Clan's Duty and Servitude to the High-Thane

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Clan's Duty and Servitude to the High-Thane

Post by Whiston Farley on Mon Dec 13, 2010 6:41 pm

Clan's Duty and Servitude to the High-Thane

-By order of the High-Thane, the clans shall send their strongest dwarves to aid in the protection of the Kingdom’s lands, and to smite their enemies in foreign countries as well.

-It is expected for the Magna’s and Thanes to bring their own weapon and armor (most likely Clan’s Heirlooms).

-In a case of a Clan being extremely poor, some weaponry will be provided by the Kingdom.

-In war, a Magna firstly obeys to his own Thane.

-If a Thane is not present by any reason in the battle those combatants shall be merged with another smaller clan.

-If all the Thanes are missing, a Magna will be at a High Ranked Army officer’s orders.

-The Magna shall always pay respect to the Thanes, regardless if the Thane is from another Clan.

-In case of a Magna to disobey the rules contained in this book he will be judge by his own Thane and Council of Longbeards (Elders) that will act accordingly to the Clan’s rules.

-In case of a Thane desert the battle-field or disobey any of the rules contained on this book he shall suffer exile from Khaz Modan’s lands with the danger of being shot in case of return. His beard shall be shaved before the departure.

[Every Clan shall possess a copy of this book that shall be stored in the Clan Hall]


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