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Post by Antistia on Wed Nov 24, 2010 5:07 am

Darkly clothed Forsaken arrive in the various Forsaken settlements, carrying with them an orb. Once at a suitable spot, often in the middle of the settlement, they place the orb on the ground and whisper. It is barely audible what they say but one can at least make out that they say something about the Virtues of the Forgotten Shadow amongst others. Once they stop whispering the orb begins to emit a shadow, as if there was smoke coming out of it. As the shadow rises into the sky it begins to take the form of a shadowy female who then begins to speak, speaking in an authorative manner she says:

"You felt this world tremble.. The very foundations of this world shook, nature crushed the forces of old, it decimated the forces of persecution and decimated the forces of oppression. Now Azeroth trembles again, I can feel it, I know you can. Dust rises into the sky, I can see it, I know you can. The world trembles and dust rises into the sky for the iron boots of the Forsaken legions spread out across Lordaeron.

“The Dark Lady and people of Lordaeron.” “The Banshee Queen and the Forsaken.” These are but two slogans which can be read from the standards which our mighty legions carry into the world. Our army has no rival and it shows. It shows for no longer shall we be persecuted, no longer shall we be oppressed, the forces of justice and of freedom march and like anything righteous: Our supremacy is inevitable.

When we look at our history and our doctrines, we easily see that we are not a fearful race nor are we a forgiving race. We stood calmly before the might of the Scourge and gripped from it the Tirisfal Glades. We stood before the Crusade, we knew their persecution, and we brought down upon them unrelenting justice. This is fact, we grow, we rise, we conquer.

In the abandonment by the Light, the Shadow came, Blessing us with freedom, granting us willpower beyond any other race, granting us abilities beyond any other race. It asks us to know balance within ourselves, knowledge, not to forget the Light’s teaching for then we remember the falsehood, the betrayal, but to remember we are born from the Shadow. We are a religion of the self and thus it teaches of the self. We are taught to be compassionate, to be tenacious, to be respectful, to seek power, and to transcend death. If we hold true to these teachings, if we stand in vehement opposition to the persecution and oppression by the forces of the Light, our victory shall be glorious!

Yet we must look to community to retain this unity, stand against those who would seek to divide us, who would seek to discredit our religion by false teachings, who would seek peace with those who would do us harm, who would seek balance between us and other peoples of Lordaeron instead of our domination over Lordaeron, who would seek to stand against our Lady. We must mark these ‘people’ and shun them, they are enemies of the people, enemies of the Lady and enemies of the Shadow.

I say, if the Dark Lady wishes to hold all Lordaeron, then we shall grant that wish. If the Forsaken seek to grant her wish in unison, then they will find the will to employ their unrivaled skills in tearing down the oppression and persecution of the Light.

If any living come to you, my brethren, and doubt you, teach them the history of the world:

The Dwarves have in the past been decimated, Stormwind has been built, burned and rebuilt, the sin’dorei have nearly been exterminated; as have the Draenei, the Gnomes slaughtered their own, the Orcs have been put into internment camps, the Trolls were cast from their jungles and then their isles, the Tauren were nearly brought to extinction by the centaur, and those old Night Elves, their civilization has been decimated, their forests destroyed… And we? Since we came to the world as a people, we have only risen. They fall and rise, we do not. We merely rise. This is historical fact.

Brothers, sisters, I say Lordaeron shall be our by whatever means necessary!
The Forsaken shall reign supreme!

Ascension awaits!

OOC: The first propaganda piece of Cataclysm Very Happy I hope you enjoyed reading this little piece.

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Re: Supremacy.

Post by Magaskawee/Anaei on Wed Nov 24, 2010 9:23 am

*The Noble Forsaken removes his hat.*

"May the Eternal Dark Lady flourish!"

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Re: Supremacy.

Post by Unathi on Wed Nov 24, 2010 8:43 pm

Anti you're great, really really great. /fanboy. cheers

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Re: Supremacy.

Post by Rasonal Dranger on Wed Nov 24, 2010 10:24 pm

Unathi wrote:Anti you're great, really really great. /fanboy. cheers

Rasonal Dranger

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Re: Supremacy.

Post by Odgan / Keag on Mon Nov 29, 2010 4:34 am

Mm.. Ye Bones didn't fall yet eh? Lets change tha'.. *Grabs rifle*
Odgan / Keag

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Re: Supremacy.

Post by Arathoran on Mon Nov 29, 2010 5:37 am

I guess things are about to change . \ / .

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Re: Supremacy.

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