Stratholme is being retaken!!

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Stratholme is being retaken!!

Post by Eloresh / Tyreld on Tue Dec 21, 2010 3:17 pm


"Sadness, pain... Death. That is all that has surrounded us, and against what we have fought for years. Betrayed by one, that no one would have ever suspected of. Someone that was going to gain the power, wealth and love of his people, along with the strength, might and blind obedience of his army. But... Fooled by his own foolishness, he destroyed and betrayed everything all of us had fought for, and many before us had built and protected. Some speak of him as a man who lost his mind, others as someone who tried to reach too far for a power beyond measure. I see him as nothing else but another victim of what we have all been forced to live through.

Justice, righteousness... we can call it as we want, he has been executed, and now we can start all over again. We face now a new threat, in the form of the Black Dragon Flight, but nothing will stop us from having our home back in our hands. And today, we have made yet again another important step to achieve exactly that. Stratholme lies at our sight, brothers and sisters, at our reach! Today we will make a before and after in our lives and the lives of those who will be after us. We will give them what should have never been taken from our hands!

Stratholme awaits! Make the restless rest, make the fearless fear, make the deathless feel the power of Justice and Redemption! For our lost brothers and sisters, for Lordaeron, for the Argent Crusade!"

Eloresh's words to his Crusaders, moments before the assault of Stratholme took place.



Blizzard has shown us that Stratholme, sooner or later, will be back in the hands of those who live once again, so we have taken advantage of that and made an event to ICly assault the place, and do exactly what is shown in there. The Crusade (the faction, and us) takes the place, and begins the full assault to the place. So from now on, Stratholme can be said ICly that has been assaulted and is in process to be completely retaken from the grip of the Scourge!
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Re: Stratholme is being retaken!!

Post by Arathoran on Tue Dec 21, 2010 3:19 pm

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