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Dark Syndicate

Post by Guest on Thu Jan 27, 2011 1:27 pm

"I am sick with walking through these streets hiding my true abilities. Being forced to hide my talents.. I am not one of these simple peoples. They cannot comprehend the power I hold inside my mind nor will they ever accept it. I keep hidden. I obey the laws. But my hunger for my practice grows with every day. Many more are hidden just like me and i must find them. I shall offer them safe haven to practice what they hide and even perhaps.. tuition from myself. This will thus keep our hunger for the dark arts suppressed and maintained"

You feel this hunger reader. I can sense it. Seek me out and we shall speak about things that are not to be uttered within the city limits. We shall learn and practice what they thought they could stop. Seek the Slaughtered Lamb in the Mages Quarter. Speak with the barman there. He will point you in the.. right direction. Good luck.

"Haha! Hu-hu HA!. Oh man.. This stuff.." He snorts a little as he speaks,"Is just WOW! Light damned I'm gonna need to find more people to peddle me wares around here.. What with making my own living AND the fact that i hate all these fancy pants noble types with all that gold that needs swindlin. I have a great idea!" Smiler goes about carving a small message onto a table in The Slaughtered Lamb. "Want more... money.." He pokes out his tongue a little as he thinks to himself. "Look out for.. the guy... in purple." Smiler beams proudly as he stands up to admire his handy work.


Hopefully those two paragraphs put the guild idea into perspective, but I will explain it anyway. The idea is to have a dual guild as it were. One for the Shadowy types of magic users who want to summon demons, perform rituals or whatever else you can consider to be banned in the city. To be able to do so in secret away from public eye. The other is a small time criminal guild run by a drug dealer who is slightly psychotic and sadistic. We hope to be operating out of the Slaughtered Lamb, shadow aspect in the basement and the criminals up top causing mayhem in the city.

Let me know what you think or if you want to get in touch /w in game on Sulvan or you can contact Smiler. Smile


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