlands.
Alone as usual his audible implants reverbed as a gnawing, crunching sound came through, peering
around curiously he looked down at his feet, only to observe a dirty white rat chewing away at his right foot.
Smiling a toothy grin he lent down to stroke it.

Curiosity flowed through Visceril as to why he instinctively wanted to stroke this Rattus Fromarathicus.
The rat sniffed at the Deathstalkers boney appendage seemingly enjoying the odour, Visceril sat and
immediately the rat jumped onto his lap, sniffing the air and running around the Deathstalkers shoulders.

Reaching into his pouch Deathstalker Visceril fed the rat the end of a human finger.
Visceril cackled loudly as the rat took the human finger with his paws, sat up on his hind legs and began
to eat away. The Deathstalker noted that this rat had longer whiskers than other Rattus Fromarathicus.
Which he deduced that was why this rat was chewing on him, as he was rather malnourished..
The rat was an outcast amongst his kind.

“Deathsstalker Visceril 2.5...Your duty here iss over for now, the Black Bride sends word from
the orc Captain Shatterskull, she is to send in a wave of Deathstalkers to aid the Warsong Clan.
Come the portal iss ready”
Hissed a Defiler Soldier

With a nod the Deathstalker stepped through the portal and immediately emerged within the Warsong Lumber Mill.
He was surrounded by immense Orc warrior’s, Tauren Druid’s and Troll priests. He smiled as he noted that no Ssindorei
were here. Looking down he cackled as looking up at him was the rat with the finger hanging from it’s mouth.

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Re: Rise Of The Defiler - Forsaken

Post by Visceril on Sat Feb 20, 2010 9:23 pm

Part 4. The Demise

Much time had passed and Visceril had served his Queen well, he had become an elite soldier for
The Defilers, a feared opponent within the gulch of Warsong.A leader some would say, a liability
alot would say! But he could not understand that from all the work he and his Module Unit brethren
had achieved why Sylvanas Windrunner had declared the Module Unit Project a marginal success
and deemed it be shut down. The maintenance schedules had been getting longer apart and the
mixes of elixirs had been depleted, the need for resources for the new plague was a fruitful venture
but lately the Apothecary seemened to devote more time on other avenues to perfect it. plus the
relationship with the cartel was stressed at best.

Visceril stood in a formation line along with the last 4 remaining Module Units within the Apothecarium.
Zarick 6.9 sneered at the captured humans in their cages, Visceril smirked at his brethrens actions.

"My wonderousss creationsss..welcome home. Today I bring newss of a grave nature"
hissed Master Apothecary Faranell as he paced the line of his elite creations.

"My queen has issued me with orders to cease the Module Unit project, you will all be released
at once. But not before a few vital and costly devices have been grafted to each of you"
Faranell smirked as he mentioned these devices.

Motioning at each of the units to take a lying position on the 4 slabs of stone tables he nodded towards
Apothecary Temperance Ellison to retrieve a wheeled trolley with 4 brightly glowing orbs encased in titanium.

Ellison looked at Visceril with emotionless eyes, all he heard was the internal voice that had been plagueing
him for all his unlifetime. With a smirk, Visceril clung to the ideal that this would be the end of the control that
the Apothecarium had over him and his brethren. For to many years he was just a puppet for Faranell and his minions.

The procedure took around 2 hours, the devices were now grafted onto the internal chest cavity recess.
along with other implants that had been removed and inserted. Ellison walked the tools and other macabre
objects into the back room.

Awhile later Master Apothecary Faranell stood hunched over, smiling to himself as he addressed the E.G.E.O.’s

‘You are free to go...oh and also..we have given you a parting gift in the shape of a small
20pound mana bomb. Step out of line or misbehave like children then i will remotely detonate you!”
Faranell cackled as he turned to his fellow Apothecaries who were applauding another of his triumphs.

Rising to his feet Visceril was disorientated, his mind was scrambled, muscles were weak and the mithril
tubes that were so used to flow with elixir were bubbling with what little elixred mixture that faranell had
pumped in there.

