The Temple of Ironforge

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The Temple of Ironforge

Post by Whiston Farley on Mon Dec 13, 2010 6:44 pm

The Temple of Ironforge

The Ironforge Temple is a relatively new thing. Dwarves where always very distrustful towards
magic, from whatever source (Divine, Arcane...). They mostly trust what they can measure, hold and shape.

It is important to understand that the Temple does not make any difference between Paladins and Priests IC, Paladins are just dwarves who IC prefere to carry heavy armours while priests often wears robes. In this text both Paladins and Priests will be named as priest until a better name for this group has been found.

Due to later human influence, some of them started to gain interest within this areas.
The first Dwarven Priests and Paladins where trained by Humans, but with time the Dwarves created their own version of the religious affairs. The discovery of the Titans, made them re-think their stance towards what they can't see nor touch. The Titan Worshiping is more of a way of showing themselves thankful to the Makers while iscovering more of their past.
Usually the dwarven masses rely more on sharing knowledge than chanting.
The Dwarves are not a very spiritual folk, compared to the other races.
A Titan Devotee believes he was created by the Titans with the mission of watching over their companions. The faith in the Titans, and the belief that he was created with that propose compels him to do good actions, making himself a better being. Henceforth receiving the Light that he believes to be a "tool" crafted by the Makers to help him taking care of the less fortunate.
Dwarven masses also rely a lot on sharing knowledge about their history.
The Temple is divided by different Orders and Priesthoods. Each division is dedicated to the study and worship of a certain Titan within the Pantheon.
The ruler of the temple is the High-Priest/ess.

Temple Divisions:
-Priesthood of Khaz'Goroth
-Priesthood of Eonar
-Paladin Order of Aggramar
-Priesthood of Norgannon
-Priesthood of Aman'Thul
-Runic Magic Divison

The current High-Priestess is Frejva Gump from the Stouthammer Clan.

Duties of Titan Devotee:
-Travel from Village to Village, spreading the knowledge about the Mystery of the Makers, lending aid through healing and helping the most needed.
-Work closely with the Explorer's League, helping uncovering the Mystery of the Makers and more about Dwarven Ancestry.
-Aid the Army on the battle, providing healing, blessings, and raising the morale. Also a battle-priest should be able to use Runic Magic on an offensive way.
-Take care of the Titan Artifacts and all the Lore associated, like books and other registries, that are stored within Ironforge.
-Organize Masses within Ironforge Capital and other locations.
-Studying the Dwarven History and Lore.
-Healing the wounded on Ironforge Temple.
-Looking after the Hall of Thanes and most important the Iron Forge, the Most Holy Relic from the Titans.

For the Titan Devotees, the most sacred thing on Azeroth is the Iron Forge. The dwarves keep this artifact on the Hall of Thanes.
They do not use them but they believe that Khaz Goroth gave them that sacred Anvil with a purpose they might find out when they discover more about their creation.
The city was built having this artifact has a center and was later named after it: Ironforge.

Dwarven view on the Holy Light:
For many Dwarves, the Light is also a product that was gave to them by the Titans, like any other thing in the world. It's by far easier for a dwarf to believe that the Holy Light was forged by Khaz Goroth than to think it came out of nothing in a magical way.
As said above, Dwarves are practical beings, giving a logical approach to what surrounds them.

The Titan's Will:
Finding out the Dwarves were made by the Titans with the objective of helping them shape Azeroth, and maintain their work after they leave for other worlds, changed the Dwarves perspective of themselves. Specially the ones devoted to the Makers, have a strong belief that they were born with a fate (The Titan's Will), something that he was destined to do: Being a Soldier, an Engineer, a Priest etc.
It's important for a dwarf to find out what's his proficiencies so he understands what the Titans had reserved for them. Dwarves that become Necromancers, Warlocks and users of other types of forbidden magic are said to be defiling the Titan's Will. That's mainly because it's believed that the Makers have always plans of creation, and never of destruction.

About Dwarven Healing:
Every Priest of Khaz Modan possesses the powers of healing, some better than others.
Although the Holy Light is essential in this craft the Priests have discovered that they are gaining much more power in their healing spells when praying in the name of the Titan Eonar the Life-Binder. By using holy spells to heal while praying to the very protector of all Life in the universe has proven to a very powerful combination.
The Ironforge Priests do therefore often silently ask for Eonar to empower their healing before they begin their craft.

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