The Scriptures of the Cult

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The Scriptures of the Cult

Post by Antistia on Mon Jan 17, 2011 4:39 am

Across Lordaeron copies of the Scriptures of the Cult have come into circulation. They're written in Gutterspeak and bear the mark of the Cult. This mark seems to glow somewhat. What the meaning of the glow is, is not known.

The Scripture of Respect

In my travels I have had the joy to experience a great many revelations thanks to the Forgotten Shadow, and praise be upon it for it embraced us where the Holy Light treacherously abandoned us.

The Forgotten Shadow as a religion has the Virtues as great pillars through which I and others can Ascend. They are all intertwined with one another but there is much I have managed to understand through the revelations granted to me.

In our eternal quest for Ascension, in our quest to come ever closer to the Shadow, one Virtue forms the basis for the path of Ascension. Consider it the first stone of the path of Ascension.

It is the Virtue known as Respect that I write of, and to understand this Virtue, to adhere to it without ever once failing to do so, will grant us a much easier walk of the Path of Ascension.

Respect, is a vague understanding for most, some believe it is merely to act with a certain degree of niceness to a person, yet it is not. It is far from, there is much more to the Virtue of Respect than merely that.

Yet it is also just that, while our goal is to personally Ascend, we mustn’t forget our brethren. For we are all Forsaken and thus we are all Blessed, all the world mistrusts us at the very least, if it is not downright hatred.
We must show a certain degree of respect to our brothers and sisters, we mustn’t steal from them, mustn't wrong them if they have done nothing wrong.
If we treat our brethren with respect we can be sure of a strong front against many of our enemies, I personally do this and let me tell you all, it has brought me much good.

Indeed, it brings us all much good, respect your brethren for what are we to our enemies if disunited?

And is not the man who stabs a friend in the back, who invents what he never saw, who does not show compassion to his brethren black at heart? Should we not mark and avoid that man?

So too must we show respect to our superiors within any organization, even if we cannot see it, must we not assume they possess some ability that makes them fit for their position? Must we not assume that he has more power than those under him?

It has too been revealed to me in my journeys that one cannot adhere to the Virtue of Respect by not acknowledging other powers in the world, the man who does not acknowledge these powers does not acknowledge that the world has been shaped by them. He does not acknowledge there are those stronger than him.

Not acknowledging greater powers is disrespect, you do not grant the wielder of that power the respect he deserves. What would be the future of one that does not acknowledge this? I grant a short answer: The one who does not acknowledge other powers shall be struck down by that which he denied an existence in his mind.

Our world has been shaped by powers that are greater or lesser than your own, and such powers may yet reside in them. Woe to the one who, unwittingly, antagonizes a greater power than his own for he shall know no greater power of his own but be consumed by that of another.

Yet not all these powers are hostile, some are benevolent to us, a prime example is our beloved Dark Lady, for those powers shall remain benevolent as long as you show the proper respect to them, and those who manage to antagonize these powers shall have even less of a chance to not be consumed by such powers for he has turned a friend into an enemy.

But one of the core essences of the Virtue of Respect is that it teaches us to show respect to the Virtues too.

For can we truly claim we follow the Shadow if we do not treat the Virtues with respect? I say that we cannot, for not respecting the Virtues is by extension not acknowledging their existence.
To deny the Virtues exist, to deny the Virtues are truth, is to deny the Forgotten Shadow.
No good can come from such things, none at all.

I can truly say I have had much revelations, let this be a revelation for all the faithful of the Shadow, let one realize as he reads this first of my scriptures that there is a great importance to the Virtue of Respect, that it is the Virtue he must understand to learn to understand all the others.

In time as these Scriptures shall be taught to the faithful one shall realize too that one Virtue does not stand without the others, Compassion cannot exist without Respect, Tenacity cannot exist without Respect, Power cannot exist with Tenacity, and Respect cannot exist without Power.

It is through this that one must realize that the path of Ascension is not merely understanding each Virtue individually but through understanding what they are together.