“Deathguards..take these 4..abominationss to tirissfal, give them each theSse bagss and make sure they don’t
enter the undercity again, Sylvanass will not tolerate failure”
Ordered Faranell as 8 Deathguards took the 4 remaining module units out of the Apothecary.

“ere..dis is yours..now go..leave..go on..or we’ll feed ya to the oomans”
Laughed the Deathguards as they threw the bags on the floor.

Visceril picked one of the bags up and just walked, not knowing what was going on but just walking
knowing that the Apothecary were still puppetering him and his brethren to just walk away.

Turning his head he caught sight of Zarick 6.9 being beaten by the 8 guards. He faced forward
and just walked in the direction of silverpine.

5 days later Visceril found himself on a zeppelin caught in a storm, still suffering extensive memory loss
he held himself onto a nearby rope.

“Yo..he he”
came a high pitched shout from the zeppelin’s goblin captain

“Helluva storm this is..heh nuthin I can’t handle though eh...ere forsaken take that rig and tie it of”
Screamed the goblin

Taking the rig into his weakened hands Visceril held it tight and began to tie. The Zeppelin found it’s balance
and steadied itself. With a emotionless nod Visceril retreated below deck, in the hope that his eventual demise
would not come in plain view.

‘heh..tanks to you forsaken..we’ll make a crew member of you yet”
Shouted the captain.
below deck Visceril rummaged through his meagre belongings.

“Where you headed forsaken”

Looking over to the corner where the voice came the withered, weakened and wretched
Deathstalker Visceril threw a smirk and said
“Anyplace aslong as it’s far away”

“Goodluck with that”
retorted the voice

With a numbness in his body from lack of elixir Visceril sat motionless, he smirked at the lack
of that infernal Implant Tone and the fact that the further he was away from the Apothecarium
the more control he had. He knew that one day he would have to face them again..
but it will not come anytime soon.

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Re: Rise Of The Defiler - Forsaken

Post by Visceril on Sat Feb 20, 2010 9:23 pm

Part 5. The Steal

Many, Many moons later...
Rumours filtered down to Tanaris that a rebel force of Apothecarians lead by Grand Master
Apothecary Putress have used the New Plague and that The Undercity was under attack.
Nixx Sprocketspring smiled to himself as he heard these rumours, counting the gold coins
on his desk a initiate of the Goblin Experimental Engineering Korporation burst through his
door and blurted out how some more engineering parts from the store bunker had gone missing.

Nixx shook his head
“no, no ,no, no..not again..fetch me head of security..NOW”
shouted Nixx angrily. The initiate ran out to fulfill his boss’s order

Visceril sat atop the arena smiling slyly to himself as he stroke the Rat
that seemed to follow him everywhere.

“Sseemss that my old friend Nixx Ssprocketssspring iss wisse to my inate borrowingsss”
hissed the undead to himself as he flipped a few fel bolts.

A glimer of gold caught Visceril’s E.Y.E.S. as he observed a forsaken lift certain pieces of
gold and other artifacts from the mingling denizens of Gadgetzan, the tabard this undead
wore was familiar to Visceril. He had seen this tabard upon many who stole from various
people who came through Gadgetzan, the reputation of The Sixty Thieves was well known
and Visceril admired the way they worked, self sufficient, take what they wanted and enjoy
every moment of it. This stirred something inside the redundent rogue, he longed to be free
of his reclusive ways, to be free of just surviving each day scrimping and scratching small
parts from lost traders in the desert, to be free from the puppet strings of the Apothecary.

His mind wondered to a time long ago, his military service under the Black Bride,
the assassinations upon foreign and domestic nobles, traders and political figures.
he looked down and saw in his palm that he held his Dagger of the Deathstalker, rusted
blunt and useless. Smirking as the irony sank in as that was how he perceived himself now.

