[A] The House of Kiahrvich

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[A] The House of Kiahrvich

Post by Ghauron/Thaleya on Mon Dec 06, 2010 11:55 am

A paper with Red ink and a seal with two Black Wolves hanged around for the Gilneas lands, Stormwind and Goldshire says:
Brave people and citizens, for over a decade we remained isolated from the rest of the world. Now our people wandering and spreading again but our lands still claiming for aid and freedom. The Gilnean House of the Counts of Kiahrvich is recruiting people to join our Cause and freed our land, under the law and the guide of the House of Greymane.
Lords calling for their men: become an herald and wear the seal of the Black Wolves of Kiahrvich to serve a good and right cause. Fight with honor, or help to lead diplomatic gathering between Gilneas and the rest of Alliance. Strike Back the forsaken and lead with honor and pride your people to a better future. GILNEAS NEED YOU!

Those who wish to contact and be armed present themselves in front of Counts of the House, and swear loyalty to the seal and the family, to your lands and the cause.
The House of Kiarvich is an House of Nobles, from Gilnean nobility with its main blood line as Counts.
We follow the leadership of Genn Greymane and his house, but politicaly we have our idea about lead our kingdom and in some ways we can be rivals of his house, but as our King, we follow Greymane till when he will shows us he will not able anymore to guide our people.
For this Reason the House Heralds as the Count Khrana, the regent of the main bloodline family, travel to Stormwind with part of the army and the pack to follow Lord Greymane and help him in diplomatic questions, while the rest of the army is fighting in Gilneas to quell conflicts.
The House is looking for new men who join our cause in our Gilnean lands, but also who can support the diplomatic dialogues between Alliance and Gilneas.
Our Land been destroyed and our people cursed. Many armies and soldiers get loss in the Civil War, and the House is looking for new recruits and new "puppies" to join the House and the Pack.
But as a noble army and family we will serve always the House banner before and above every goals.
The Counts are also looking in the archives registry of Nobles to find old bloodlines relatives connected to the House, in order to restore the ancient family and merge once again all members.
Members of the Family

Khrana Fenrir Olaf III - Count Regent of the Kiahrvich Main Bloodline; diplomatic face of our House; Alpha Male and leader of the Pack.
Ghauron Kurthan Sirgvald - Count of the Kiahrvich Main Bloodline and younger brother of Khrana.
Enloriel Dawnsinger - Countess wife of Ghauron. Died.

OOC:All who want to play a noble affiliated at the House is free to share his idea and fix it with us.[/i]

Ranks and Position of the House avaible.

Noble :The Family. Be a noble means have greater responsibility. Even if the last wordis of the Count Regent Khrana Kiahrvich, the nobles of the house must meet and discuss about every politic,diplomatic or strategic decision could be taken. Probably the commanders and the diplomatic would be chose in this rank.
Courtier : Those who will follow the Count and support the diplomatic questions among other Alliance races. One for each race would be awesome. Those who are working on new tecnology and a permanent remedy for the curse. This rank can also include researchers and priest who looking to aid the moral of the people. Also normal people who serve at the court and work for the house.
Commader :The one who have the leadership and the trust of the soldiers, under command of the Nobles.
Soldiers : Those who defend and fight for the House swearing loyalty to the Counts and the Seal with discipline and strength.
Pack Member : The feral Force of those who cannot control themselves enough would be channeled with discipline in this rank, under the direct command of the Counts Ghauron and Khrana. Strength and ferce would be the requirement.
Prospect : Prospects in training.

Already some event prepared the real recruit will starts tomorrow 7th December. Looking Foward to meets new and mature players to have fun together and sniffs around for new adventures.

With faith and reservation about grammatic and emote errors, your Count Ghauron Kurthan Sirgval Kiahrvich.

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