Letter to The Stormwind Council

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Letter to The Stormwind Council

Post by Guest on Wed Feb 17, 2010 5:29 am

Dear Council of Stormwind.

I have been asked by our highest commander to give you all a more clear image of the situation regarding the Chapter of Holy Anethion and their work in Duskwood.

As I am the official leader of our organisation and we do our best to keep our ranks and members identity hidden,as well as not meddle with guard duties. So I write this with a heavy heart.

We allowed our selves to walk the forest of Duskwood and inside the town keeping our eyes open for any wrong doings made by the Chapter. On the first of days there a man spoke of how Imanuel, their Protector had burned an innocent woman to death. After some investigation it came clear that Imanuel him self claims that witch hunters had found the woman, considered noble by her cloths, to have aided cultists on several occasions. This woman is yet not know by name. And I doubt we will ever discover her real identity. Yes. I admit our organisation is in the dark here.

On the same matter one of the men wearing the tabard of Anethion, Christopher Mariesse claims the woman was not guilty and has also stated like in the delivered report earlier, that Farglade the Captain or previous captain of the Whitecloak’s agrees on this statement. This have been reported in to Geldar Angelo's second in command. As he requested information about this.

I have not gone to length to ask Farglade of this my self as he seems like their Protector to be slightly against any form of cooperation.

The Protector is a man of power. I was informed they were holding a cultist chained up in the basement of the tavern and went to have a look my self. None of the Chapter men seemed to like my presence or the presence of my fellow agents. The man they were holding is known as Garawin Ladimore. It is a known fact that this man works for the Dark Sphere. What as surprised me was that when he escaped with aid. A fellow agent followed them. As a result of this, one draenei ended up dead. It was not a mission authorised by me. But I had given the agent free hands to deal with Garawin Ladimore as we knew for a fact that he had not left the Light entirely. An attempt was made to break the seal inside of him, holding him to the Dark Sphere. How it went we do not know but we do know he used his own Light to heal the agent who tried her best to rid him off this seal together with the draenei that died for this case.

Further more this agent states that her own powers, which was not used in any way to harm any of the followers of Anethion, feels that they seemed more than hostile against her. She feared for her life in their presence. As she is one of the most powerful women I have met during my lifetime, I am surprised.

The chairlady of the council Mandui Delany was attacked in Duskwood. That is a wide known fact these days. I asked their Protector to hand Rhebeca on of the young women among them over to my hands. She has not just attacked Miss Delany but also took a shot at me previously in Darkshire. That she is young made me agree on her to be disciplined in a harsh manner, rather then trial her and possibly sentence her to death. I can assure the council that she was not handled nicely. Still I do fear that this young lady may not change her ways of behaviour at all.

I did not lay a hand or finger on her my self. But supervised what her own Protector did. I must also confess that my lack of knowledge with using magic makes me incapable of saying exactly what he did. But pleasant for the young girl it was not.

Further more I must appologies for the lack of support in Darkshire. But we are not guards. We have aided when we have seen the need. With this in mind I also have to state that if I had seen the chairlady and not known who she was. As most people do not. Followers of Anethion does not seem to be well read or schooled, which means most of them have not even known who she is. Seeing a woman cloaked in shadow riding on a undead horse. Even in my eyes knowing who she is, gives a bad image of who we allow to rule our city and laws. I have nothing against the chair lady but in a war against the cultists I can not blame them for attacking someone who looks like one of them.

I am not sure how Miss Delany knowing what she is, have been granted or gained the magic of shadows but that is her own personal business. I would still recommend that she does not dress or use that magic , in any visible way, as well as not use that horse in such a place as Darkshire during these times.

To save lives one is needed to react fast against the cultists. So them shooting at her is.. I am deeply sorry, but I find it very understandable. If she had been cloaked in shadow and poked my shoulder I would have drawn the gun and shot. Hopefully I would have recognised her before pulling the trigger. But I do understand how this could have happened.

As our laws does not support the use of dark magic or undead beings as demons and the like. I strongly suggest that you members of the council make some kind of formal reasons for her being a chairlady and deny her the use of said horse. I do not ask you to deny her to use her powers, but showing them so bluntly does not portrait the best image to the citizens of our kingdom. To prevent the council to be defended towards the commoners all the time is starting to strain most of those who do know the chairlady as a good person.

I hope you all see that this is not an “attack” or any form of “accusations” against Miss Delany. I am simply trying to make you see that this is a problem that she needs to make adjustments too, as it will not pass away if she does not change.

The Protector of the Chapter has also suffered from at least one assasination attempt while he has been in Duskwood. A bomb or some kind of explosives went off inside the Town Hall.
Right before this explosion went off I saw with my own eyes a former agent, who is on working leave at the time behind the Town Hall where he was attacked by a draenei I believe I have not seen after that. The agent is known as Peasent. He claimed he had nothing to do with the attack of the Protector. I am sure he did not as he would not keep such a thing hidden but I can not take his word for it. So the assasination attempt is still under investigation. I do believe considering the amount of explosives being used by the cultists the past weeks that he can be ruled out as a suspect in this matter.

Regarding the Chapter of Holy Anethion as a whole. I do support their now resdricted rules to prevent any chaos and lack of order in Duskwood. I also ask the council deeply to consider sending forces back to Duskwood to enforce the number of men and women risking their lives.

If I do not see anything being done in this matter I will have to question like others have in great numbers if the council does fear certain known individuals who has occupied Darkshire too much to go against them. I have previously asked directly why certain individuals have not been dealt with despite lack of evidence of their directly wrong doings. And I am not pleased with any answers given. Should any "cultists" or "aiders of cultists", commander or leaders of known cultists stand above the law. Then I will ensure in the name of the King that these threats to our safety will be dealt with. So please do make it known members of the council that despite the lack of direct evidence that people like Andrek is not going to walk free despite the lack of direct evidence. This also goes for any Vanguard or Sphere. Corruption in any way will not be tolerated. May it be by a noble, farmer, peasent, beggar, cultists or minister.

Books of old are being written down containing observations of certain law breaking individuals, former Spheres and others these days. The books will be handed into the council, when they are done. Unless something happens to the author before all work is done. The sources for this information comes from a book the author thought to be made up stories who proved to be true.
The original book was more or less destroyed a while back but the stories are well known and will be written down by the new author. As they wont suffice as evidence I still wish that the council will view them if handed over as such.

- Swift officer of Stormwind Operations.

Kings honour


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Re: Letter to The Stormwind Council

Post by Lavian on Wed Feb 17, 2010 7:56 am

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Re: Letter to The Stormwind Council

Post by Aadaria-Ioanna on Wed Mar 10, 2010 6:18 am

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Re: Letter to The Stormwind Council

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