Letter of suggestion to The Stormwind Council

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Letter of suggestion to The Stormwind Council

Post by Guest on Wed Feb 17, 2010 6:18 am

Dear Council of Stormwind.

For years it has been the duty of the council to deal with the punishment and trials of the criminals and suspects in and around our glorious city. At times the waiting for a trial can be long. In many cases throughout the years since our beloved council was formed many trials have been done. Some how ever never came to be. To avoid prisoners escaping in any way, a shorter time between the arrest and the trial seems needed.

Prisoners have and will at times find some kind of way to escape.
To avoid the number of times and to make things easier and faster. I have a suggestion that will remove some of the work from our already very heavily loaded council. My suggestion is simple and doable.

When someone is arrested the guard orders of this city with one or three maximum members from each order will be responsible for the trial of the prisoner/prisoners.

A judge from each of the guard orders will be appointed. This way we will be able to make more work done. The process of removing all cultists and corruption in and around this city, will be taken more seriously from our enemies.

To make it known for all the members of the council how desired this suggestion is. I have gathered signatures from the leaders in this city that agrees to this idea. It will of course require some deeper discussions among us all but we intend to do our best by the laws of this city.

This suggestion should allow each guard order to arrest and trial prisoners who is accused of /guilty of low-medium punishments. As low-medium punishments has been noted in the law’s this should not prove to be an issue. Cases with harder punishments will as always be handed over to the council. I have asked the leaders of the orders allowed to work as guards of this city of their opinion. This was weeks ago and so far the only replies given back has been:

A letter stating he is still considering the matter. From: Marshal Eselan Leomin, Minister of Foreign Affairs.

A letter from Lexius Greenlake squadleader of the Stormwind Rangers. Stating that he support the suggestions made.

A letter from Chapter of Holy Anethion stating they agree to this suggestion. I am aware they are no longer on trial as guards.

When it comes to The Disciples, The Scarlet Crusade I have not received any replies of the matter at all. Which I find my self in a state of concern about.

I assumed that some weeks and more would be sufficient to state and discuss among them selves if they would agree on such a matter or not. They may have forgotten the whole suggestion, or simply found it unworthy to reply too. Still it is disturbing that such highly valued leaders of such remarkable orders, does not dignify a response in either way. This is why I approach the council now without full replies as I do not see the point in waiting longer before suggesting this.

- Swift officer of Stormwind Operations.


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Re: Letter of suggestion to The Stormwind Council

Post by Aadaria-Ioanna on Wed Mar 10, 2010 6:19 am

Some feedback from the council here would be appriciated. So that some laws can be reinforced faster Smile

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