For together they form the basis of any part of the Cult, yet alone, they are nothing but empty words without a true religious meaning.


The Scripture of Tenacity

Praise be upon the Shadow's Blessing, praise be upon all Forsaken who acknowledge it for it has granted us our freedom where only through the power of our Dark Lady and all the Blessed it is maintained.

The Blessed are an unrelenting people, and so for a reason, should our defences falter, should the enemy breach the gates, should our armies lose their will, we all shall fall.

When one understands the Virtue of Respect, one must come to understand the Virtue of Tenacity for it is the Virtue through which one can gain the success one wants. If this Virtue is not followed correctly, all one has worked for will be for naught. And when much seems impossible, it is the Virtue of Tenacity, hand in hand with the other Virtues, that carries the believer onwards to triumph.

The Forgotten Shadow teaches us to adhere to the Virtues, and one of these is thus Tenacity, an important one, yet they all are. It is upon the Virtue of Tenacity empires are built and maintained, it is upon the Virtue of Tenacity nations in war emerge victorious against all odds, it is upon the Virtue of Tenacity that success relies after Respect has been mastered.

Once there had been an invasion of Silverpine, the goal was to invade Tirisfal proper, the human army marched for days on end, ever northwards, ever victorious over badly organized resistance as the Deathguard prepared for battle in Northern Silverpine and had not yet engaged them. Yet, in these dark hours, before the Deathguard would attack, a single Lightslayer, a Disciple of Ilius, was called upon, he infiltrated the camp which the Light-wielding Human aggressor had set up and waited.

He waited, and waited, until the most opportune moment and struck out at the commander of the invading forces, yet was captured before he could kill the commander, he knew the Virtues well and adhered to them as he was tortured, when the commander came during his torturing session, when the Disciple of Ilius was quite weak, he tried to strike out again, this time wounding the commander, he spoke the words "Blessed are my people, the Virtues guide us and I may die yet another will take my place, and if he dies another will take his place, but in the end, it is you who will die, heathen, for we shall never give up, and the stream of Disciples will but end when your corpse touches the ground, or when your boots march back across the Thandol Span."

The Lightslayer was set free by the startled commander, so scared he send him out with a message that the army retreated back across the Thandol Span if but his own life could be spared.

See how the Virtue of Tenacity was adhered to in this story by this Lightslayer, this Disciple of Ilius, and you shall see that everything can be achieved if one follows both the Virtue of Respect and Tenacity.
The Human could not find the will to stay, yet the Lightslayer understood Tenacity as the Shadow teaches it to us.

While none died, the Lightslayer was succesful in thwarting the invasion nonetheless, which was his goal so that the False Light may never again shine in our lands.

It is through this, this unrelenting will that a single person can change the universe, it shows that the Virtue of Tenacity is needed to gain an understanding of the Virtue of Power, for whenever one turns his back on his goals, on his objective because one does not have the will to continue, a chance to gain Power slips from his grasp and a bit of power which he possessed slips from his grasp too for he will appear weak to his enemies, ripe for the taking, and he will see that he shall have to persevere through much more troubles than if he had not turned his back on his goal.

And in the end, he will be a weaker person for he truly did not have the will to carry on with his initial goal and will now have a weaker will to persevere the time of troubles ahead.

Could we survive if we gave up?
Could we Ascend if we gave up?

Praise be upon the Forgotten Shadow and the Blessed for it has Blessed us and we follow the Virtues as we walk the Path of Ascension.


The Scripture of Compassion.

The Light reveals that one stands alone, the Shadow hides that one stands together with others, through respect, tenacity and compassion we stand united, we stand as comrades. Praise the Shadow for this, praise all the Blessed that understand this.

All faithful understand that we are a religion of the self, yet not all understand the power of oneself is amplified by the power of his comrades. Is it not the man who loyally watches your back that ensures you are not stabbed in the back, thus making you stronger against all those that stand in front of you?

The Virtue of Compassion is a Virtue not of one explanation but one of two, together these explanations truly form the Virtue.