As quickly as he saw the skilled pickpocketer he was gone, Visceril activated his cloaking
systems and made his way back to his cave dwelling with a burning thought still in his mind.
Find these Sixty Thieves, for he knew that they would test, push and sharpen him to the limit
the rewards would bring gold perhaps even power, but that was secondary to Visceril.
the Deathstalker desired his own unlife back. Free from his slave shackle that was in his chest,
the reputation he was about to forge brought a smirk to his glinting pale face.

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Re: Rise Of The Defiler - Forsaken

Post by Visceril on Sat Feb 20, 2010 9:24 pm

Part 6. The Joker and the Thief

Ghost nodded to Skipper.
Visceril stood there knowing what came next, welcoming the pain as Skip carved an 'X'
into remaining undead flesh that sat tight around the back base of the Forsakens neck.

"It is complete..save for a name, what shall it be now that you have
relinquished your Deathstalker title?"

Asked Ghost with an unnerving calm whispered on the stale air that lingered within Gutter Run.

Visceril’s optical implants whirred into focus as he replied with a smirk
"Defiler Visceril...I will not hold onto that Apothecarian slave name no longer"

Ghost smiled at the name, perhaps even thinking that it be fitting for his newest thief
"Very well then Defiler..welcome"
With that Ghost was vanished and only Skipper remained

"heh..'e does dat..welcome Defiler"
grunted the old Orc

Visceril smirked wickedly as he nodded towards Skipper

Visceril walked out of the Gutter Run and onto Brill.
The Gallows End tavern was alive..well undead with Forsaken patrons, serving drinks
and mushrooms to her clients was the innkeeper Renee Lauer.
Visceril sat at a corner table and nodded her over.

"What'll it be?"
said Renee with a husky voice.

Visceril gave her a warn note with a number on it, she looked at it with a blank expression
on her pale yet beautifuly kept skin. (if you ignore the occasional maggot in her hair)

"yes sir, right away sir"
she blurted as she turned and hurried to the basement.
moments later she emerged with a small locked chest with 7 carved onto it. Renee smiled
toward Visceril and returned to her work. Using the age old art of lockpicking Visceril unlocked
the chest and took the item inside and placed it into his pocket, smirking whilst doing so.

He left 3 gold coins toward on the table as he left the noisy inn.

"You there..you look like dead..come here let me make you a deal today"
shouted Zachariah Post

Visceril sneered towards the skeletal horse vendor as he cackled.

"Not today..I have other meanss of transsport"
replied Visceril as he made his way to the catacombs beneath the graveyard.

Deep within the catacombs Visceril came across a magically locked crypt. He took a small ruby
gem from his belt pouch and muttered. The door to the crypt creaked as it slowly opened.
Stale air emerged from it as the Defiler stepped inside.

Visceril cackled maniacally as 'Lucky Seven' (mechanohog) started first time, the noise it made resonated and
bounced around the catacombs as the Rogue rode out of the crpyt, through the catacombs
and out into Tirisfal.

Cackling madly Visceril thought to himself
[Hmm..I wonder if i can make this thing transform into a flying machine?]

A smirk spread across the Forsakens face as he rode onward.

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Re: Rise Of The Defiler - Forsaken

Post by Visceril on Sat Feb 20, 2010 9:25 pm

A black book with the crest of a skull embossed onto the front emanates the Shadow

Defiler War Journal
Entry 01

The message arrived via the usual means, the stench of her, The Black Bride was all over it
I knew right then what she wanted of me. One more Tour of Duty...the final one she wrote!
A simple request for a soldier of The Defilers...But this was not just for The Defilers. They were
offering me my..freedom, a way out once and for all from this slavery I am cursed with.
And most importantly Faranell finally removing this Mana Bomb within me.

Mor'shan Base Camp, early morning and the mist is still hanging..I have my orders, lead a Defiler
stealth unit eastward through Warsong Gulch and gather intel of any activity by the Sentinels.
I must say i'm impressed by the team that have been assembled for me..eager, bloodthirsty and
deadly loyal. One Rogue in particular has caught my eye for the running of Blood Agent*
Vercide, a Lightslayer from the cult of Forgotten Shadow. He has great potential even though
his religion is his driving force.

