Maiden of the Highlands

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Maiden of the Highlands

Post by Magaskawee/Anaei on Thu Feb 18, 2010 3:48 pm

The planets bursting into sight over the Outlands..
The Black Citadel towering over the frozen wastes..
The humid air of the jungle vales..

All these she saw, but nothing compared to her own personal heaven, the rolling green hills, the mystical stones. The Highlands, they outstretched before her hazel eyes like the infinite galaxies above. The hooded figure stepped silently, the staff in her hand illuminating the war-torn path before her. The ravages of the Northern War had neither ended nor faded. Approaching the great gates of Stromgarde her eyes widened, closed. She'd never seen them in such a state. Even when she was under siege. Moving alone the cold, stone walls she pushed aside a few stones and somehow made her way into the city. The night air misted before her mouth, the torches lit along the streets offered little warmth to the cold North. Her long cloak dragged along the rugged, overgrown cobbles, her sight was set upon the last place she had seen her mother before her departure. The Sanctum.

Two guards stood at the entrance, watching from the shadows the hooded-maiden walked firmly up the courtyard to the steps of the chapel, "Halt! Who goes there?" bellowed a rather over-keen guard. "I seek audience with the Queen." replied the young woman, the guard frowned at this as if she had just kicked him in the groin and spit in his face, "And whom dares make such a request! The Queen has no business with some.. random woman who enters this city, apparently undetected and demands audiences. Yes, I say undetected sarcastically, you're not as secretive with those stones as you think." The maiden sighed deeply, as she did someone exited the chapel, a woman of what the maiden could see was normal stature but a sense of authority, "The Queen is not present. Please come in." The soldiers raised their hands to protest but the woman's glare seemed to silence their 'quiries'.

"I am General Joanne Tate, I am commanding Arathi in the absence of the Queen. I am as close to her as you will get." The maiden seemed to shuffle across the chapel to the window, the first piece of skin to be seen finally graced the light as her hand touched the stone, "General, where is she? I must see the Queen." This statement seemed to irritate Joanne, as if this maiden was belittling her authority, "Listen, I don't know who you think you are. But you can't just break into this city and expect to be thrown at the ruling Monarch." The maiden's hand vanished under the silken cloak, she turned slowly, "General. I nee-" This time the General would have none have it, with a snap of her fingers the guards entered the chapels, "Kindly escort our guest to the cells." The burly watchmen seized the young maiden before she muttered, "On what charge?" "Sabotauge. Goodness knows what you've planted in our walls." The maiden just sighed again, "You mean my walls, well.. will be, when the Queen joins my father in the ancestral halls." Pulling back her hood, the chestnut hair fell around her shoulders. The General's eyes widened, "B-" Anaei raised her hand to silence her, "I care little for insults anymore General. Now. Where is my mother?"

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Re: Maiden of the Highlands

Post by Zhakiri on Thu Feb 18, 2010 3:54 pm

Where isn't your mother...I mean, she's been about a bit nowadays Wink


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Re: Maiden of the Highlands

Post by Cathee Piner on Thu Feb 18, 2010 3:55 pm

I love you

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Re: Maiden of the Highlands

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