We are Forsaken, we stand alone in this world yet we do not, we may stand alone yet or brothers and sisters stand beside us, ready to defend us, aid us and help us, ready to attack together with us those who would deny us our existence.

It is our duty to aid all true Forsaken, all who are loyal to the Dark Lady, all who hold the best interests of all the Forsaken at heart. We must give to them so that they shall give to us. Our power amplifies theirs and their power amplifies ours.

Give, my brothers and sisters, and you shall receive. Aid and you shall be aided. Stand and you shall not stand alone against the intolerance of the living.

It is the treatment of Forsaken thus that is one explanation, the other side of this Virtue is the treatment of the living.

They are tortured beings, they kneel under the oppression of the Light, they cave under the weight of poverty, they despair as they fall prey to illness after illness.
Theirs is not a live of happiness, they are forced into a false religion and forced to endure a lifetime of torture and pain, of despair and the deterioration of their health.

It is our duty to show them compassion, it is our duty to deliver them from this suffering unto the doorsteps of the Forgotten Shadow. It is our duty to end their existence as swiftly as possible, only grant them much pain when you make can ensure more will die swiftly as a consequence.

For we are Blessed, we can Ascend yet they are Cursed, they have no way of Ascension in the Light, thus they must be brought to the Shadow by our blades, for in death they will find tranquility.

Know that Compassion can be seen as an inscribed blade.

Compassion through aid, Compassion through deliverance.


The Virtue of Death

From many; one. From one; many. This is the very foundation of the Virtue of Death, almost every one of its teachings are taken from other Virtues, yet this does not in any way take away the importance of this Virtue.

The Virtue of Death is simple, much I already have explained in my other Scriptures.

We are, in a way, dead yet we are not. To many we are abominations, in constant limbo between true life and true death, yet that is a delusion of the living. We are not in constant limbo between true life and death, we are walking a path to transcend both life and death, we are walking the Path of Ascension.

But as we seek to transcend death, and in essence, life, we must understand that death must be embraced by some, forcefully. It is their only chance at deliverance, the living must know death for it is deliverance.

In death we may be reborn, but it is adolescence, maturity is Ascension.


The Virtue of Power

Power is the sweetest of things, it is that which sustains the kings of the world. The responsibility they hold is tremendous but they hold it for they do not wish to give up their power, their authority.

Self-empowerment is that which we all strive for, it is which I desire and which you desire, if the Virtue of Respect is the first stone then the Virtue of Power is the last stone with which the Path of Ascension is paved.

As I said, power is the sweetest of things and it is that which defines us true Forsaken, for what is a Forsaken if he lacks ambition, if he sits near a graveyard all his existence, gaining nothing? He is nothing, without this ambition, this will to gain power, he is worthless.

But we must remember in this the Virtue of Respect, we must seek to gain power, yes, but we must do so moderately and not strive to take on the greatest of powers immediately for the power which we sought to consume will then consume ourselves, it will end us.

But we must also know that not all powers are there to be consumed by us, they are to be empowered by us and we are here to be empowered by them, such benevolent powers should not be antagonized for it is blasphemy.

So on our path of self-empowerment, on the Path of Ascension we must set the world aflame if need be, upset much of the balance of power, yet preserve some of it too. It is a hard path to walk, so hard indeed that no living can ever walk it successfully, in this we must remember that there are living shadow priests but they are no true followers of the Shadow, they are usurpers and should be used, if possible.

You, young Forsaken, you and your comrades, can be the masters of the world if you only seek to intelligently grab that distinction. Will you grab it, or do you lack the desire, the will, the ambition to do so?

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Re: The Scriptures of the Cult

Post by Shadowpope on Mon Jan 17, 2011 8:43 am

Well written Antistia. I'll be writing a piece as well in the near future.

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Re: The Scriptures of the Cult

Post by Antistia on Mon Jan 17, 2011 8:46 am

Thanks Tik, as ya might've guessed this is the official doctrine. Minus at least one thing and maybe a few additional pieces but those are optional.

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Re: The Scriptures of the Cult

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