*Second in command after High Blade Visceril

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Re: Rise Of The Defiler - Forsaken

Post by Visceril on Sat Feb 20, 2010 9:25 pm

Defiler War Journal
Entry 02

Fourteen days we have been holed up east of the Sentinel Base, Silverwing Hold. My scouts
report that the Kaldorei are amassing a huge army formed mainly from Light loving Paladins,
Draenai Priests, Agents of Si:7 and the stunted hunters from Ironforge. Although we are
expecting the usual stench of Alliance allied Death Knights to stand at the forefront of the attack.

This temporary base suits our needs but supplies are thin. We've not heard from Mor'shan Base Camp
since we got to this cave..Daily Sentinel Scouts patrol the area so we are on the move tonight.
I will lead a unit to infiltrate the Hold, head for the roof and plant a few saronite gifts up there.
This battle seems never ending. On the field of battle I find myself lost in a wash of red.
The orcs refer to it as a bloodlust. All I know of it is that it keeps me one step ahead.

Right now as I write this i think back to Skipper, Don't know why..I guess my time with these
Old Orcs reminds me of him. Vercide is tending to his beloved matching blades...Another time
and I would've been the first to 'borrow' them from him. Kahne a large, strong and battle hardy
Orc warrior is telling stories of his time fighting 3 human paladins with only yellow snowballs.
Konadome the Angry, the tauren druid who insists on sleeping in his bear form is snoring, no one
dares to wake him!. Roxious and Broxious the young orc shaman twins listen intently to Kahn.
Archbishop Dolean the dark is reading his forsaken spell book, his shadow aura consumes his
corner of the cave. I have lead this unit since i was assigned here. There are all fierce and
relentless at what they do on the battlefield. But i know that the odds are against us right
here and right now.
*the next few pages are torn out*

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Re: Rise Of The Defiler - Forsaken

Post by Visceril on Sat Feb 20, 2010 9:26 pm

Defiler War Journal
Entry 03

The package was ours..many had died from the Human Paladins and Kaldorei Hunters
amassed army.. My unit was perished save for one. The Lightslayer and I were eastside
of the gulch, he had the sentinel package, I was following close by stealthed.

The Lumber yard was far away, half a day's riding, if we had mounts!
Up ahead we spotted a small Orc encampment of 2 battle weary Warrior Orcs.
They was mourning the passing of bigger ones mate, a Shaman of restoration I later found out.
the four of us formed a formidable force. Leaving Draenai, Human and Gnome in our wake.

Vercide is a great soldier, his technique with twin blades are astounding, over the course of this battle
he has shown me what it is to follow the Forgotten Shadow and the 3 virtues that followers abide by.
The balance I cannot quite understand, why not eradicate the light followers and form the universe with out it?

Hmm..perhaps more teaching in the Forgotten Shadow will open my faith and mind more to this balance?

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Re: Rise Of The Defiler - Forsaken

Post by Visceril on Sat Feb 20, 2010 9:26 pm

Hammerfall, early evening. The mass of Forsaken labourers of Arathi Basin gather around The Black Bride:

"Suffer no longer the tyranny of the living, for we shall deliver vengeance upon The League of Arathor,
For far to long have we watched the Humans take, destroy and consume all within the basin.
I call upon you now Visceril, former Deathstalker, former lowlife thief, Lead us to victory, lead us to GLORIUOS VICTORY!”

The Black Bride sat proud upon her Warhorse, whilst all around her the forsaken pushed out from Arathi Basin applauded,
cheered and exalted at her stirring speech. The massive crowd continued it’s roar as Visceril stood before The Black Bride.

“Ass you wisssh my missstress, I sshall lead the Defilerss into battle, WE WILL get what iss ourss, WE WILL crussh the living.
The time of the Humansss controlling the Bassin iss over. FOR SSYLVANASSS..FOR THE HORDE” The Forsaken cheered.

East of Refuge Point, early evening. Two Si:7 Operatives ride horseback towards Refuge Point.

“What the hell are they up to?” Shouted Rémy D’Silva as the wind rushing past him dampened the sound

“No idea but we must Alert Sir Maximus Adams of the sheer number of them at Hammerfall, My guess is they plan to try
and retake all resources in the Basin.” Replied Marcous White

The two Si:7 Operatives laughed as the idea of the forsaken taking what was never theirs in the first place was absurd to the both of them.

Hammerfall, evening. The flag of the Undercity stood proud, surrounding it was followers of the Forgotten Shadow, together in silent prayer.

Visceril knelt, reciting his virtues.

“Sshadow guide my resspect for my enemy.

Sshadow grant me unwavering perseverance in the face of my enemy

Sshadow control the power that I wield toward my enemy”

With a slight nod the Forsaken Conqueror stood and began his preparations for battle.

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Re: Rise Of The Defiler - Forsaken

Post by Visceril on Sat Feb 20, 2010 9:28 pm


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Re: Rise Of The Defiler - Forsaken

Post by (Goggy) - Exilius on Sun Feb 21, 2010 12:40 am

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Re: Rise Of The Defiler - Forsaken

Post by Visceril on Sat May 08, 2010 12:04 pm

Fall of the Defiler

The low frequency drone hit Visceril 8.0 like a Bladestorming Warrior, penetrating through the thick walls, soil and silt of the Warrior quarters where he lay dormant.

the sound of a monotone voice was audible from Visceril 8.0
{IMPLANT TONE: Low Frequency Alliance Communications Detected. Imminent response needed)

His eyes flickering in the low light as he emerges from his dormant state, he speaks low

"What isss thissss..Droning..almosssst..cutting frequency, irritating to this unit...hmph"
As the curiosity takes hold Visceril 8.0 starts to gear up and roll out, Heading south to where the signal seems to emanate

Hours passed as he eventually arrived at the Human farming lands known as Westfall, by now the signal was deafening to him. His journey hear had allowed his observations
and to make educated guess's as to why other creatures where not affected by the drone. A simple test he performed would confirm his suspicion, placing a Tall Oscillated
Totemic Energy Emitting Mechanation {T.O.T.E.M™} before him he observes that the T.O.T.E.M™ energy disperse is cancelled out and comes to the conclusion that only
engineered byproducts are affected.

Heading west across the farmlands the Drone gets louder and louder, not even dampening tech would reduce the noise. It was 3 hours until he saw where it was coming from.

"Wessstfall Lighthousssse...thiss iss a lure"
he hissed as he proceeded with caution

The drone stopped abruptly, the ex-deathstalker approached the waters edge with caution, he took a sample of water and placed it into his Mobile Vial Pouch™ for later testing.
He walked into the sea and started to swim across towards the isle, noting that the only tracks on the beach was only from local crabs.

His eyes were transfixed to the ocean floor as he swam, the ocean was awash with seaweed, sand and other impurities. A glint of metal caught his eye, his descend would be swfit
as he was immediately paralysed. Unable to swim his body just seemed to float in the abyss, whatever the metal object was, it was coming up to meet him fast.

"aye. now i gotcha, ye we bastid"
Rémy yelled in delight as he sprang up from his hiding hole beneath the sand, with the Remote device that activated the Electromagnetic Manaweave Paralysis Nets that were laying
on the sea bed to capture the Apothecarian abomination.

That was the signal to alert the remaining 4 Si:7 Agents to pop there cover beneath the sand.

"Windrider grab the main line, we need to land this bugger"
said the old Dwarvern rogue to the young Kaldorei agent.

Pulling the massive 50 yard round nets toward the beach, they naturally encapsulated Visceril 8.0 whom was now totally paralysed from the pulse. Once on the beach he laid
motionless with only his eyes dancing around the agents that were gawping at him

"My god..it's..it's disgusting, look at what they have done"
blurted one of the agents as she stood in shock at the sight of the Forsaken

"Stand back kiddies, this'll keep him down until we get it back to R&D"
Rémy held a small wand-like device and proceeded to prod his catch. All the agents recoiled by the bright flash and loud lightning krak .

"Mount it up, we are outta here"

Back in Stormwind Si:7 R&D were busy ready for the arrival of this Organism, gnomish engineered bounced about with excitement to finally get to see and prove how inferior
Goblin tech is. The guards escorted the cart through the streets of Stormwind all the way to Si:7 HQ, Rémy was already being congratulated on another job well done.

"Aye, aye..even though i'm the rife ol age of 61 i can still mix it up with tha young'uns"
The small crows of Si:7 Operatives and staff applauded him as he made his way through the courtyard down into the R&D department where the cargo of paralysed Visceril 8.0
was being opened. Gnomish experts had built a Thoriumnite table that emanated the same Pulse as the landing net. The Forsakens body was transferred to that as the nets that
had entombed him were realeased.

Rémy abruptly spoke to the lead Gnomish engineer for Si:7 R&D
"I'll be down in a wee few hours to assess the mixtures those dead bastids are pumping into him, be careful not to spoil any of those implants"

Rémy went topside to write his report on Operation E.G.E.O. Elimination. 6 hours had passed and Rémy awoke face down at his desk
"Bah..fell asleep on tha job again..ol fool I am"

He stood up and went to the window that looked out onto a solid bricked wall. [Hmm..must get a decent office with a better view] he thought to himself.
Smiling he turned on his back heel and limped towards R&D in the basement. Silence was not normally what was heard on the stairs that descented into R&D.
Also light was always abundant but this time of night all was pitch black, he knew something was amiss and clicked his Alarming Device on his belt buckle.
Squinting his old eyes to try and get used to the dark faster he heard a noise. A slight humming echoed around the dark room, Rémy went for his daggers
only to find a belt, he would hope to later curse himself for always leaving them hung by his door.

"Death hasss come for you old one, many have tried to take me down but you...you sssport a different route. I musst sssay i'm impressed"
The hissing dialect sent shivers through Rémy's spine.

"You'll never get out alive abomination, I've sound the alarm. Killing me will not make any difference"
Rémy retorted as he threw his Alarming device into the darkness, clearly panicking as he stumbles in the dark.

At that moment the lights came on as 6 guards came running down the stairs, swiftly followed by 3 Gnomish engineers carrying Sonic Producing Magnetic Ray.

"A departing gift..DEATH TO THE LIVING"

Yelled Visceril 8.0 as he lunged forward toward Rémy, aiming for his kidneys with his 2 blades in a pincer movement.

The old Dwarf reacted as quick as he could but to no avail, he took both the dagger blades in his side, he went straight down. The guards were at the foot of the
stairs with their standard issue guns pointing at the Forsaken's head. He just stood, poised to spring. Both units of guards stood aside to let the diminuitive gnomes
aim the bussiness end of the SPMR. Visceril was cornered, his only exit was through the guards and the gnomes.

"Looky here deady, we're got to use you, now please be a good deady and play our game"
Squealed the lead female gnome as she cocked the SPMR into action. Visceril sneered, hissed and spat

Screamed the female gnome as they all braced against the recoil of the SPMR

2 weeks later Rémy was laying in the infirmary, he was awake and sitting up for the first time since the incident. He was told by medical staff that he would
have a limited movement in his legs, which only brought more pain when he walked. Later that day he was brought a report from the lead Gnomish engineer
employed to experiment, test and investigate the E.G.E.O. Module Unit.

It read:

The Module unit known as Elixirated Goblinetec Enhanced Organism was dis-assembled with the use to investigate each implant separately. Unknown Elixirs, fluids and gels
were functioning at time of dis-assembly, they are safely stored for future trials. All Goblinetect enhances are stored within safety cases in Si:7 R&D dept. The Forsaken body
we feel needs further investigation and so we are currently preserving the body within a sarcophagus.

The design and implenation of the implant enhancements were as we thought, an inferior design, although with time we can adapt them and maybe produce the superior version
with the gnomish stamp of approval.

Rémy screwed the report up, shivering as the shriel of Visceril 8.0 echoed in his head.

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Re: Rise Of The Defiler - Forsaken

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